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Cherubin / Redclaw Fishing Secret ► All 4 Adventure TV

Cherubin / Redclaw Fishing Secret ► All 4 Adventure TV

Well, this looks like a pretty good spot,
mate. Cherubin in here, you reckon?
Well, that running water. All right, I reckon set them up here, aye?
That’s the go. We’re going to see if we can catch a few cherubin
and redclaw. And I’ve picked this little location here, because we’ve got some running water.
And they do like the running water. And of course, fresh water. So I’ve got a couple
of opera house pots, and they call them opera house pots because, if you look at that, it
looks like the opera house. But I’ve got a little secret weapon here. In my pocket, you’ve
gotta have some bait. Fancy feast, they call it. And this one is cod, sole, and shrimp.
Now doesn’t that sound tasty. Almost tasty enough for me to eat. Mind you, I think Simon
would eat it. I think you’re dreaming trying to catch cherubin
with catfood. All right, mate. All right. You just believe
that. You believe that one, and when I catch ’em, I eat ’em. Alright, so you don’t take
the contents out. What we do is we snap holes in it. Try not to stab a hole in your hand.
The beauty of this stuff is, well it costs about 40 cents for a tin, but it’s easy to
transport in your car. It doesn’t smell. So obviously, you don’t stab the holes in, and
then put it in your car. You wait until you bring it out to the river. All right, I’ll
get all these ready, and then we can chuck it in. Well that ain’t gonna work.
That’s working well, mate. That weed behind me, that’s like carpet weed.
It’s an absolute blanket. I’ve never seen it that thick before. Almost like you want
to sort of run across it. But I wouldn’t. Hey Jase, look.
What? There’s a snake.
Have you got a snake? Grab him. What is it? A python of some sort. Oh, one of those black-headed
pythons. Is it?
Yeah, look. Oh, he’s a beauty. Oh he’s pretty friendly.
So far so good. He’s got like a bit of a cut on him there,
Simon. He does.
Do you see it? I do.
A bit of a gouge right there on the back of his neck. Now this guy here, he’s a black-headed
python. Very common around this area. And, mate, he’d be in these rocks here, for sure.
He’d be hunting. This is the time in the afternoon when they
come out, aye? He’d be hunting for little frogs and little
skinks. Maybe even little fish, depends on how quick he is. He’s wrapping around your
arm there. You wouldn’t want to be a little bird stuck
in there, mate. It would be all over. Yeah, well, that’s how the snake catches his
prey. What he does, he’s got a set of teeth. Top and bottom, they actually angle backwards.
And he’ll actually grab his prey with that, those angled teeth facing backwards, they’ll
lock in. So the prey can’t get away. And then instantly, he’ll coil himself around that
prey, and he will lock it in and constrict tighter and tighter and tighter until his
prey takes the wind. Can’t take another breath. So he’ll asphyxiate his prey and then from
there, he’ll just basically dislocate his jaw and swallow that thing whole. And he’ll
slowly pull it, push it down into his stomach, and then he’ll go and hide in a rock somewhere.
How about we put him back, mate? I think so. He’s starting to look at me like
he’s had enough. Yeah, getting a bit grumpy, is he?
He hasn’t bitten me yet, but… Yeah, he looks a bit grumpy there.
Come on. It’s all good. Put him back over in those rocks there, because
he’ll love that over there. That’s where he’ll be hunting. Oh well, let’s go, mate. Let’s
go back and cook some dinner, aye? Sounds good, buddy.
It’s that time of the day. They’re good size too.
Are they? Yeah. They’re beauties.
They look alright, aye? They’re beauties.
Now these guys here, this one here we call a cherubin. And they’re predominantly in the
fresh water. And this one here is a redclaw. And he’s also in the fresh water. You might
get them in the brackish water, but you won’t see them in the salt. Now they’re quite tasty.
Very, very tasty. You want to eat the body, which is the tail part. Or you can use them
for bait. This one here, top barra bait. But you call them redclaw, because of that one
thing there on either claw. There it is. And that’s why they call them a redclaw. You get
them in dams as well. But they’re tasty little morsels. So we’ve got a bit of a feed. So
we might head back to camp.

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  1. And NEVER,EVER hold any snake with teeth close to yer junk like that,jus sayin…
    We call them mud bugs,or crawdads over here,ya suck their heads,and eat their tails after a quick boil,add a little boiling spice,and a delicacy is had by all,cept the mudbugs…

  2. 1:42
    Jase: well that ain't gonna work
    Simon: that's worken well mate
    Me: 😅😄😄😅😄😅😄😅😄😂😂😂😂😂😂

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