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Hello everyone it is Barry here welcome to
my virgin kitchen hope you are well, yes he is, we are making a healthy recipe today I
know what you are thinking Barry healthy what this is a gorgeous maple syrup and balsamic
vinegar salmon with cauliflower rice, I know you are thinking cauliflower ears right boston,
cauliflower is quite boring generally but if you saw my cauliflower steak video I made
last year it changes everything caramelising it up is so good but this is even easier you
basically just whizz up cauliflower right mate, it is so nice and refreshing this dish
is super healthy too the calories are right here this is how you do it the full method
and instructions are on my website First thing you want to do is mix together
in a bowl the maple syrup and balsamic vinegar mix it together and that will double up as
a marinade for our salmon and a flavour spank owwww for our cauliflower rice, speaking of
which. Grab your cauliflower one cauliflower would
give you twice as much as this so one cauliflower is about right for one portion of cauliflower
rice so get it into small little chunks and whizz in the blender until nice and fine and
crumby. You might want to do that step in batches depending on the size of your food
processor either way get it into your mixing bowl and then we flavour it by adding in cumin,
oregano and of course salt and pepper, mix through and we are ready to cook it up. Over
a medium flame grab your pan and add in a tablespoon of olive oil push in the cauliflower
rice and cook it for around 5-7 minutes just to soften it up it is really important to
keep stirring, you could keep cooking it until it chars and caramelise but I wanted mine
quite soft, but for a final touch I did just add in a little touch of the maple syrup and
balsamic mixture stirring it through looking gorgeous once done sit it in your bowl ready
for eating. And that on its own is tasty it has the texture
of nuts and rice and of course cauliflower so it works almost like coconut vibe too.
Back in the same frying pan that has been cleaned we get it nice and hot then place
down the salmon fillet skin side down first of all to get crispy meanwhile brushing that
dressing on top, then simply turning and cooking again for 4 minutes then it is ready to sit
on top of our rice gorgeous. When it comes to serving you could load it
up with more vegetables or added onions with the cauliflower rice too but I kept it quite
simple with a bit of the dressing some sesame seeds some low fat cr�me fraiche and some
dill which is a great herb that goes well with fish. And it is absolutely gorgeous I
have had a little nibble but having the rest for lunch it is great, super healthy too makes
you feel good right high five, high paw if you try this recipe do not forget to send
me a picture @myvirginkitchen let me and boston know what you want to see next down below,
do not forget to subscribe and we will see you again next time

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