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Catfishing from the Bank – Fishing from Bank – Fishing from Shore

Catfishing from the Bank – Fishing from Bank – Fishing from Shore

good morning fishing folks today we are
doing part two they were doing part two of this hey buddy
learn to catch something on that catfish your honor give to somebody who can
series we have the ugly stick gx2 rigged up today know what do this intro those looks like crazy for this guy yeah
are here in the second you ever get lonely just start trying to record
guaranteed somebody comes around hi folks this morning what we’re doing is
we are doing another video on that ugly stick dx2 we’re trying to catch a
catfish no we given news right here a try
normally I think these things are junk and this hasn’t really proven me wrong
but it was in the bait machine as relatively affordable this morning and I’m open that with speed I actually
target just the catfish I don’t get all the and fish stuff of that nature they
also had a cart bait we pick that up as we’re gonna try that cart bait into a
place to go for park here later it is the dog days of summer
so fishing is a little tough as of late we’ve cast it about 30 yards out it’s
relatively deep here using the more not team catfish certain hooks with a slip
sinker on a Carolina rig we’ve caught one baby that probably shouldn’t count
but I’m going to count it but not only on that rod called a baby
catfish on the bait right bait fishing but we didn’t catch a another catfish
little video channel nothing to brag about days see if we really in a couple
more this series of the first time I’ve
targeted catfish since I was a kid as I explained in the last video the victoy
reasons is because it greatly resembles waiting on a bus to me a lot of relaxing
I guess the catfish world the guy behind these dentition that lilypad for two
hours without a bite but Mary’s dedication duderino fish there all right stay with
us to see what else we need it’s a catfish look at this again face
in the video it’s official Bing Gaston maybe there’s reason if I gave up
catfishing there’s a fish’s kitchen fish here today and keep in mind there’s
nowhere near a dock or a launch pad or anything like that fishing the bank you
got bank access here off the road circles right here ten feet in front of
me getting used to it doing tricks I don’t know what this lake is five
thousand two hundred and sixty three acres ten feet in front of me seems to
be the only goddamn place you can battle but that’s a catfish on there had to give up good it’s getting way too
hot Ida hydrate good herring gel water too fast now got the hiccups folks let’s go wrap up today thank God friendly hit
I’ll wrap up today if you haven’t already would appreciate
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12 comments on “Catfishing from the Bank – Fishing from Bank – Fishing from Shore

  1. You can check out our other catfish videos and collab here

  2. Love going for Cats! Gotta love them croakers in the deep fryer. I use chicken livers or night crawlers. Still skin mine nailed to a board with a pair of pliers. I can relate to the paddle boarders…. Had one come 1 foot from my bobber on Beaver Lake. Almost ran over it. Chaps my arse!

  3. Great video Kelly! I still have yet to go after them catties on the Susquehanna river! The Flatheads are getting massive!!! Been too buzy trout fishing though hahaha which since I've been really successful isnt a bad thing I'd say. Too bad you only caught one catty!

  4. I haven't found any luck what so ever on prepackaged bait like that. Go get you some SSS Sonys Super Sticky! I will put a guarantee on it for them.

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