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Catch n’ Cook SAVAGE Peacock Bass!

Catch n’ Cook SAVAGE Peacock Bass!

what is going on guys today we are fishing in Brazil I’m down in Brazil again but a second time this year and I’ve visiting my girlfriend’s family my girlfriend is Brazilian so I’m down here in the state of são Paulo actually and we’re doing today we’re doing a little peacock bass fishing or to Kannada as they call him down here and with Raffaello who owns this boat today I’m actually fishing on this really nice bass boat great opportunity he was kind enough to take me and then we have MS urk who is I mean you guys have seen before in videos he’s tied on well make it look at that color good grief mega bass does that make it a mega bass jerkbait so anyway news B got bass fishing let’s get to it [Music] my first date I’m starting off with a mazurka suggested this one to me out of the different baits then I had in my tackle box I feel a bit more prepared for this Brazil trip he suggested this pointer lots of flash very bright sunny day so this should give off us some good flash and hopefully get a big peacock bass to come up and slash it so look how aggressively uh Hoff al ends our gear look work in there jerk baits these uh every time the three times I’ve been fishing out here all the baits we use have been fish really hard and fast such as kind of interesting must be the way to fish for peacock bass down here I’m just gonna copy what they do and hope something happens I actually really like new fishing because I don’t just it’s so much fun to you know catch as many I think is you’re just starting but it’s very satisfying to figure something out for the first time got one got one oh no shoot it’s gotta wait what oh I thought it you got off a little cooking on it oh all right guys look at that that’s cool I thought it Oh Missouri has been to like maybe a school of little ones out there big in Thor all right guys all ready keep some of these for eating nice oh man peacock bass is so tasty I think at one point they’re all three of us had a fish on so that was kind of funny like run to a school of peacock bass it is so hot out here guys I’m not used to this piranha oh yeah this would be the first time I’ve seen a her on this is the first time I’ve ever seen a piranha in the flesh oh that’s okay look at this teeth that is cool cool a vicious little fish hey Sookie is never oh nice cup although let’s go pick up our new horse quo for school oh did he get him snagged I think snag guys he snagged fish got him so yeah it looks like it’s still on guys we’re training shoes oh my gosh oh it snapped yeah Oh Dan yet snapped its line guys took a gnarly grungy a big big big peacock bass guys lost that one that big fish in the weeds he he was using a jerkbait I’ll show you the colors urkki has one too guys I switch to what he was using this the same color and and so I’m in mega bass here’s that make a vest yeah yeah make a mess mate nice that’s two in a row that is so guys this is the lure that caught that fish on and I switched I tried this at the very very start of the day just for a little bit and then I switched away but I switched back to it because it was ur key that’s when he got his big through cannot re on it he got one on not this type of jerkbait but the same color week I think we call this a clown most fishermen call this a clown color got him guys there’s a splash right by my bait and smaller one but still yesterday yeah we go a little one but still ah that is so beautiful another fish on that jerk bait right there this is so cool can I try here try something brand-new and to have some have some success with it and it is so hot out here oh look look look but that one yes got one guys awesome some fish surfaced over there and I’ve got one just crushed it Oh oh it’s a good one it’s a yes look at that fish guys look at that that is fantastic that is the biggest just crutch that shirt it’s like a four that’s like three now four pounds guys we’re gonna measure this invoice we’re gonna measure this big beast here Jeffie almost 47 centimeters yeah this isn’t centimeters I guess I’m not Pascoe but I’ll have to look that up in inches when I get home yes to go free yes yes I’m gonna let it go let the big ones go guys well it’s a three man oh gotta be that stuff needs a check out this underwater tree here this is what we’re fishing around it’s it’s totally doesn’t look like anything but then there’s this giant tree underwater and that’s where there’s peacock bass are hanging out it got him got him no choose your fight close to shore that time he’s kind of foul hooked nice mmm he’s kind of small that you will let this one go to use about 10 or 11 inches [Music] got one got one another took the money I think this is a keeper right here we’re gonna put this one in the air with the catch of the day nice well guys that does it for today I think we got nine and we hung out some dinner or Jean Clark in there sort of take some ways home are these for home and we’re gonna cook them up it is a beautiful evening out here alright guys we are back at the house after a great day of fishing and here is the catch of the day I’m just gonna fillet these up and there’s actually a Brazilian way I’ve been seeing all the all the fishermen do here and that’s not gonna do it myself this isn’t us this method is it super different than like what we do if it’s it’s still filleting a fish it’s just that the steps are different let me show you so what they do here and I’m sure there are lots of us fishermen to do this but eivin of all every brazilian out here that i’ve seen here when they are filleting they’re to come out they do this method they just cut down to the spine and then they just threw all the rib bones everything like so and then cut it all off like that cut the rib cage out after its separated from the fish like so boom take a fork and they pinch down this side cut down to the skin they grab the skin and you just boom just like that and then there’s the skin and the ribs it really seems like a time-saver so anyways just interesting and it works that peacock bass I don’t know you know some other fishes body shapes might be different maybe it might not work for other fish but it’s perfect for peacock bass and way faster than the other way alright guys if you are new to my channel I am no chef we’re getting new subscribed tons of new subscribers every day so I feel like I should say that probably in every episode you should not come to me for cookie advice this is just like the simple man’s way of cooking I actually cooked fish basically the same way my entire life and then for videos I basically experiment with things I’ve always just cooked in like lemon butter salt pepper and but then for videos just to mix it up I try to think so today we’re gonna try something brand brand new my channel is more like for the person that’s like this cooking is so easy a caveman could do it kind of a thing it’s this is not going to be like peacock bass and a wine sauce or anything like that so um you know I’m gonna do something here this is so what we have here is I have a bowl and then I’m going to since this is experimental we will use the smallest peacock bass fillet and we’re gonna put it in a bowl and then I have here this Brazilian beer that they call mouths beer smells a beer and the family gave them to me and I tried to end the thing that was really crazy about it is very very sweet let me open this first I’m joking I’m joking I did it really it was already loose so I was talking with a chick-fil-a employee he was from California what that’s soaked in the beer anyway we started talking about fishing he really liked to fish and he told me that growing up here’s to go into the mountains of California and fish for trout all the time and do like all these little camping trips and stuff like that and we were talking about doing catching Kooks and he said one of his favorite ways to the wrong one anyway he told me that one of his favorite ways to cook trout he said you gotta try this he said just take a beer fill a frying pan with beer and just set the trout in it and cook the trap straight in the mirror said it is delicious you will not regret it and so that’s what I thought I would try in fact we talked like it was I was like a year ago and I’ve been meaning to do that for like a year and it just kept slipping my mind so now I’m gonna cook one of these fish in it beer but first I’m gonna let it soak in the beer for like five minutes or so so kind of absorb some of it instead of just filling a frying pan with beer throwing the fish in and then the fish has like two maybe three minutes to cook in the beer I don’t think it’s gonna soak up a lot of that that really sweet beer flavor so while that other fillet is soaking I’m gonna cook the other one the bass kind of a traditional frying way a little bit of olive oil we’re gonna throw a little soy sauce one for you [Laughter] and therefore one other thing I’m going to add some of this delicious I have no idea what this is but it’s some sort of Brazilian spice imagine putting a ramen noodle packet sprinkling ramen noodle packet dust on your fish that’s what it’s like it is delicioso alright now it is time to add our beer-soaked fillet that’s hot enough fish just gonna pour the whole thing in there looks interesting one of the reasons why the lighting in this video so kind of strange is because of this thing that’s over me and there’s like a really really heavily tinted windows and this Brazilian Sun is brutal I’m in the shade and I’m sweating like crazy so sorry for the weird lighting but anyway the fish is cooking let’s flip this puppy over oh yeah it’s coming apart this is this is just about cooked already that was fast yeah we’ll let that side cook for just a minute all right let’s take this off whoa it’s just falling apart alright let’s try this beer-battered fish beer-soaked fish battered is like deep-fried you know what it needs a pinch of salt I actually brought salt out here it’s good though let’s add a little salt it’s really good I’m not kidding you didn’t use any other ingredients except beer and then added some salt afterwards might be even better if you mix the salt in with the beer yeah that is good I’m not joking I’ll have to try other beers to see if they’re good because seriously guys this beer it’s like a beer milkshake it’s that sweet well guys here is the conclusion of the matter if you want to do your own catch and cook and you want to keep it simple just bring a beer with you maybe some salt but all you need to do is throw a beer in with your stuff you don’t need to get lemon butter salt pepper all that stuff if you don’t want to because it is kind of hassle to carry all that so you can use a little bit for cooking and then you can drink it with your fish very convenient thank you guys so much for hanging out don’t forget to check out my online store I’ve got crap shirts crawdad shirts fishing shirts of all kinds and I’m trying to add at least one new item every week so check it out in the description below thank you guys for hanging out not see in the next [Music]

100 comments on “Catch n’ Cook SAVAGE Peacock Bass!

  1. Hmm, that’s the way to fillet I learned from my my dad who learned that from my grandfather who also learned that from his dad, and that’s the way I had my first experience with stitches, cut through the skin and slice a giant piece of skin off of my hand

  2. Hey Ace,
    Awesome video, these kind of videos are my favorite. I was wondering you don’t keep the bigger fish rather than the medium sized ones?

  3. Hey man! My wife is Brazilian too! She is also from SP. Pretty crazy city, right? We go down at least once a year , sometimes twice.

  4. There’s another youtuber that came here (Brazil) just to catch the tucunaré, it was Jordan. He got some huge ones and looked so happy. ♥️

  5. At 16:35 that is a pepper spice (I speak Spanish) most of those are very delicious and I’m glad you tried cooking in a new way keep up the great videos because you have inspired me to fish WAY more often

  6. When I catch bass or trout I like to put coconut butter with garlic salt and pretty much that’s all I do and it’s really good

  7. I can't drink beer thanks 🍾🍺🍺🍺🍺🍺🍺🍺🍺🍾🍾🍾🍾🍾🍾🍾🍾

  8. I don’t go fishing often but I want to go a lot this summer with my dad because watching ur videos make me want to fish🤣 I even binge watch them when I can’t sleep🤣🤣

  9. I picked this recipe up from my uncle when I caught some bass and crappie from my local reservoir: put the filets in aluminum foil with butter, salt + pepper, cayan pepper, and garlic. P.S. in my opinion it was the best!

  10. Those paranas aren’t as bad, it’s the black and red ones u rlly gotta watch for which r in the Amazon.

  11. im from germany and we have "malzbier" here too. Its actually not a beer, just a sweet drink based on a grain that is also used in some beers. But it isnt actual beer – not brewed, no alcohol

  12. That’s how I filet my fish. I eat freshwater bass, walleye, and perch and filet them all that one way… It works with a whole lot of fish but probably not all of them because they come in different shapes and sizes.

  13. 12:50 I do it Same way and i live in Germany. It works with Trout Pike and all the other species you can find in Germany.

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