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Choosing a Fish Tank : Number of Fish & Size Per Fish Tank

Choosing a Fish Tank : Number of Fish & Size Per Fish Tank

O.k. now one thing to keep in mind here is,
if you wanted to go just with gold fish you wouldn’t need the heater, o.k. Those are,
gold fish are cold water fish, their very, basically, glorified carp and you could, you
wouldn’t want a heater. However, if you go with tropical fish you’re going to want to
be a little more careful because they?re not as durable as gold fish. Now, as far as number
of fish, to go with, a good rule of thumb is one, one inch of fish per gallon. So, in
other words, in a, in a, in a tank that’s a ten gallon tank like this, about ten inches
of fish. You can break that down, you know, ten one inch fish or, or five two inch fish.
Now obviously if you get a ten inch fish, yeah he could live in here but, you get to
a ten inch fish Oscar, something like that, you’re going to want to go with a bigger tank,
cause that’s not going to be really fair to the fish to go with a ten inch fish in this,
this, this small of a tank, wouldn’t be fair to, to, the fish and you wouldn’t enjoy it
either. So, so that’s what we’re looking at here as far as fish. Obviously if you get
a much bigger filter, you could probably fit more, more fish in there but for, for what
we’re doing here, basic, small, appropriate filter, bout, bout ten inches of fish in this
tank. And, as you can see they’re kind of spread out here so they’re using the plants.
And, and of course you?re, your tropical fish pet person will help you with that too. As
far as selection of fish, that’s where you might want to again rely on the, your pet
shop expert. Obviously, you’re going to want some, some color, but just because a fish
is colorful doesn’t mean you can mix them, obviously you can’t mix Piranha with Tetras.
If you’re going to go with Piranha with is a carnivorous fish, you’re going to want to
stay with only Piranhas. There’s a lot of basic community fish, Molly’s, Sword tails,
Guppies, Neons, these are small colorful fish that get along well with each other and do
fine in a tank together. For the more serious hobbyist, you might want to go with Cichlids,
if you go with Cichlids, you’ve got to stay with only Cichlids. You can’t mix Cichlids
with gold fish or Cichlids with these, these community type of tropical fish. If you go
with South African Cichlids, you want to stay with South African, you don’t want to mix
them with South American Cichlids. The, the, the African Cichlids are a more aggressive
fish. These are the kind of things that you should talk to your pet shop, tropical fish
expert about, he’ll know these things. And, you can go from.

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  1. Some info needs to be corrected:

    First off the 1 inch of fish per gallon is no longer the accepted limit. Generally speaking some fish require square plots of land, others types of fish like the africans are deliberately overstocked to reduce aggression. Filtration is the key here to a successful tank.

    Second you most certainly can mix cichlids and other fish. This is very commonly done, these fish are referred to as "dithers." A little research can tell you dither is right for you.

  2. Cat fish and loaches are also commonly mixed with Cichlids. Again the key to success here is do some research. There are a lot of sites out there which contain knowledgable professionals who can help you decide what is right for your tank.

  3. The 1 inch per gallon rule doesn't work. Goldfish need at least 55 gallons each, fancies at least 20 gallons each, and mollies need probably at least 5 gallons each, etc, etc. This video sucks.

  4. I've watched 3 of this guys videos and so far he's done nothing but vomit piles of money wasting crap advice. Not trying to be mean or funny. Most of this advice is not geared for the well being of the animals but the lining of a business owners pockets. If you put 10goldfish in a 10gallon tank you'll kill most if not all of them. Then you get to return to his store to buy more. Yay for his bank account your pets are dieing!!!

  5. not being mean or anything, BUT I DINT LEARN A THING, half that vid he studdered, and the other half, was a buch of bull

  6. LMFAO He knows nothing about cichlids.

    Africans can be very aggressive depending on the species and the individual fish, but SA and CA cichlids get much bigger generally and are very territorial.

    And my 10" Dovi would like to talk to this guy about aggression levels. 😛

  7. Fuck…. this guy really knows nothing about aquarism… Any kind of rule is correct in this hobby. A rule can do right for a specie and do wrong for another one… It depends a lot on many things. The ones that want to learn something: forger everything you heard in this video.

  8. He said you really cant have a 10'' fish "…it wouldnt be fair to the animal…" etc. He didnt say anything that ridiculous.

  9. dont listen to anythibg this guys says he is so dumb i mix african cichlids and south american and they all look out for each other.

  10. Inch of fish per gallon? That equates to 14mm per litre. 1 goldfish requires a minimum of 40litres (10 gallon). Theres no such thing as a "Little goldfish" they will all grow to be very big fish, so don't hesitate with buying a large tank. Neon tetra'smay only be small but a group of 10 should be given 40 litres (10gal).

  11. This guy doesn't know what he's talking about! he said a 10inch fish could live in that tank, NO IT COULDN'T it would just be cruel and unfair on the fish, a 10 inch fish needs at least 50 gallons, if not much more.

  12. hmm well according to personal experience, something like an oscar needs atleast 55 gals just to be on its own and im pretty sure oscars dont grow 55 inches

  13. One day there will be an Expert Village video that gives good advice on maintaining an animal. Sadly, that day has not yet arrived.

  14. well i got 2 rainbow cichlids and 2 parrot fish in my tank with sword tails and gouramis and a fighter one zebra dan and mine are all fine. ive had to lots of babies of the rainbow cichlids aswell. not dissing you info just letting peeps no

  15. The rule of thumb we use at our pet store is 1 inch per gallon for tropical fish just like he said. For gold fish it is 1 inch per 4-8 gallons since they produce so much amonia. you also don't want to mix gold fish with any other fish but goldfish or else you will risk killing the other fish due to amonia. You can mix agressive fish with only agressive fish etc. Some people know more than others, I'm a new fish guy and I'm learning a lot from him.

  16. @magscat3161
    I have 5 comet goldfish and I bought them yesterday, the water is cloudy, and they don't eat much of my food, and they dont move at all. Is that normal for gold fiish? there in a 10 galllon take PLEASE respond you know more than this dumbfuck

  17. @Timespartan111 I will reply to your concerns via personal msg. there is not enough space here to explain the information in detail that you need.

  18. Am gonna get a 70 gallon tank an i wanna know how many fish can be in there?? Also i have a Columbian shark an a blue white finned rainbow shark in a 55 gallon but i want 7 more fish…an am gonna get a Redtail shark,Rainbow shark,Tiger Barb x2,Clown loach x2, an a Black shark is that to many or is fine

  19. 1. goldfish are MORE prone to disease and are LESS durable than tropical fish.
    2. the "one inch rule" is total crap, I have 13 years of experience and have kept a ten gallon tank with 15 neon tetras (1.5 inches each) for over 6 years

  20. @sota412 I have a 20 gallon filter now, 3 comet goldfish, a very small snail a fern, and a small fern, and some hide aways that i built myself except for one. i also have another japanese marimo moss ball. by the way the fish are like 2 inches each. not full grown

  21. @Galaxy1423 You cannot, repeat, cannot have more than one Red Tail Shark, Rainbow Shark, or Black Shark per tank. You have to pick 1 species and 1 fish! and that's a 55 gallon so I wouldn't recommend a Black Shark as they get 2 feet long. Tiger Barbs cannot be in groups of two, it makes them become more aggressive fin nippers. You must have them in a group of at least 5. You need to research online thoroughly about each species before you buy.

  22. @magscat3161 dieing? well your not going to buy 10 goldfish for a 10 gallon tank because they grow way past 1 inch dumbass!!

  23. to be honest the best thing i was told by the guy from my pet shop is keep 1'' of fish to 3 gallons of water or if you have a 10 gallon tank you can get away with having 5 but do not over populate the tank because otherwise the tank becomes too hard to look after and also the fish have to little space to excrete

  24. @Northshoreaquariums or a ten inch arowana in a ten gallon? or even a 6 inch black knife in a 6 gallon? I hate that "rule"

  25. For a ten gallon you actually don't want that big of fish, 5 inches in a 10 gallon is a little much, 3s probably pushing it

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