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Chinese Eel Beauty Treatment Will Make Men Think Twice

Chinese Eel Beauty Treatment Will Make Men Think Twice

there’s a new beauty treatments are that involves deals a little bit too far so ill are use an old to help
individuals exfoliate your body by gently nibbling of the dead
skin arm you know a lot of people do the
activity is very well known in China so the city you know you yours attached to your body in the all
the dead skin off but this is one your story that went wrong on this is
how it went down according to the Daily News is about saying and I thing the
56-year-old man who want to get his ill-treatment common
I’m in the bath and your little bling on his body but subtly he felt a sharp pain arm and realize that this that a small your
had gone through is penis yes america it’s true so basically what
happened in the nest the your Eunice the eel what do you
think that you know that your pretty it will work itself with a
self-lubricating body in the gel around it sort of went into his penis and then came all that through his you re through
a right painful ended up and idk tree arm and you know was definitely
don’t the devil did little damage arm because the slippery got a chance to
sort of slipped through the you re the hole at the top of the penis and
just dig its way through the year e3 damaging the urea damaging you re
through our damage the I used I I used really good be in at a mean I don’t
number anywhere but the you know tube that connects to the bladder arm
did lot of damage this guy mall the story don’t take your bath or
ridicule baths wear underwear so they can get through your your reefer thought just be careful guys you taking your bath I after reading this story I will never
take in your back and I’ll feel very proud but nothing has
penetrated my urethra but I’d tell ya it’s a story that I you know it’s a
story that’s because most folks to squeal just a little bit their where down

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