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Celebrating Fiji Albacore Tuna, an MSC certified sustainable fishery

Celebrating Fiji Albacore Tuna, an MSC certified sustainable fishery

Sustainability never tasted so good. Direct from the beautiful waters of Fiji,
Anova Seafoods is bringing MSC certified sustainable Albacore Tuna to Europe. The Marine Stewardship Council sets a global
standard for sustainable fishing. Fisheries that meet this standard are recognised with
the distinctive blue MSC ecolabel. Fish is central to the life of the Fijians for nourishment
and employment. It is one of their key economic drivers. Making sure te Fiji fisheries continue
to flourish is the primary reason why members of the Fiji tuna boat owners association work
to meet the MSC standard for sustainable fisheries. The fishery has made a tremendous effort to
reduce their environmental impact. They introduced circle hooks, nylon lines and specialised
training for the crew. This way the fishery strives to ensure that fishing continues for
generations to come. From boat to plate each person involved in
the process works very hard to ensure the tuna’s premium quality. With its fine structure
the Albacore Tuna is a very versatile fish which lends itself perfectly to prepare a
wide variety of dishes such as this beautifully frilled steak. Use it on the barbecue, the
oven, make a fine steak tartar, or sear it with a sesame crust. When enjoying this delicious
MSC labelled Albacore tuna caught in the waters of Fiji, you can be sure it comes from a certified
sustainable fishery. Your choice has a positive impact on the oceans
and helps generate employment for Fiji.

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