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CCS + Eileen Fisher | Midterm Project Reviews

CCS + Eileen Fisher | Midterm Project Reviews

What’s up you guys. My name is Amber. I’m CCS’ social media manager and today we’re going to be checking in with our
Fashion Accessory Design and Color and Material Design programs. The last time that you saw them we were in New York City touring the Eileen Fisher showroom and Factory. So, now we’re about halfway through the semester and it’s time for the students present what they have done to the Eileen Fisher team and they’re gonna give us feedback. I just wanted to take this moment to say I’m so sorry about my voice. I have a horrible cold so like don’t get too close to me. At the end of the semester the Fashion Accessory Design students will have designed a five piece collection and the Color Material Design students will be presenting a color and materials palette that supports the Eileen Fisher brand and future customers. But I just want to say amazing, amazing work. Yeah. I’ve been so…we both have been so excited for weeks to be able to get here. And it’s only been a few weeks I feel like since we’ve been together. So the fact that you’ve done what you’ve done in a short period of time and the differences in the creativity. And I’m over-the-top excited so thank you. And I know you’ve all worked really hard. I can tell the the passion and the passion in each one of you is different and and I love that diversity. So, really thank you very much and I look forward to December but I just want you to bask in the moment right now. It’s amazing. Thank you, everyone. Make sure to like and subscribe so you
don’t miss any new videos. Don’t forget to follow us on social media at CCS underscore Detroit and we’ll see you at finals.

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