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Channel Islands National Park 360 Video Tour with Jordan Fisher | Parks 101

Channel Islands National Park 360 Video Tour with Jordan Fisher | Parks 101

What’s up, guys? It’s Jordan Fisher, and I am here at the
Channel Islands National Park, on behalf
of the National Park Foundation, to introduce you
to this remarkable place and show you all
that it has to offer. Now, you might be thinking, “I’ve never even heard
of this place,” but that is exactly
why we are here. To give you
a bit of a crash course, or Channel Islands 101,
if you will. With this amazing
360-degree view… Now, it’s obviously stunning
out here in the Channel Islands. And the good news is
that they’re easily accessible through a beautiful boat ride
off the coast of Ventura, just an hour or so
north of Los Angeles. Right now, we are
on Santa Cruz Island, and this is my friend
Park Ranger Kelly Moore. Can you tell us a little bit more
about where we are? Absolutely. We are standing
on the largest island off the coast of California. Santa Cruz
is about 96 square miles in size. -Geez.
-It boasts two mountain ranges. It’s got deep, deep canyons
with year-round springs. Beautiful coastline
with craggy cliffs and big sea caves. Lots of tide pools
and beautiful beaches. Amazing. Now, I would recommend
that you start your trip here by making the trek
to Cavern Point. It’s just at the tip
of the Santa Cruz Island and is an absolutely
fantastic way to start your trip here. However… this is not the only island
worth checking out. That’s right. Take a look at Anacapa Island. Waves have eroded
the volcanic island to create spectacular sights
like sea cliffs, sea caves, and the picturesque
40-foot-high Arch Rock. Check out that view. Explore the rocky shores
either on foot or by kayak and catch a glimpse
of the resident wildlife. Back on Anacapa Island, you can hike and get a bit
of a history lesson, too, when you follow the trail to the historic
Anacapa Lighthouse. Notice any birds? Fun fact: At any time
during breeding season you might see
up to 10,000 Western gulls on Anacapa Island. So, not only can you
hike around Anacapa Island, but there’s plenty of trails to hike around
Santa Cruz Island, as well. Um, some easier
than others, right? Yeah, absolutely. The trails here range from the more maintained
or relatively flat paths of the Scorpion Valley area to the more rugged
or mountainous paths around the Montanon. And both, though,
have magnificent views. So, depending
on your level of comfort, and ability, there really is
something for everybody. Amazing. So, just make sure that you
have good hiking boots, right? Plenty of water… And probably even some
photo space on your phone, right? Yeah, exactly. Okay. There may be some of you that want to camp
while you’re here. Camping is available year-round
on all five islands of the park. Here on Santa Cruz, you can camp out
on Scorpion Canyon Camground. It has fantastic ocean views and relaxing beaches,
as you can see. But you won’t be camping alone
while you’re here. There are 140 different types
of land birds, 11 types of land mammals, about 600 different types
of plant species, and even a handful
of amphibians and reptiles out here with us. Wow. And especially keep
your eye out for the island scrub jay and the island fox,
as well, right? Which are both unique
to the island? They are, indeed. Yeah, you can only
find that island fox here at the Channel Islands, nowhere else
in the whole world. Absolutely amazing. And they’re so cute,
but so mischievous, too. I know that they can open zippers and get into your bags and tents
and steal food. It’s no joke. The marine wildlife is
a can’t-miss experience when visiting
the Channel Islands. Here, you’ll get the chance
to see sea life up close. It’s one of the richest marine
environments in the world. If you’re a seasoned diver, this spot will be
perfect for you. Year-round, park rangers dive into areas
like Landing Cove, with cameras, and give you a chance
to see through their camera lens. You can see bright sea stars,
spiny sea urchins, and even more, by watching the park rangers’
live streams. Looking for a place
to get inspired? Well, Anacapa
has just the spot for you: Inspiration Point. Even on a foggy day, this is one of the best vistas
in the park. With views like these, Inspiration Point is
the ultimate Instagram, hashtag, humblebrag worthy spot
in the park. There you have it. Just some of the amazing things
that you can do on your trip to the Channel Islands
National Park. Now, of course,
there’s tons more to do. So, go to the National Park
Service website and start planning
your trip today. Now, thank you to everyone for joining me
on this Channel Islands 101 tour. I had an amazing time
with the National Park Service and the National Park
Foundation. Don’t forget to get out there
and find your park. And share this video so that everybody else
can learn all about the beautiful Channel Islands
National Park.

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