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Hi everybody, joey here again and welcome
back. In today�s video, I�m going to show you
guys how to build a DIY LED aquarium light that regardless of how big your aquarium is,
will not cost you any more than $25. For an example, I built a 2 of these lights
for only $50 and they are lighting a pair of 8 foot long aquariums. The benefits to these lights are simple. They are cheap, they are easy to do, and they
are very light, durable and water proof. Not to mention, they come with full customizability.
You can change the color to anything you want and you can even change the brightness. All for $25. The best part about this is you can customize
exactly how you build it or what you use to suit your needs. In this video, I�m going to show you one
idea I did, but the options are really limitless. So let�s start off with supplies. Obviously we need LEDs. We will come back
to more details on them in a second. You will also need a plastic rain gutter typically
used on houses. You will also need some end caps for those gutters. Now obviously costs
will vary based on location, however i got a pair of 10 foot long plastic gutters and
4 end caps for $12. Having a small drill and some electrical tape
will also come in handy. Now on to the LEDs. I got these strips from
EBAY. I heard good things about them and decided to give them a shot.
I found a seller that allows you to customize your package and was really affordable. I
got everything i needed for $37 with free shipping. I will leave a link in the description
to where i got them. I must add that i have absolutely no affiliation with that seller
and in no way endorse these LEDs; however this project will be useless to you guys if
i don�t tell you where i got them. So let�s get started with the build. Your package of LED equipment will contain
3 packages. The first package will contain your roll of
water proof LEDs. The second package will contain your control
box, the remote control and instructions. The last package will contain the power adaptor. We will want to start out by first testing
the LEDs first. By simply connecting the roll of LEDs to the controller and then the controller
to the power adaptor, we have completed the assembly. Now we can move onto preparing the housing
for the LEDs. I cut the gutter a couple inches shorter than the length of my tanks to allow
the end caps room on the ends. I used a hack saw to cut the gutter to do this. I then drilled a few holes in the end of an
end cap to allow for the led strip to fit through. This way strip does not have to exit
underneath the light. I then placed the end caps on the gutter. I fed the power supply end into the hole i
created in the end cap and laid the led strip the length of the gutter. I did find the LED strip was too long and
had to cut it though. Cutting it had to be done at specific spots
on the strip though. However, it still remains water proof after doing so. Now since the LED strip actually comes with
a double sided tape already installed on the strip, all i had to do was remove the backing
of the tape and lay the LED strip in place. With some electrical tape i cover the hole
on the entrance of the end cap so no light would leak. I also laid a few extra pieces
every so often on the led strip just to reinforce it. And that was it. It was ready to be plugged
in and turned on. The remote allows me to change colors and
brightness of the light which was a huge benefit and one of the main reasons i used this light. Now obviously, there are many options and
ideas for an LED strip like this one, so feel free to explore what your needs are. This
was simply one idea. Now a note i must make is this light will
not be strong enough to grow plants or coral. It is simply used either as an accent light
or a light just to be able to see the fish like i use it for. However, while i only used
a strip long enough for my tank, if i were to do this again, i probably would have ordered
a strip twice as long as i needed and simply run the led up one end of the gutter and then
back down it to give me twice the brightness. Anyways, i hope you guys enjoyed the video,
i also wanted to thank you for watching and we will see you next week for another project.

100 comments on “CHEAP and EASY LED aquarium light HOW TO TUTORIAL

  1. Hi Joey,

    I keep fancy goldfish, and I would like to know whether or not you think Fluorescent light would be better than LED lighting or it doesn't make a difference?

  2. Just ordered the book , and wanted to thank you again for the excellent job you are doing. Looking forward to more too!

  3. hey joey thanks for the video I'm really getting in to African cichlid and I have them in a 125 gal tank, but has the reh t8 bulbs and I priced some leds to fit it and wow.sure you know they were not cheap.anyway your way sounds much better. so thanks. will post some pics when I get it up. love the help you give all of us just getting in this hobby,and man I love it. thanks again.

  4. 60 lumens per watt if anyone was wondering. as long as you got the one with 60 leds per meter, youve got about 860 lumens on the full 16 ft reel. still not where i need to be, but im going to double up and post a video about it. in theory, these lights should be able to grow coral and plants

  5. When I had a bad ballast take out the 42" fluorescents in my hood I decided to dump the tubes and ballast and replace them with LED strips. I ran 2 40" strips where each tube had been and wired the power supply in where the ballast had been so the original switch still worked. Worked and looked great for a while until the strips started to die from the ends. These waterproof strips weren't! Think I'm going to try to silicone the ends after I replace the LEDs and get it all back together and see how it works.

  6. Hi.. If i purchase the led waterproof with
    contoller . They are asking for led color.
    Please help which color should i buy.
    What does this color means. Because aa i am buying controller. I can change the light. Then they are asking for led color.
    Please help

  7. My query is. If i am taking led atrip with controler remote which can. CHange color. On ebay theybare asking about led color. What does that mean. Which i should buy ? If i purchase Plain white color than with remote i can chanve the light color or not???????

  8. Would these still be better than a standard t5 fixture on a 10 gallon for a planted tank? Technically I could wrap the 16 foot strip 9 times, surely that's bright enough for a planted tank?

  9. I wanted to know if the company supernight are the LED you use? also is it better to get the rgb or rgbw? thanks for any help anyone can give me

  10. Hi, what kind or how many Watts of LED lights should I use for my freshwater planted aquarium fish tank? I don't have the best lighting and don't want to spend allot of money in lights and looking to find diy alternatives so my plants stop dying. (Never mind, got my answer in reading info below)

  11. HI great video. I have a 55g african cichlid tank with some clown loaches. at the moment I'm using a very low powered led loght which lights up half the tank at an okay brightness but I want a brighter solution so I can see my fish colour better. I have a 2 light bulb aquarium light which is super bright and it's the old fashion bulb light not led. so do you think that's too bright for my fish or is that OK to use or should I invest in a big led loght?

  12. I wrapped my led around so there is two rows of lights, painted it black and mounted it on the ceiling, nobody thought it was diy, thanks joey!

  13. hey Joe I bought the strip light for my tank but my question is how do I put the light in white?? when I push the white button with the W on it, it turns into different colors. I'll appreciate it if you can help me. Thank you.

  14. Where do you know exactly where to cut not still turn on the led light? just any where with the 3 gold bar right?

  15. Again Joey, another rock-in awesome idea!!! I LOVE this and I gotta have it! :0)~  I am curious though, what about heat? We have zero experience with LED lights. I already watched the other vlog where you made the 8' light, awesome! Ours will be 6' and made in that style. Some of the comments I have seen on "other vlogs" talked about heat over 100 degrees? Possibly using something other than PVC as it warps? Is any of that true? I really appreciate your channel, we're learning! Take good care of you and yours.

  16. i've just ordered rgb and white led strips, which i plan to control with an arduino. i spent 8 euro on 10 meter of waterproof led light strips. the arduino was 8 euro (but you can get clones starting from 3euro) not counting some solder, tape and spare wires. 16 euros and i'll probably have 5-6 meter of led strips left.

    the plan is to have the leds simulate sunrise and sunset.

  17. Are these led good for goldfish that will keep their color and prevent them from discoloration.

  18. All worked great. Order process, communication with seller and this was the fastest delivery i received over aliexpress ever!!! Hope the LED's will last as long in the description said. Looks great, works great, as tested after receiving. Shopping like this is fun :-).buy here:

  19. today i got the same guttering and end caps in the UK 2m cost £4.35 and 4 end caps £6.60 as i'm using two lengths of guttering i'm waiting for my white day light LED 5m kit for (£7.98) on amazon UK at 81 cm i get 6 lengths bargain thank you so much joey

  20. I have the exact same LED strips thanks to you! 🙂 what would you say is the best settings for plant growth- low light plants? As in what are the best colors and brightnesses?

  21. I have a 50g tank with 2 fluorescent light fixtures 36" with 25" bulbs. I don't like that the light does not reach to the ends of tank! Can I make changes to the fixtures to accommodate 36" bulbs?

  22. This looks so simple and so easy to do ……. right I’m of to build a light for my new tank …. thanks Joey you are the best ♥️❤️

  23. I think it would look better if you would sit in a chair or in a armchair
    with your aquariums in the background when you talk.

  24. Thank you for the great idea, i used a 5 meters multi colour led with remote control strip and attached it to my canopy. It gives a great lighting, you are a real inspiration. Best wishes from Syria.

  25. So if we add more of these LED strips we can then say it would be good for corals? As the brightness of the light get stronger? Thanks in advance

  26. I live in a country where it’s very hot so it barely rains. So houses rarely have rain gutters. Do anyone have any suggestions for substitutes

  27. Is it waterproof lights mentioned are ok for my tank if I use 3.3ft on 36gallon aquarium tank hood? my existing lights get slightly wet all time. thats why I asking is it waterproof.

  28. I was interested in this type of setup but needed a thinner housing as the top is also used to build a turtle home. These are PVC so can they be bent a little thinner to take up less width? Trying to setup a 2" housing for these lights instead of the 4.5" they come in.

  29. so could i just attache the strip of lights under the aquarium hood lid i already have ? the problem is that the led strip that came stuck under the hood is small and not enough so i want to upgrade… while keeping my aquarium covered because i have betta fish and they can jump

  30. Love it! I just created this little project myself. I considered getting the reflective tape but didnt think it was worth it. I have 125 gallon tank and the led lights I purchased were more than enough to run down 70 inches twice so it is plenty bright!

  31. I know this is a old thread but do the leds turn on & off with a timer or do I have to manually turn them on thanks and keep up the work been following you for some time now

  32. Too little light for a planted tank (with real plants, not the plastic stuff). They also tend to heat up if you have 20w/m led strips. Even 20mm alu profiles can't keep it cool enough. After two years, I had to replace every strip.

  33. Hey Joey, fan from the future here going back in time to retrieve some information. RIP Buddy thanks for many more years of awesome

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