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Catfish Tacos | The Sportsman’s Table

Catfish Tacos | The Sportsman’s Table

[music] The Sportsman’s Table is brought to you by
the South Carolina Department of Agriculture. Whether you live in South Carolina, or out
of state, be sure to buy South Carolina grown meats, vegetables and fruits. Make sure your food is South Carolina certified. It’s a matter of taste. – Folks, welcome to Sportsman’s Table this
week. We’re at Deck 383 restaurant down in beautiful
Murrells Inlet, South Carolina. Wacca Wache marina. If you had never been there, come on down. But I tell you what, this guy right here is
going to be responsible for serving you some great food, and he’s agreed to come on today
to do another great recipe for the Sportsman’s Table. Jermaine, – Bob. – You’re all over it brother. Jermaine Alston, the head chef right here
at Deck 383. – A pleasure, my friend. What have you got for me today? – Well, I’m doing one of our dishes on or
menu, it’s a fish taco. – Okay. – We use catfish for our fish tacos, and it’s
local caught catfish. – Okay, awesome. All right. So what’s the first step, brother? – The first step we’re gonna do, we’re gonna
put some oil in our pan right here. – Okay. All right. Give me it. – Let that heat up a little bit. – You know, everybody loves catfish. – Oh, everybody loves catfish. – But who’d a thought having catfish tacos? Huh? – I mean, you can vary. You can use mahi, people use grouper. – [Bob] Right. Sea bass. – Sea bass. All kinds of fish. I’m gonna just go ahead and blacken these. – [Bob] Yeah, but the main thing is that it’s
all local caught. – Local caught, yeah. – [Bob] Certified SC. – Yes, sir. – [Bob] There you go. – Our tomatoes for our pico, our cabbage for
our Asian slaw. – Gotta load up that tortilla. – Yes sir. – Okay. – We’re gonna go ahead and drop those in the
pan. – Okay. Now you’re just gonna coat one side? – Yeah, they’re real thin. – [Bob] Okay, I got you. – The cooking time is not going to be real
long on ’em. All right, Bob, we’re good to go. The fish is ready to go to the tortillas. – Okay man, all right. Tacos coming up! – Tacos, tacos. – Now folks, if you want a copy of Jermaine’s
recipe, just log onto – I’m just putting this catfish right here. – Oh man. And that’s a staple here at Deck 383. – Oh, we sell a lot of these. Bob, we sell a lot of these. – Oh, wow. – Our fresh Asian slaw. – [Bob] Oh, wow. Asian slaw. Okay, who would have ever thunk it. – They love this slaw. – [Bob] Oh I can imagine, look at that. Wow. – We’ve got some pico. – [Bob] Okay. Fresh tomatoes. South Carolina. – Some South Carolina gold right there from
Lee’s Farm. – Lee’s Farm in Murrells Inlet, yeah. Lee’s Farm seems to be the go-to place. – They’re good guys. They’re good guys over there. They come through for me all the time. – There you go. You in a pinch? Even. – Yup. We take some red cabbage here. Like that. – [Bob] Oh yeah. It’s all about the eye of the beholder. – Oh yes, sir. Like I said, all this produce is South Carolina
certified. – [Bob] There you go, man. That’s the way Deck 383 loves it. – Yes sir. We’re gonna take some of our cilantro-lime
aioli. – [Bob] Okay. Oh, wow. Oh, nice. Man! That is nice, Jermaine. There you go. – And that’s our fish tacos. – Jermaine, as always my friend, you never
cease to amaze me. – Bob, thank you. Thank you for having me on, man. I appreciate it. – Well thank you very much for all you do
for all the folks down here along the coast at Deck 383. Folks, listen. Buy and eat local. Log on to see what’s fresh on the menu. As well as drop on in on Deck 383, down here
at Murrells Inlet. And we’re gonna be right back again next week
with another great recipe on the Sportsman’s Table. We’ll see you then. – To find out more information on food that’s
fresher and tastier, go online at Buy certified South Carolina grown products. It’s a matter of taste.

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