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Chris Fisher on His Gum Cleaning and Root Canal – 1st in Smiles – Plano, TX

Chris Fisher on His Gum Cleaning and Root Canal – 1st in Smiles – Plano, TX

I guess a little after I had been visiting him added below the gum cleaning had never had one of those in my life and as I said I’m a little fearful of going to the dentist so that actually helped me as far as my dental health They were able to identify some issues that was currently having and I think by having that below the gum cleaning it also helped the void some possible future issues that I may have had. When I have my root canal, I was extremely pleased that he took the time to explain the entire process and it started off more of, okay we’re going to go with a crown, however it could evolve into a root canal and if we do have to do that and then add here are these additional steps for the procedure If I had any follow-up questions he was available. I do know that I had a little bit of pain even after the, i guess the normal period so when I called him he’s like ‘come right in’ and so that impressed me because I know with my other physicians or doctors it’s rare that you can call and they tell you, ‘hey come right in and we’ll see you’ I want the best for my family and I think when I’m at Dr. Barfield’s office I get that same feeling from him. I’m more than just a customer, more than just taking care of business he truly cares about me and my family members.

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