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Catching Fish, Changing Lives | Welcome to the Catch | L.L.Bean

Catching Fish, Changing Lives | Welcome to the Catch | L.L.Bean

(calm music) – [Will] There should be
some fish up in this grass. Nice fish there. Nice quality there. boy. – [Tye] That’s a good one. – [Will] Healthy fish. Nice release on him. Alright guys, they’re down there. Well I was raised in Miami, I come from a pretty rough school area. Was in a lot of trouble when I was young. I was actually shot in
’93, struck by lightning, bit by a rattlesnake, I
just decided it was time for me to change my life around, start helping others and livin’ right. – [Man] Good job man, yes sir! – [Will] My dad had a lobster business in the late 70’s in the Keys,
and I was raised on a boat from 9 years old, pretty much all my life. I have a neighbor that I
lived next to for 12 years, and the little boy was fatherless, and I just started taking him fishin’, and I just seen what it did for him and I wanted to start doing it for other boys and young ladies. A lot of them’s never
been on the water before, never hold a fishin’
rod, never caught a fish, and it blesses me every day
that I can wake up every morning at 54 years old and be
able to take these kids out and show them life experience, and showin’ ’em that somebody loves ’em. – [Tye] You remember that one
time I caught that big mackerel? – [Will] Yeah that was a nice fish, man, that was the biggest one on the boat. – [Tye] Yeah. – [Will] They were biting that day. – [Tye] Bad. – [Will] I think you
caught the biggest fish out of the whole trip. – [Camran] Will, to me, is like my father. He’s always there for
me if I need something. He’s a great man. – [Tye] I was living in a children’s home, and they invited us to
go fishing on his boat, teaching us how to use the rod. He got a real good heart,
he care for people a lot. – [Will] See how I got
this loop right here? – [Tye] Yeah. – [Will] Just go back through it. Well the kids that we take
out, it boosts their morale when you just tell ’em
that you care for ’em, you’re there for ’em that
day if they need anything. (cheering) When we go out, we joke a
lot on the way to the trips, we joke a lot on the water. – [Tye] Yes sir. – [Will] Wanna give ’em a kiss? – [Tye] No, I’m straight. – [Will] We just go out
and have a good time. You just tap the top of my rod. (laughing) They’ve both become really good fishermen in the last two years. – [Tye] He taught me
patience, ’cause you gotta be patient when you tryin’ to
catch a fish, it takes time. – [Will] Look, one’s up to my left, got it, ooh, ooh, ooh, got ’em! – [Tye] It feel good to
have a fish on the line. Your adrenaline gets to pumping and you just tryin’ to get it in. – [Will] It just keeps
getting bigger and bigger, and my heart just keeps
getting bigger and bigger. There’s no limit, it’s definitely awesome. – [Camran] He’s shown me that you should give back to the community and
show respect to other people, and bring them out fishin’ too. – [Will] Nice fish, bro! – [Tye] It can change your
life in a lot of ways, just having somebody there for you. It always feels good. (yelling and cheering)

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