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Chicago’s Best Summer Favorites: Monnie Burke’s

Chicago’s Best Summer Favorites: Monnie Burke’s

(electronic music) – I’ve got one word for you, patio. It’s the best place
to eat in the summer, and Pilsen’s got a great one. Monnie Burke’s has an
outdoor hidden oasis. And they serve a killer
taco with blueberry mole. I’m also sensing a
cocktail in my future. – [Man] Aw yeah. (electronic music) – [Marley] Tell me about
who Monnie Burke is. – Sure, so Monnie
was my great-aunt, so on my mother’s
side, her aunt. She’s the single, single aunt. And people kind of
gravitated towards her. She made everyone feel welcome. – When you first walk
in, it’s kinda like old-school Chicago,
and then you like, go to the patio and you’re like, okay, no, there’s like
an oasis back here. – I entered and I
was quite amazed. The place is really beautiful. – Ah, it’s so wonderful. Their patio’s probably
my favorite thing. – I come here all the time. I got, I didn’t know you
all were coming here today. I came because this
is just where I am, two or three times a week. (upbeat music) – [Marley] And you said
that your mom is behind all the gardening, the
design, this is family’s baby. – I think we’re really blessed
to be able to work in a family that is as
tight as we are. – [Marley] The
neighbors are involved. – [John] Yep. – [Marley] Your
friends are involved. – Yep, I think
that’s infectious. So when you walk
through the doors, like people really
wanna take care of you, ’cause they feel this community. (ice in shaker) – [Marley] Or bring you shots
of mezcal. – [John] That’s right. – [Marley] Which you did. (John laughs) – [Marley] To me and my crew. – [John] I would apologize
but I don’t feel sorry. – But we don’t feel
sorry about it. (cartoon beep) – Sorry we’re not
sorry, and Cam’s giving you a thumbs up, he
had a very large shot. (cartoon reverberating) – This gonna be
filmed beautifully, sorry if I’m out of focus. (upbeat music) – So, what are we cooking today? – So, today we’re
doing lamb belly tacos. We have this blue corn
masa, it’s beautiful, it’s been in the family
for about 100 years. – It’s one of the most
interesting tacos I’ve ever had. Very, very good. – [John] Blueberry
mole, which is actually a little bit unique. – Every time you’re trying
to scrounge up more mole. – The shell itself
is really good, the mole is really good, and the way they cook
the lamb is really good, so when you put all
three together it’s like. And it’s an inexpensive
taco that you, you’re gonna have two or three
of ’em, when you have ’em. (upbeat music) – Chef Ryan, we’re
of course in Pilsen. – Yes. – Makes sense we make a taco. – There’s so many
traditional tacos, I didn’t wanna compete
with any of ’em. So I’m gonna make our
own version of it. First thing we gotta do, is start toasting the chilies. We wanna get a little
toast on the skin, to kind of freshen it up. Next we’ll get another
pan on for our vegetables. While that’s happening, theses are done. – Into the water? – Into the waters, I would
do a little bit at a time. – (laughs) So, don’t do that? – There’s really,
really hot oil in there. You hurt yourself, I’ll
never be invited back on. (laughs) – [Ryan] We’re gonna
take these seeds. – [Marley] Into this? – Yep, you’re gonna
toast ’em real quick. Next, now we’ll toast the nuts. – More pans, different size. – Yep. Now we’re gonna toast
the bread with the oil and some of the plantains. – [Marley] Okay. – [Ryan] And the spices. – [Marley] So making mole is
very easy, simple, few steps. – So here’s where it starts
to come all together. Veggies are done. Gonna add the
veggies to this pan, and then we add
chicken stock here. – [Marley] Chicken stock. – [Ryan] Now we’re gonna take
the chilies and blend them. – [Marley] Okay, blending time. – [Ryan] While this is reducing, we’re gonna add in
our blueberries, about half of these. – Oh, our star. – [Ryan] That’s
the beauty of it, it’s like all this
process comes together, and it really starts to make
something really, really tasty. So this is where it gets tricky. – [Marley] Tricky means
you should step in, yeah? – [Ryan] Yes. – [Marley] Okay. – [Ryan] So we gotta
put the oil in, and then the mole in, very fast and stir it. We’ll add in our chocolate. – Yes, don’t steal
my favorite part. – [Ryan] Here you go. – Mmmm. – It smells fragrant, beautiful. – [Marley] All
right, mole is done. Wanna make us up some
tacos, and I’m gonna go acquaint myself with
the bar on the patio? – Sounds like a great plan. – For me. – Yeah. (laughs) – Let’s get a Tipsy Gardener, and an Ooh-Mami, please. – Cheers. (upbeat music) – I may or may not
have left the kitchen, before we actually
made the tacos. – You did. – I did, yeah. But I found the bar. – [John] There you go. – [Marley] So it was worth it. – [John] It sure was. – [Marley] I found
the bar for you, too. – There you go. Cheers. – Cheers. That is spectacular. I was worried I made the
mole a little too hot. It’s like the
perfect summer taco. – No, I think you get sweet,
you get heat, it’s savory and I think, really,
at the end of the day, it’s a dish that you
wanna keep coming back to. – And this, totally worth skipping
out on the taco making. (laughter) – [Marley] Why is Monnie
Burke’s Chicago’s Best? – [John] When you
walk in the door, it’s more or less an oasis. So you sit down
and people wanna, they come to your table,
they wanna take care of you. – All right, we got tacos,
we got great drinks, we couldn’t ask Tom
Skilling for better weather. – So. – Thanks Tom. – Cheers to the
summer, thanks Tom. (upbeat music) (firework exploding) (firework exploding)

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  1. The host is an alky and WOW! Samuel Lebron Jackson! Loved him in The Equalizer. I hope he makes a comeback in Family Matters. He did great making BlacKkKlansman! Biggups.

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