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Choosing a Fish Tank : Lighting for Fish Tanks

Choosing a Fish Tank : Lighting for Fish Tanks

Ok, the next component we’re going to discuss
is the light. The light really is lighter in cover. This is called a hood. We call this
a full hood. It’s really more for you and for the beauty and illumination of the fish.
The only practical reason you would need a light as far as the aquarium itself, would
be is if you were going to go with live plants, then you would want to go with definitely
you would want to go with a fluorescent light which would put off beneficial rays. You would
want to take this glass piece off here, so that the live plants can flourish and grow,
from the rays from the bulb. But other than that, what the hood does is a couple of things.
One is obviously, it will prevent water evaporation. If you don’t have a hood, you’re going to
be filling up your tank a lot more often, just because of the natural evaporation that
will occur. So this prevents the water from evaporating, and obviously, the light is going
to allow you to enjoy your fish more. Two kinds of lights, incandescent are a little
bit more boring color, and one side benefit of incandescent,, it puts off a little heat.
So fish do like heat, but we usually recommend florescent, it’s just much more colorful,
and you can get very creative about different kind of lights, blue light, red light, green
light, clear light and so on, and you can consult with your expert there at the shop
to go to. I’m going to turn on the light here. It comes on instantly, and this will light
up the tank and it will give a beautiful effect. Now on the back here of these hoods, you have
little plastic cutaways here for your heater. This comes off very easily for your heater
here and a little cutaway here for your filters, to accommodate the filter in the bank of the
tanks. So, I’m going to put that on there, and you can see how that really does a nice
job of lighting up the tank, and allows you to see its nice bright, even fuse of light
that is beautiful to behold and it really brings out the color of the fish much more
so than the incandescent or by not having a light at all. So there we have the light.

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