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Chicago’s Best Fish and Chips: Peggy Kinnane’s Irish Restaurant & Pub

Chicago’s Best Fish and Chips: Peggy Kinnane’s Irish Restaurant & Pub

you Irish pubs the great meeting spot for
any community and thanks to the seating for seven in the new 2017 Chrysler
Pacifica I can bring all my buddies along to Peggy contains ha
there must be inside already Derik always loved coming to an Irish
place because I know I’m gonna get that level of hospitality that kind of fun
atmosphere and also because the beers always flowing as well absolutely always
keeps me happy I named it after her mother did she drink for free when she
comes here all the time so I just need to change my last name to Canaan you do
when you get free drinks for grocery link can we just change on the bottom
lower third right now le Canaan thank you very much okay Kara
PEGI kanae’s is the hub of Arlington Heights always feel welcome always
enjoyable always upbeat warming comfortable like home come down
here with your friends enjoy a beer and just have a really good food we’ve had a
lot of suggestions to come this place as is the professional way of saying a ton
of suggestions one in particular though that was Michaels and he said that we
had to come here and try your beer battered fish and chips
traditional traditional but with the unique twists well we’re an Irish pub
and people like to drink beer normally you guys would use a well-known Irish
stout seeing as I’m here today I thought that we would use something from my
country bring it an English style pale if that’s good with you that sounds good
yeah yeah all right cool which way is the kitchen right back this way okay
right no I’m not gonna dance my way there Derek’s passed me off to chef my
team and here’s the fish-and-chip maestro I’m they want we’ve got to make
it happen first we’re gonna make our water alright we’ll make it fresh every
day okay we’re gonna do the tempura flour
garlic salt and the pepper you want to open the bottle sure we’re gonna measure
two tops you want me to help you with dealer cop
you’re gonna drink treasure through the flower and then you’re gonna be never
ones are gonna go to well we’re gonna put on the friar oh then we’re gonna
wait we’re gonna cook at around six minutes you know I could do enough in an
Irish pub in six minutes oh thanks chef this one’s on you okay
catch me official – alright no bro this is Michael this is the guy who
recommended this place in particular fish and chips you like absolutely it
was very crispy and flaky very flaky very tender the chips are outstanding
and the batter is just a diaper donal hairs nobody behind the bar for
sure I thought I would bring the Goose Island and bring you a beer so you could
sit down and relax and take a load off and eat some fish and chips with me I
love it thank you Wow there’s the business flaky fluffy
with the tempura and the Baron now that’s kick that up and a few notches it
really brings out the flavor of the beer and it’s really crispy too
oh my god so being being the man behind the bar what do you think makes you guys
Chicago’s best and you know it’s a big family environment kids love fish and
chips and then later on we get the late-night crowd a lot of drunk people I
guess do well drunk people in an Irish pub kind of goes hand-in-hand really
doesn’t it you gonna have a fantasy saundra Slainte you

35 comments on “Chicago’s Best Fish and Chips: Peggy Kinnane’s Irish Restaurant & Pub

  1. A Mexican in the kitchen, what a shock. There are American citizens who want and can do that job. This is what has to change.

  2. I realize it's a personal thing of mine, but I have such a hard time watching shows like this. I mean clicking on the channel based on it's title, only to experience first an advertisement for a car, only to make it worse by a host who dominates the entire show by trying to be funny and making it more about how clever he is than about the show itself. I'm sure the host is a great guy, but I didn't tune into the 'Personality Channel'. I tuned in for a look at a restaurant that supposedly makes superior fish and chips.

  3. To Chicago's Best: You have three hosts; two are obnoxious; Elliot Bamrbough and Brittany Payton. Time to make a change ??

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