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hi friends welcome to easy and home style cooking I am mrs ragini today I am going to share a chicken taco recipe and this
tacos are little bit different tacos you all know we need tortillas so you can use the store brought tortillas or you can make the tortillas
I’m also making right away so you can make the way I’m showing you so lets start
how to make this simple tacos with chicken first we need a mixie jar in
this we’re going to add all the greens if you have parsley you can use parsley
but we don’t have parsley so I’m using coriander here I have the bunch of
coriander you can use more and one bunch of dillleaf that is soya kura in telugu we call it and for flavoring we’re going to add a lot of lot of garlic so
here is a garlic and some vinegar and chilli flakes Oregano as per taste you can use
oregano and also pepper powder this is the spiciness for our dish you can
increase the pepper powder and salt if you are marinating your chicken with
salt or with you know lime juice then reduce the quantity of slat otherwise
your chicken will be too much salty so be careful when you add salt here and
when you add salt to your chicken and now you’re going to add lot of olive oil
you can add half a cup of olive oil and we’re going to make the paste with olive
oil and vinegar which we added add the olive oil now we’re going to blend this
into a fine paste paste the green paste with soya kura that is the dill leaf and a lot
of coriander and lots of garlic and excellent aroma from the garlic and
olive oil and the dill leaf so this is ready to keep aside and here I have the
boneless chicken I made it into small pieces like this you can also make it
into small pieces or are you know if you want Big pieces also you can cut it into big
pieces and this we’re going to keep aside now to make the tortillas today I’m
using corn meal flour and even all purpose flour we are going to take half quantity of
all-purpose flour and cornmeal flour and here’s the cornmeal flour and we’re
going to add some salt to this and also pinch of baking powder even you can add
butter or oil i am adding oil mix it and we’re going to make a dough out of this by adding
some water by adding oil tortillas will be nice and soft and now we’re going to add
water and knead the dough this should be like chapathi dough not too soft not
too hard if you want you can make your tortillas with all-purpose flour or even
use the store bought now this is going to put it on a tabletop and we’re going to
knead this you need to knead the dough at least five minutes here is our dough I knead this perfectly and we’re
going to rest this for 5 minutes meanwhile we are going to make the salsaso here is the bowl in
this we’re going to add all the ingredients finely chopped onions and
finely chopped green chilies and tomatoes very little salt and lime juice you
can add some tomato ketchup also if you want and mix this so here is
our instant and simple salsa ready so we’re going to keep aside and here
I have some shredded cabbage I have finely chop the cabbage this also goes on
top of our tortillas so this also I am going to keep aside and now take a small dumpling
of the dough dust some flour keep the pan ready first we’re going to make the
tortillas ready and then we’re going to make our chicken roll this roll it into
slightly thin because we added soda this will puffup little bit and
this will become slightly thick when you cook this you can see i rolled it this is done now the
pan is also hot it’s not too thin not too thick the pan should be nice and
hot drop it this will get slight bubbles because of the baking powder which we added you need to just
turn it one side and other side just once on one side and once on the other side you
should not keep on rotating your tortillas turn it to the other side you can
see this is puffing up slightly and this is ready can see the other side is
also cooked switch off the flame can see this is done and now transferred this
and always if you want a nice and soft tortillas you need to put it in a cloth when
it is hot you need to cover it then the tortillas will be nice and fresh and soft
so this I’m going to put it on a plate couple of them these are soft just
covered this with another plate so that this will become soft and now in the same pan we’re
going to switch on and we’re going to make the chicken in the pan we’re going
to add the chicken boneless chicken I did not added any oil because we’re
going to add the paste which is with oilve oil so lot of paste reduce the flame if you marinate the chicken then it won’t take much time
it will just take 10 mnts never cover this otherwise your
green color with discolor so let it cook in low flame till the chicken is done here the chicken is ready with dill leaf and coriander this is done just took 10 minutes
and now its all time for plating before plating what you can do is slightly you
can heat up the tortillas it’s hot so I don’t want reheat it up and now what we’re going
to do is to take the tortillas in a plate and here is the chicken put it in the
center we did not added any oil again just olive oil itself and now this finely
shredded cabbage on top of this and add more vegetables and here is the salsa add it on top and
in the last just squeezing some sour cream or or mayonnaise or some tomato ketchup if you
want and our dish is ready how we need to eat you all know just bring it together and have
it and good flavors, the chicken oilve oil this is super tasty and slightly sour touch from salasa spice touch from green chillis need to try this this is yummy and tasty
I hope you enjoyed this very very simple dish of making chicken tacos with dill
leaf and if you like it make it share it and also feed your family fresh fresh food see you in another
session with some more recipes


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