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Chasing A Walleye Bite – Ice Fishing Back Lake In Ontario

Chasing A Walleye Bite – Ice Fishing Back Lake In Ontario

Hello and welcome back to Conjuring Rock
where we enjoy all season camping and fishing. Today we are back out on Malcolm Lake
going after some walleye. Got Ben with me we also are partnering up with Luke from
Limestone City Angler and Andre from fishing with Andre. Luke in his element, hahaha
I was just going to say, I think his spidey senses are tingling. He’s running for
that auger, somethings tingling. So Benny actually got a pretty sweet
Christmas gift. He got it early so uh thank you, Victoria.
This Christmas gift is a flasher actually so we’re finally fishing with
some electronics So me and Ben have moved spots, back to our
original honey hole. He got off? Right at the hole.
Oh No! Right at the hole! Oh No! Yep!
Nice! Beauty! All right! On the board. Alright, my second or third walleye, maybe, probably the best of all I’ve got so far nothing
impressive but it’s a walleye. Beauty! Yeah.
It’s not a bad little guy. No. Lets get you back down there and see if we have any
of your bigger family members that wanna come and play. Another little fella. Just a pretty little walleye. Not bad You got one?
Oh yeah I got one. Well let’s see him! Oh, this actually feels better yeah.
Yeah, nice one dude oh wow! Yeah! Okay that is my personal best
walleye. I know it’s not super impressive but I’m happy with it I’m really happy
with that’s awesome . let’s get it on the bumpboard, lets have a look. Maybe at least 15 inches.
Yeah we got – 17? Uh, we got – 16 and 3/4 Cool, beautiful fish man. Yeah.
Let’s get her back in the hole Flasher for the win!
Out of nowhere! Thanks for watching guys, we decided
to pack it in it’s getting pretty cold and dark out there but Andre and Luke are
still out there fishin and they’re having quite a bit of success so make
sure you get over to their channel and check those videos out – most definitely –
and if you haven’t subscribed remember to subscribe because we’re gonna have a
lot more ice fishing videos coming down the tube this season. And if you like
what you saw make sure you hit that like button – so cheers guys.
Catch you later.

2 comments on “Chasing A Walleye Bite – Ice Fishing Back Lake In Ontario

  1. Nice walleyes guys! That Striker4 is pretty sweet, eh? It'll be neat come the open water season next year too, you can stick it onto your canoe too! Best value for the price

  2. The chasing was successful and you catch some nice walleyes 🐟
    Nice cold video my friend 👍
    You are invited to my channel `-)

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