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Chicago’s Best Chorizo Tacos: Martinez Supermarket

Chicago’s Best Chorizo Tacos: Martinez Supermarket

(lively Latin music) – We last visited Martinez
Supermercado back in 2016 for their giant
three-pound burrito. But it’s not the size
that has us coming back, but what was on the inside. Let’s go and have
a chat with Rudy, and find out what it takes
to make his chorizo tacos. Alright, guys, we’re on stop
number three in our taco crawl. And this man was on
our show in what, 2016? So we got a suggestion
on our app from Julio, and he said you guys are
doing monster burritos. – In it to win it. – We got a burrito that’s
like a seven-pound burrito. That’s like three
tortillas put together. – Seven-pound burrito? – That’s like, a
seven-pound burrito. That’s with all the
ingredients added. – Stop the episode. That thing was huge as part
of our Meat Lovers episode, but what’s more important
is the fact that what was inside that was
the homemade chorizo, which is so damn good, that
whenever we come back here as a crew, as a team, we always
have a chorizo in taco form. So that’s why we’re back ’cause this man makes
some incredible chorizo. If you guys have any
questions about tacos, about Martinez Supermarket,
throw ’em our way, Rudy will do his
best to answer them. Chad wants to know how
much chorizo you guys get through a week. – About 400 to 450 pounds. – 450 pounds a week? – A week, yes. – And you sell every
single bit of that? – Every single bit of it. So we have a little batter,
remember you were, you know, stirring it?
– Yeah. – Now we got a machine
that does the job for us. – How long does it take
even with the machinery? – Five minutes. – Five minutes.
– Five minutes. – We used to do it
in a hour and a half. – Why didn’t you have
the machine two years ago when I was here? – Like I said, I
wanted to, you know, build some muscle
up here, you know. – There is no hope,
I’m a lost cause. You look great though. – Yeah, I bet. – Apparently we’ve
inspired Craig to go out and get tacos for lunch today, but he says he will not be
having a three-pound burrito. Craig, that’s totally fine,
we’ve got you for this one. While Rudy goes and whips us
up a couple of chorizo tacos, why don’t you take
a look back to 2016, and see what it takes to make
this Spanish sausage beauty? (upbeat music) – [Elliott Voiceover]
Rudy’s chorizo starts with a 40-pound blend of pork
butt and Mexican chiles. But this is the Taco Crawl,
let’s kick it up a notch. – This is clearly not
all the chorizo you use when you’re talking
about three-pound,
seven-pound burritos. – Not at all, that’ll
be gone in 10 minutes. – Alright. Can we add this to the
other stuff you’ve got then? – Of course. – It’s time for me to get dirty. Here’s to everyone
at school ever said not to play with my food. (kids cheer) Screw you, guys. Alright, how much longer
does this take to mix? – You got 40 minutes to go. – [Elliott Voiceover]
Yeah, probably not. Let’s meet back
up and taco down some gorgeous chorizo tacos. (upbeat music) – Alright Rudy, this is
what I’m talkin’ about. And you know what,
it’s very special. This is how much we love your
chorizo, it’s the fact that we were here for a
burrito the first time, but we’ve come
back for the tacos. That’s how much we
love your chorizo here. – Awesome. (Elliott laughs) – Cheers.
– He’s a man of few words. It’s fine. – Delicious. – It’s that blend of the spices, and it’s that grind as well. It’s all those
different ingredients and levels that you can taste
that tell you it’s made here. It’s not bought in,
it’s not packaged, it’s not from anywhere else, it’s that unmistakable
Martinez taste. – It’s our homemade
taste and love. – You guys have kind of
put yourselves on the map with your three-pound burrito.
– Yes. – That’s why you guys could
come in here and eat that, you’re just as well served
to enjoy the chorizo in its natural form
in the bed of a taco.

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