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Cheap Ice Fishing tent and Gas heater review from amazon 2019 4k

Cheap Ice Fishing tent and Gas heater review from amazon 2019 4k

Hi and welcome to fishing with Jaska Have you ever been wondering how to set up a fishing tent well now you can see let’s set it up that was it did it take long time let’s
see how it looks inside so we got our stuff inside Tent is up im drilling holes perfect there now we can already start fishing Dont know if that’s enough but take it there
and see yep the sound of us not sitting in the snow
weather and there’s a lot of people who are saying like I dont need a
Ice fishing tent but now it’s a really really good and nice example when you look
outside it’s a complete ass weather horrible horrible weather so of course it’s kinda nice to sit here in a warm tent fish have a heater I bought this tent from Amazon.DE it was 160 bucks euros dollars whatever and as you can see it or we can see here this is cheaply made so the seams are of
course you can see it’s not the professional quality like a clam or
otter or eskimo or something else but this will do just fine so it keeps the cold out this is double a double layer tent so this is insulated and it has two
windows two doors everything’s brilliant I’m not
complaining so about these seems they’re kinda okay ish I guess but still bit
cheap made as you can see here is like weird
maybe Strings but who cares air vent, yeah And the window made from this see-through plastic of course it has this this kind of thing is so if you want to
have a bit less light and this poles actually are just normal poles works really
well the zippers are kinda good So about the dimensions here from here to
here is 2 meters 30 something centimeters so normal person can easily
lay down there and it’s also 2 meters high it’s yeah there’s a plenty of room
for me to stand here my opinion definitely worth 160 bucks really
bargain price from don’t know this you know this brand name
changed all the time when I bought it it was like called hapa pupula or something
I don’t even know how to say it but if you’ve just try to find on ice fishing
shelter or ice fishing tent you will definitely find it three-person 5/5 so the tent is a bit of a big size tents when it comes to moving around with it
the bag is about 165 170 centimeters long and it weights almost 10 kilos it’s
definitely not a time to bring with you when you’re just gonna go for a hiking
walking around there’s a friend friend on my roof there is a bird around here
really friendly to all fishermen because fisherman means maggots and it likes
maggots anyway the tent is a bit of a big size and I have a really small car
so we have the little bit of a challenge to pack it into the car but we managed
as we always do the tent itself is so easy to put up
you literally just yank a couple of handles here and there and then you just
pull and it pops itself up you have to pull on all four sides and the roof and
then it’s pretty much up if it’s not windy at all of course you don’t really
need to anchor it the snow itself can anchor it but I would prefer
to have at least two of the hooks in the ice so we are certain just in case it
starts blowing it would be really not so fun to sit there and suddenly the tent
is blowing away around you literally but it’s really easy to use and also really
easy to put together a bit of a challenge to dry it though especially
when you’re living in a smaller apartment but everything can be solved
one way or the other that’s the typical fisherman attitude you always find a
solution and someone will ask anyway what kind of heater did you have
well this is my heater this is a Rothernberger or Rotenberg
German industrial gas heater it has one core works with gas there is just one
knob what you turn and I need to mention at start about this it only uses this
Rothenberger industrial gas bottles so you cannot put any kind of
other gas here than just these and that’s why I will give instantly a huge
– to this device because this might be a really hard to get at some places but
principle is you just basically screw it on on the gas bottle like this there then you have a your lighter then you there and wait up when it starts
heating nicely as you can see it gets really read really hot there so this
kind of sound it makes but oh boy this heats really well Ahh My face! so it also comes with this so you can put
your heater nicely on the stand somewhere place it there while you’re actually
doing ice fishing and these will heat up the whole place in a couple of
minutes really well so I may be used at five minutes at the time and what I calculated
that head will use 124 grams of gas per hour so that big bottle
should last like at least five and a half hour on a full gas so I think
that’s plenty and remember people always when you are using a heater inside the
tent need to have this open like i have a here
hole and then I have there zipper bit open because we really don’t want to get
a carbon monoxide poisoning that’s not nice alright so now I’ve been
running this for a bit now you can see there’s a little bit of condens in the
tent but it kind of doesn’t matter of course if I would want to get rid of
that condens i would put like 12-volt fan on the roof and circulate
the air a bit but it’s all good now I’m giving a 4/5 stars to this heater heater
actually is working really well I’m surprised how much thermal power it’s
outputting and but because it’s using only one type of gas cartridges or
these gas bottles it’s kind of losing that one stars or 4/5 yep it’s on tiny mormuska rod I wonder what kind of fish it is i dont know
but we will see soon Ohh its a It’s a Char congratulations look at that belly is so
beautiful really nice and beautiful fish whoa look at that belly that is why
we call it röding in Swedish yay awesome stuff let’s see how big was the
fish because this is the first one this goes to the dinner table these are so
yummy I think this is 40 centimeter quite close there And there I would say
38 and a half so perfect food size awesome stuff put this here I can show
the fish bit better so it’s looking like this nice red belly
fish tastes awesome alright so that was my review about the tent and a heater
you’ll get what you pay for so I think the quality what you are
getting with this money is actually outstanding of course here and there is
small minor thingys but hey it doesn’t matter it’s not a beauty contest I just
want to be a warm when I’m fishing so it will do the job also like the video if
you did like the video subscribe for my channel I will be off putting some more
most of the winter fishing and see you next time, Bye bye!

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  1. Awesome, it looks so much more comfy with the tent and heater. Very cool, you really can get everything on Amazon 😁👍

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