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Charlotte Gerson on Oil

Charlotte Gerson on Oil

The next subject is oil. Now, of course again, a lot of people here
didn’t to buy the book yesterday and unfortunately they the company ?? admitted ?? this is the last copy, so we have
a problem. Anybody here have this book handy? A few. This is tough. Alright, it is hard because
I can’t refer to the book. It’s all in the book and it be easier if
you could find it. I think, probably many of you will order
the book and I still refer to the page you want to make notes. Okay, page 103 you’ll find Oil. Now, the question of oil is not dissimilar from the question of on salt. My father was curing cancer. But he became very much aware that whenever you wanted to add some
fatty substances so that patients would get the essential fatty acids. Every time he added fat, tumors started to
regrow, invariably. He tried every kind of fat,
every kind of oil you can think of, everything. And please don’t ask me it’s olive oil and it’s sunflower oil and safflower oil and
corn oil and on and on, every oil. Any time he added oils or fats, tumors regrew,
even if they were already gone. So all through his his book, this book, you will find references to fats and oil. Don’t use any fats, no fats, no oils, no fats no oil. And then suddenly you run across the
prescription that he used flaxseed oil. And that was discovered by Germany doctor, Johanna Budwig who combined that also with cottage
cheese. We don’t do that. But the flaxseed oil he experimented
with was extremely valuable. On the one hand, it supply the essential
fatty acids, on the other hand it did not cause tumor growth, and the third instant, it also helped to clear cholesterol and deposits from the arteries. So it improved
circulation, it improved oxygen carrying capacity of the blood. However, you still need to limit it and we know, see, this book was written just before he
discovered this and therefore didn’t say anything about
it however, in appendix 1 of the book I’m describing the story and in letters, and he was always in constant
contact with Albert Schweitzer who was not only a great friend, but a supporter
and my father had cured him and his family of various problems. In a letter to Albert Schweitzer he
wrote how he used it, and this is the only
reference we have. He used 2 tablespoons a day. Now tablespoon? In the US tablespoon is a standard
measure 15 milliliters, okay. He used 2 tablespoons two times a day, 15 milliliters. Never cooked, never heated, never hot, never fry with
it. It must be used raw. And it tasty, please
do not use it in capsules. It’s tasty supported on salads, used for
salad dressing sometimes. You can also put in on a baked potato, but not if the baked potatoes just coming hot out of the owen. Let it cool so you can comfortably eat it,
then you can use the flaxseed oil. Flaxseed
oil is available, it should be in a glass bottle, it should
be dark, in a dark bottle so the light doesn’t cause deterioration and breakdown. It should be kept closed and you use it and put it right back into fridge so that it does not warm up or anything. It’s very sensitive material and it mustn’t be heated. And the good flaxseed oil we use is made by Omega. I believe you can get Omega oil. It’s in the black bottle, it is in a
plastic black bottle and its organic
and that is very usable because it’s also bottled under airfree conditions in the carbon dioxide environment so no air get into the bottle
as they close it. Very important. If you order it, there is
available to order it from Omega in Canada, unless you can buy it here. You can buy 4 to 6 bottles eight and 12 ounce bottles and keep them in the freezer up to 6
months. You can keep them in the fridge, unopened, up to three months. Once its
opened you will want to use it up within three
weeks. But at the rate of 2 tablespoons a day for the first month for the patient and
after that 1 tablespoon a day you can quite readily use it up. Besides, it’s a great value to
the rest of the family. And so that the husband doesn’t develop
cholesterol and heart disease and drop dead of a heart attack. And that the wife doesn’t develop breast cancer from salt and fats
and so on. In other words, it’s just extremely
valuable in use, I use it all the time. I use no other oil and fat. What about olive oil? I beg you, please don’t ask for any other oil, it’s been tested,
it’s out. All of them have been tested. Italians, once you have cancer you
cannot handle oil other than flaxseed oil, none. One more question. What about fish oil? They’re animal oil and they’re cholesterol. It absolutely worst than plant oil. No oils, don’t bother with any of the oils, none of them aren’t safe,
other than flaxseed oil. Okay not one, they’ve all been tested
and tried. That includes, for instance the cod liver
oil, vitamin A oil, vitamin E comes in oil, don’t use, it it cannot be used on a
cancer patient, okay.

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  1. It just blows my mind how in the beginning she says no oils can be used with a cancer patient except Flax and says do not ask her because they are all no good and they still ask her about oil. Our whole country is so uneducated and misinformed that we are going down the tubes fast…People just don't listen. The end is super near for most humans..

  2. Charlotte Gerson god bless her , as she shared so much necessary data about food curing 95% ilness by just taking raw food and vegetable , in these time's, when all medical and pharmaceuticals companies trying to hide cure intentionally for money making.

  3. 葛森疗法中很多东西都和中国的中医理念非常接近。比如在红楼梦中贾宝玉病了,就一点油都没有。

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