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This was insane!!! What is happening guys? Craziest fight of our lifes! This one is more than 100kg! I didn’t want to fish anymore… I am not saying anything anymore… I am totally exhausted! Ok, we finally reached Panama after our tiring 12 hours flight we are all a bit tired but really excited about the fishing here in Panama we have reache our hotel where we stay one night and tomorrow we will go to the lodge we will now trink some beer together and we are really excited about the tuna fishing we are all really up for it! Like you can see we are in a beautiful area The lodge is really nice. We have good food we are a really good team and good captains We will catch them today! I never fished for baitfish before, but it works straight away i drop the rig, pull up and it is full with baitfish! Oh this is a nice one! And how is it going? Are you happy now? 30kg is enough… 30kg…. Well done dude! How is it going Roland? Really nice! Anyone wants to fight? I will only last for 5 more minutes Come on! You will get that one yourself! Have you reached your limits Roland? Oh yes… Oh yes, this is a nice one! We have almost won… For puking all day long this is a nice way to come back it wasn’t possible for me to catch this one alone this thing is so strong! and i am weak! What do you say? Wonderful! We will catch some more! Today we fished on the banks After we haven’t been lucky yesterday, fishing with stickbaits and poppers We have changed our tactics today and fished more with live baits which we have caught in the morning in front of the island Then we went out to the banks and looked for the tunas and then we tried to fish with live baits and chum baits to get the tuna which was really successful. we had three on our boat two of 30kg the other one was around 45kg we had a lot of action today everyone was happy and tired and could drink a beer after that we found a nice mahi mahi spot where we could catch 10 mahi mahi on the way back to the lodge and now… we will drink one or two beer. Enjoy a good dinner and continue tomorrow Yes man! It is also a rooster that is so much fun! And how is it? Lets do another trip like that straight away! Or lets extend the trip! Today we fished inshore and had a really nice sunny day I think we got four rooster. Two on popper, two on live bait That was fun to catch! And we had some really nice ones as well! We also caught some jacks On our light tackle This was fun as well.Then I caught two cuberas. One really nice one and one smaller one I can only tell it was really nice today! Let’s see what we can catch tomorrow. And we are looking forward to tomorrow Hey Knut! Whas’ up? This thing almost pulled me in. That hard the break set was… Johann how are you doing? All is good! That’s how it should be! Tripple hook up! Yes! This is a nice one! Knut is done!!! I can tell you… You really need everything you have! More is not possible! Now you are speachless? I am totally exhausted That is just insane! That’s insane! I broke a rod… Yes! This is what i was waiting for… A PE10! What is happening here guys? The craziest fight of our lifes! Two fighting… Mashine! Of f… dude! Yeeees! We never worked that close together! Crazy how they share… one is winding, one is pulling! Nice teamwork! Yes guys! Yes! I am dead! He is still smiling! That’s incredible! He is taking all the line back what I just reeled in… I am not saying anything anymore! I am totally exhausted! Crazy! Absolutely crazy! That is the hardest fishing experience I ever had! The weight behind it is unbelievable! Oh f… man! This is a monster! Mashine! Oh f….! Holy s….! This thing is more than 100kg!!! Can you give me a quick statement? A small fish I would say… That thing is bigger than me and I am 192cm! I looks like you have a huge beard Wonderful! Crazy man! We went to the pool in the morning and we are still here… No… of course we went fishing inbetween We caught almost nothing today.. We started with a 20kg, no 40kg tuna Then increased to 60kg Then we had one with 70kg And then we had a small problem with the boat pump so we had to get water out ourselves. Then the sun came out and we had lunch We were thinking of going back to the lodge but our captain told us he wants to fish one more spot Then we hooked up three fish straight away I had to help to catch the first fish Johann was done after 20min This tuna was around 70kg And on the other side next to the engine I could hear the guys swearing… Three guys on one stand-up rod with a convetional reel I thought, what the hell are they doing with that fish? At the end I had to help them as well Knut was totally finished after fighting that fish for more than 40min And I fought this fish the last 10min To finally catch this 127kg yellowfin! This was insane! And this is the reason we are in the pool! Holy s….! This was insane! I didn’t want to fish anymore… I don’t want to spoil my back today… First I thought you are using the light tackle rod But you got one bonito, right? This one is not too bad! S….! Half the line is gone! It will be no problem if we follow the fish! I said if we follow the fish it will not be a problem This one gave you a hard fight! It almost spooled you!

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