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Ceviche Demo – Paco’s Tacos – KVIC-TV, [Chef Demo]

Aloha, I’m Paco from Paco’s Tacos. We serve authentic Mexican food fresh every
day. Today I’m going to make ceviche. To make ceviche we need fish, we’re going
to be using Mahi Mahi, some tomatoes, onions, cilantro, some jalapeños. This comes with chips – corn tortilla chips. So we want to cut the tortillas to make chips. Now I’m going to start making the ceviche. I have all the tomatoes and onions, everything
is ready right here. Mix it with the fish, it’s already cooked
with lime. This is ready. Let’s put this on the plate. And we’re going to wait for the chips. I’m going to add avocado right here. I have this recipe from Mexico. We’re from Ixtapa-Zihuatanejo, that’s
where I learned how to make ceviche. Gonna put it right here on the plate. And here’s the ceviche with fresh Mahi Mahi. Once again I’m Paco from Paco’s Tacos. Come see us in Hanapepe, Kilauea, & Kapa’a Gracias, mahalo, I hope to see you soon. Hasta la vista.

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