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Catching and eating WILD FISH right off RANDOM Beach!

Catching and eating WILD FISH right off RANDOM Beach!

Alright, I’m just gonna do a high-low rig Here’s our famous Squidy Bits this is perfect for porgy, black sea bass, striped bass, flounder, stuff like that really, I’ll just need a couple of pieces for this whole fishing adventure [Singing:] I’m so excited to catch a porgy it’s been a long time since I’ve caught a frickin’ porgy oh, super high tide here, huh? [Uncle Bill says something] [Brendon:] huh? [Uncle Bill says something] [Brendon:] bite already? [Uncle Bill:] yea, yea see? [Brendon:] There you go They love that bait, right? I’m on! It’s a nice one! It’s a nice ‘un! Oh yeah! Here we go There we go This is called a scup porgy. Oh, and I gut hooked it Darn That’s it I’m on! Look at that rod bend oh my gosh These are feisty fighters! Just for a little fish like that! Ok, th- they’re swallowing my bait They’re just engulfing it I gotta change out my hooks now Erin, I’m catching porgy nonstop I’m gonna catch a porgy and let’s fry him up! [Erin:] Alright! [Brendon:] I need a lighter sinker, first of all. So maybe I’ll do like a… [Erin:] One ounce? [Brendon:] Yeah! That was too heavy, O.D. That bacon smells really good! [Erin:] Do you want a piece? [Brendon:] Oh, thank you MMMMMM [Erin:] Too crunchy? [Brendon:] MMM, no! I love it like that! Dream come true Catching fish, eatin’ bacon [Erin:] Catching fish and eating bacon? [Brendon:] Yea! It’s all I wanna do with the- for the rest of my days. Ok, here’s the rig I’m using It’s just a single hooked rig with the, with the hook in the middle, sinker on the bottom And this is the easiest kind of beach fishing I know of The kind where you just go out and cast it out and you catch fish pretty much instantly Alright, fire up the grill! I’m comin’ back with a fish. I changed it to half an ounce now Where have you casted? In the middle? I wanna try over here I’ve taken my deeper here before and my fish finder And, and marked that this is like 20 some feet right out by the boat right there This is more like 18 feet right here Ok, they’re not biting it like this I think I’m gonna switch hook size oh yeah! That’s too small We need a little bit bigger than that Oh! That one’s better That’s still small though Throw this one away I got a little piece of bait like this off A little piece of the Squidy Bits And there’s been like three or four fish already I have smaller hooks, you want one? They’re in here Let me see No, those aren’t too small. But, circle hook, I don’t know You know, I never caught ’em on circle hook Circle hooks are for fish that run with it I’m on a fish! [Uncle Bill says something] [Brendon:] Yea, it got off As soon as I downsized that hook, man As soon as I did that and downsized my bait, I’m getting bites again. They wouldn’t even touch it before! Ok, I’m gonna go eat real quick As soon as I say I’m bringing a fish up to eat, They’re gone What’d you make? *gasp* oh my goodness! Oh my god, that looks so good! This is the fresh french bread, right? [Erin:] Mhm [Brendon:] cheers MMM Oh that’s really good Oh yea I had a fish the whole time! Wow! Swallowed it again I can’t help it that my bait’s so tasty There we go! They’re a little higher up in the water. The other one, I had the hooks pretty low This is a nice one Hopefully a better eating-size one I mean this, it’s a fun fight. Look at that My rod’s going all over the place oh, this is a nice one This is a nice one! That’s better eating *laughs* oh my god, that was funny ok, somehow I just lost my hook…and I caught a shell But, this is good bait So, I will use some of this as bait right here Look at that That’s perfect, I’m gonna use that There we go Oh my gosh, I got another one! I got this on the clam I just caught I caught a clam Or one of these barnacle things put it out for a tiny porgy [Erin:] Nice [Brendon:] That’s tiny That is teeny tiny [Erin:] It’s so cute! [Brendon:] Give it a kiss Alright, two fish! ‘Kay, so it’s scaled. Just need to gut it and then we’re good to eat it [Erin:] Awesome oh, it eats lots of shells and stuff It eats all sorts of shells yea, in its stomach, lots of shells ok, these are ready to fry up! Gotta rinse them off one more time with water ‘kay, I’m gonna cut some slits into it just so it fries easier just like that this way it’ll fry easier, it’ll get crispier Mmm I haven’t had porgy in a while How are these still moving!? They’re al- I just filleted them just now! [Erin:] What are you doing? [Brendon:] They’re alive! [Erin:] Stop it *laughs* what are you talking about? [Brendon:] They’re still moving! Look! [Brendon:] Come on [Erin:] Come on, Brendon [Brendon:] Breakfast! [Stranger:] Oh, that looks good! [Brendon:] Ooohh that looks good [Erin:] Careful [Brendon:] Fresh catch! [Erin:] Smells frickin’ good
[Brendon:] oh my goodness, that looks good [Brendon:] If this is good, I’m gonna have to go catch more Ok, should we do soy sauce or Old Bay? [Erin:] Soy sauce! [Brendon:] Soy sauce? [Erin:] Soy sauce! [Brendon:] What would you guys do? Comment below! Soy sauce, Old Bay? Erin, you vote soy sauce? [Erin:] That’s my vote [Brendon:] Oh yea, they’re done. Oh my gosh, this looks yum! oh yeah! done And then we’re just gonna drizzle some soy sauce VOILA! [Erin:] MMM [Brendon:] Soy sauce porgy [Erin:] smells good [Brendon:] All very fresh, right here at the beach [Brendon:] oh yeah!
[Erin:] oh yeah! [Brendon:] This is the life! This is the life. I love living out the back of my truck! [Erin:] Yea? [Brendon:] Yea, I do! I’d rather live out the back of my truck than in a house. For a week at a time [Erin:] Or in an RV? [Brendon:] No, no RV. I like the truck. Alright let’s take this to the beach and eat it and I wanna catch more Ooooohh that looks good. It’s crispy – the skin is really crispy Alright, tell me what you think [Erin:] Mm [Brendon:] good? [Erin:] It’s very good [Brendon:] What does it taste like? [Erin:] Fish! [Brendon:] Compared to the bluefish? compared to black sea bass, stuff like that Is it fishy? [Erin:] Mhm [Brendon:] It’s fishy, huh? [Erin:] Mhm What do you think? [Brendon:] It’s buttery [Erin:] It’s delicious [Brendon:] It’s delicious, it’s a little more fishy But it’s buttery, flaky [Erin:] Yes, definitely [Brendon:] Mmmm ‘kay, so now we are taking some of this meat off our leftovers We can make it into the fishcakes again by mixing it with mayo and um, Ritz crackers, relish, uh and an egg and mix it up and pan fry it So, we’re gonna save this for later [Erin:] That was fun [Brendon:] Yeah! [Erin:] I’m glad we did that [Brendon:] If you haven’t seen already, we have brand new Hey Skipper hats! and, man, these are some good quality hats Not like those old “dad hats” that I… I mean I, I’ve tried making some “dad hats” with the Hey Skipper on it and it just didn’t seem like very good quality These are some good ones And they’re available on our website Check it out in the link in the description below It’s a great way to help support us! We’ve also got squidy bits in our store as well. This is great bait for lots of different things If you wanna try it for yourself, check it out! Alright, Emma, if you’re watching this look away! [Erin:] What!? [Brendon:]She’s, she’s vegan! She doesn’t wanna see me gut this fish! [Erin:] How can she edit it AND look away!? [Brendon:] Oh, edit this with your eyes closed!

46 comments on “Catching and eating WILD FISH right off RANDOM Beach!

  1. Hey Brandon! Just hoping you guys can go to Point Lookout State Park MD! I will be going there this weekend. There are small stripers and bluefish there you can catch them on spoons and plugs. BTW you guys are doing great on these videos.

  2. Great video guys!
    Nothing beats having fresh fish caught and cook!!
    I vote for soya sauce Brendon,because in my parts we mixed sweet soya sauce and spicy chillis and it's awesome with fish.
    I'm looking forward to having a session tomorrow with my older brothers,wish us luck Skipper!!
    Love you guys.

  3. Buying some of your squid bait is on the to do list, live in midwest, will use for freshwater cats….. and icefishing…. luv yer vids

  4. We call them silver bream or tarwine …here in Australia..good fighters good eating ..bit of salt and fresh lemon cooked in butter

  5. if u wnt to eat fried fish u need some of Sambal, a bowl of rice n Lalapan (salad) + Ice tea or warm tea– Indo Style

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