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Cedar Plank Salmon Tacos with Mango Salsa

Cedar Plank Salmon Tacos with Mango Salsa

Hi, I’m Annessa Chumbley,
and welcome to my backyard. If you’ve ever had
cedar plank salmon, you know it’s second to none. But today,
we’re taking that up a notch and making cedar plank
salmon tacos wrapped in grilled corn tortillas,
topped with fresh cabbage and some mango salsa. I just picked up
everything we need from Jewel-Osco,
so stick with me, and let’s get grilling. ♪ I have four salmon filets
that are four-ounce portions each,
and then I’m gonna season them pretty heavily on the top
with a mixture of ground cumin, chili powder,
some garlic salt, lime zest, and then I put
brown sugar in there, too. It’s really delicious. Now, when you’re
at the store, you can pick up
cedar planks in the meat
and seafood department right as you’re
getting your salmon. When you bring those home,
you’re gonna wanna soak them in water
for one to two hours, that way they don’t
burn on the grill. My favorite way to do this
is to just take a roasting pan,
I fill it with water, then I put all my
cedar planks in there, and I weigh it down
with a heavy mug. And after that,
they’re gonna be ready for the grill. Now the cool thing
about using cedar planks is you can also
add another layer of flavor by putting your fish
on top of fresher, dried herbs or even citrus slices. So, for this recipe,
I like to use lime slices. The other great thing
about that is though, sometimes you get
your salmon with the skin on. If you put that
right on the cedar plank, it can kinda have
the tendency to stick. So by using lime slices,
you prevent that sticking from happening. And our salmon’s ready
for a medium-high grill. My rule is to grill fish
nine minutes for every inch of the thickest
part of the fish. But to be totally honest,
I start to check it at 15 minutes,
because I think a slightly underdone salmon is much
better than an overcooked one. So then, I like to use
Carlita’s corn tortillas. And I put ’em on the grill,
just for that added grill flavor,
the last couple minutes that my salmon are cooking. So our last step
is gonna be to shred our salmon with a fork,
and then we can assemble our tacos. After I flaked our salmon,
I like to top it with a sweet mango salsa. Now here’s a secret,
you don’t have to make your own mango salsa. It’s pre-made,
ready to go for you in the Fresh Cut section. And you end up with fresh
and healthy tacos that are gonna be
really flavorful. I love serving this
with pre-made shrimp ceviche from
the meat and seafood department. For this recipe
and more great grilling tips, visit

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