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Catching Crab | Amazing Net Fishing For Tilapia | Catch n Cook Fish | Amazing Fishing Video

Catching Crab Catch n Cook Tilapia Fish It’s Time to Explore the Amazing Net Fishing We’re heading towards the net Finally Reached. Now looking for the fish. Keep watching because Within a short time, you’re going to see a funny crab catching moment. There you Go This crab stuck in this net trap. He is so scared to catch the crab by his hand though The crab has already died lol So funny!!! Now another guy comes in to fish. This is the Tilapia Fish. Still alive. It was little Rohu carp or it’s better call them Olive barb. Another Rohu Carp or Olive barb whatever you say It’s time to cook the Tilapia Fish. Now preparing things to cook the fish. Just cleaned up the fibre of the fish and taking the slice of them. Now wrapping them with banana leaf Taking some lemon to make the fish feel tasty. Using lemon on to the fish. We’re trying to get the oven. Putting the Tilapia fish on the fire for 15 minutes. It’s almost done! Now time to taste the food. Let’s see what happens. Hmmmmm, yeah, taste, very tasty. Thanks for watching. Please LIKE and SHARE the video.

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