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Choosing a Fish Tank : De-chlorinating Fish Tanks

Choosing a Fish Tank : De-chlorinating Fish Tanks

Okay, now we’re not quite ready to add the
fish yet. If you were to put fish in here as is the fish would die pretty quickly, unless
you’ve let the water sit for twenty-four hours, giving the chlorine, which is poisonous to
fish, it burns the fish, you need to do something here. A couple products we like, Stress Coat,
Stress Zyme, there are other products out there, we like these two. The stress coat
is a dechlorinator as well, it contains aloe vera which it gives the fish protection. The
slime on a fish is like skin for us so fish have to have slime. So this has the benefit
of adding slime to the fish basically. Sounds gross but it’s important for fish. So we’re
going to use the right amount of stress coat here before we add our fish. This takes care of the chlorine issue immediately.
As I say, adding the aloe vera. This product here is Stress Zyne, we like it a lot because
it adds beneficial bacteria. You think that bacteria is something bad but in this case
bacteria is good. Bad bacteria can cause your tank to be cloudy. This will add beneficial
bacteria that will counteract that bad, negative bacteria that exists in a tank from day one.
If you have problems with cloudy water later on we usually recommend getting the stress
zyme out to add that beneficial bacteria. You can’t see it, which it’s billions and
billions of tiny bacteria that work to break down the fish wastes and get rid of that cloudiness.
So before we even add the fish we’re going to put some of this in. We’re going to want
to make sure
that we add this, after we add this we want to make sure that we actually add the fish
because the fish are actually necessary for the stress zyme to actually work. So we don’t
want to do this and then add the fish a week later. So now we’re ready to move on to the
next step.

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