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China Aquarium Fish Market – CRAZY

China Aquarium Fish Market – CRAZY

here this one right here Wow look at the scales on that beauty a beauty [Music] [Music] that’s a lot of fishnet system and they’re using like it’s a tiny little bit be careful not to get run over there’s cars coming through here all the time areare cool one dollar oh yeah it’s about a dollar yeah retail crazy [Music] check out this planted tank with all the giant Java in the back it’s got the lily pads going up at the top like ambu via and looks like some polly sperm up front I just love seeing you know like the pumps are going it’s got temperature all that kind of stuff it’s so cool to me I don’t know maybe I love technology but I’m enjoying it I just see it all over that giant arrow use a big uns [Music] come in here look at this setup looks like a wine setup supercool escapes here they’re all mostly pallid areum’s but look at the work that was done with the Dragons noon it’s so cool I love the fog it’s like weeping Moss [Music] discus ready to be bought or bought by other stores so it’s kind of like wholesale or retail depending on who’s buying you know yeah there’s here’s like a little food thing you could choose all those foods that are by weight you just buy them more fish available it’s just insanity so cool everyone look at Meeks I’m filming I’m the weirdo but I had to bring you guys along for this ride cuz this way too cool wait you’re too cool you’re going to see infinite infinite places to go look everywhere you look more and more fish it’s pretty much heaven I can’t get enough of it [Music] so I’m crazy enough I’m gonna try and take this back to the US we’re getting a packaged up now that’s way I could say I brought back an Asian Arowana it should be pretty fun [Music] [Music] [Music] found second heaven it’s a little stall that only has Guppies there’s so many variety and it’s maybe five foot by 10 foot maybe is koi Guppies some big big koi Guppies back there so I can scoot in [Music] here’s Moscow’s who topaz some midnight Bellinis ribbon fin gene try to get out of this so I’ll show you how small this little little place is look there are peanuts right across the way there but this is how small that little market like little shop is so cool so cool and you can see just all of the other ones and there’s right next to everything we’re going to the next gun here arrows and blood parents Homer African cichlids in this one and this is in the alleyway so this is not even the real stores at this point I shouldn’t say not real but it’s not in the it’s it’s in between what normally would be I know I got got to come back tomorrow we’re trying to wow those are DARS the gars big old gars down there Wow lots of big gouramis African cichlids Toxie waters to like a piebald one [Music] [Applause] [Music] [Applause] [Music] [Music]

100 comments on “China Aquarium Fish Market – CRAZY

  1. When I first saw the thumbnail, I thought it was a wall full of different types of lollies in containers… wow that’s a lot of fish!

  2. Why Americans call this crazy,,,insane.. this is how small this shop is. but when this is in the us they call this fantastic .., genius,,, humongous 😆😆😆😆

  3. the power of proper filtration . . . seriously though. I think it's cool that they actually manage their water well. Everyone is making Walmart jokes for good reason. They can have hundreds of fish in a tiny little aquarium but Walmart can't keep 3 fish in a 40 gal long tank without ick showing up.

  4. The guppy is way cheaper than you can see on internet-sale. 2 USD for a pair? Never seen that cheap before

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  6. thankks for the crystal clear video, the fishes looks amazing ! so many aquarium shops Heavensss :DD

  7. Man, I miss Hong Kong. I remember when I was about 7 my parents brought me to the same street, and that is where my interest in the hobby really took off.

  8. Does anyone know the breed name of the guppies at 4:59? He went by pretty quick so I wasn’t sure if they were the Midnight Blues or not. Great video!!

  9. I have been there once its amazingly clean..they are ALWAYS switching the bags and stuff to clean them out. They are just jammed packed but they sell fast

  10. I was born in China and many tanks are very crammed but those are temporary.
    They are usually kept very clean, fish are sold very fast I think that’s probably why

  11. Wowww! That's insane! I get very excited to see a big fish store here in Melbourne, Australia. This place looks like 100 such big fish stores combined and so much varieties! I could get lost there for a week.

  12. i am sorry i donť like your clip because you move your camera very fast no body cańt see good .

  13. Hong Kong fish markets are like a microcosm of Hong Kong apartments. So many people packed into small spaces, but each apartment is so clean and well thought out. So many fishes in one tank, and clean water.

  14. In this sense, China actually seems to keep their fish in the best conditions compared to the USA and other countries, since the fish sell out so fast they're not kept in these conditions for long, the water is always crystal clear, which shows how they always make sure the fish are in perfect health.

  15. im so jealous watching fish shops/markets in other countries. All i get at my LFS is a tank with some gold fish and a fake sunken ship

  16. please for the next video Include Indonesian subtitles … thanks please do it in the future. a new subcriber from Indonesia

  17. So when I buy a fish o getadked what kind of setup I have ect and if I'm able to keep them with the size tank I have yet there are 30 of them mother fuckers in one tank everyshop I go to

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