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Chicago’s Best Tacos: Zacatacos

Chicago’s Best Tacos: Zacatacos

today we’re in West lon and a taqueria
you guys have been blowing us up about on Facebook email Twitter and our app
now we normally don’t do change but we’re all about our fans so this one’s
for you we’re exact up Sako you know what I love
about tacos what’s not everything that gasps family wrestling Zacatecas is
where our parents are from we took the first part of taka taka taka and then we
added the tacos fight I love the name you’ve got five restaurants now we
normally don’t do chains on this show but I can’t even tell you how many
suggestions we’ve had about your carne asada tacos why is that katako
should have our tacos are famous because no one else uses in a strug state we
trimmed them me so when you’re having your taco or you’re having a steak meat
no frills no thrills I don’t want any frozen thrills I just want really good
meat and just you know your classics Castle that’s what I’m looking for it’s
going to be one of the best tacos you pass well enough talking about these
tacos let’s go get our hands on some carne asada let’s do it and before you
know it you’re going to be on number one take care of I don’t know about that
Whoopi this is the star ingredient yes it is
mommy I made this baby I yes I think the beauty next up is to get fresh lime from
sarnax I am in a juice just put the line on the carne
jingim all together then our final step would be our seasoning paint it just
came out right where students I love it we’re just going to give it our one
cooks lit oh and look at that baby there we’re I’m in season the footside chopped
up the carne asada and it’s time to build our taco it comes right on to the
student table cat reporter onions or cilantro it’s time to chow down I order
the cycle every time I come here better about a hundred times and so the best
academe asada tacos in the city I’d say the stages of as because it’s good thing
as much as like trailers from Indiana we had a taste for czaka tacos we’ve got
the best steak tacos around we need you all the way from Indiana
Jeff yes yes your customers we’re talking about how great the tacos are so
I cannot wait time to eat yes time to eat that is one Matata nothing fancy no
thrills but just quality means you guys see did not let us found again we had so
many suggestions about coming here about the carne asada and they were right on
point Louis baffles from me

52 comments on “Chicago’s Best Tacos: Zacatacos

  1. All these taco places in Chicago are ok, you need to go to " El Paraiso" in Elgin, best Asada tacos 🌮 314 S McLean BLVD

  2. Zaca is decent, but their quality seems to be going down. They are focusing on their growth over quality(in my opinion.). However I'll go to zaca til the day I die. Hit me with the green sauce. Did you guys not go to Atotonilco?!

  3. I go to this one whenever​ I'm south visiting a friend who stays across the street. They recently put zaca express across from this one.

  4. This guy just told the biggest lie, he said: "We're famous because no one else uses inner skirt steak!" Well go to Supermercado La Internacional on 46th and Ashland and they have been doing inner skirt steak tacos for decades, my friend. These tacos will blow any steak taco out of the water! Try It!

  5. Yeah best tacos, but for $3 per taco with no extra meat (small taco)? It's not worth it. Keep your damn small taco zacatacos.

  6. What do you mean “we’re the only ones that use skirt steak”? Real and traditional tacos are ALWAYS made from skirt steak, at least from what I’ve seen!

  7. Se ven muy deliciosos esos tacos nomas lo que les falta cambiar en la orden o menu o como se llame es el arroz o frijol algo como nopalitos a la mexicana chile tomate cebolla cilantro y queso expolvoreado mmmmmm y veran o otra cosa también un poco de verdura como pepinos rebanados en agua o zanahorias sancochadas en vinagre de manzana y cebolla mmmm pero se ven bien esos tacos solo un decir de mi parte una opinión me gusto mucho este video felicidades guapa por este hacer estos videos y felicidades a zacatacos

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