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Fish Food, Fish Tanks, and More


Hello all friends welcome to my channel. Thank you very much for tuning in. Today I came to enjoy some Korean food with friends. We haven’t seen each other for awhile we used to attend school together now she traveled from out of state so we are taking some time to catch up and enjoy some good food. Let’s come and see this Korean restaurant in Stockton I haven’t been here in a long time, like 10 years ago. I feel like it’s a new visit also in the past 10 years there’s been some difference such as the price. So let’s enjoy with me. Here’s their price. $30 per person and there’s a fee for kids 5 and up. This is the only place in Stockton that offers All You Can Eat option but they also have al la carte too if interested. Just looking at the menu, I think it’s overpriced and also not that many options. What can we do? This is a fairly small town. If we want more options then we have to travel a bit like a 30 mins drive. In Elk Grove, Sacramento and in Oakland all these cities I’ve had some delicious Korean food. It’s OK, most important, we get to see each other and chit chat. We are now done with our meal. It’s time for desserts. These are included in the price so we can pick which ever we want. This is green tea, and this is strawberry, they also have another flavor which is vanilla but we didn’t take it We should have, why didn’t we? I know. We can have a taste. We are done with 3-4 bowls we ordered another round. This is vanilla and this tasty one is green tea. It’s all you can eat so we just order them. Eli is riding the truck while his sister push him. His feet are up. Naly watch his milk, might spill. Look at him holding his milk bottle. That’s OK, he’s filling gas. Oh, that’s not gas! No, pretend he is filling gas. Speaking of yesterday I had Korean food with my friends it was not that good. Their service was very slow for that price point. We were limit to 90 mins of dining 1 hr and 30 mins. We took almost 2 hrs since we haven’t seen each other
and was chatting away. Like said, the service was slow and we are allowed to order 3 items at a time once those 3 are low then you can order another 3 items. Each time it takes very long. For Stockton, the all you can eat option for Korean food is that only spot. We also gathered in the evening and if we were to go to nearby cities, it would take time. Also there might be traffic. $30 USD pp plus tax and tips it’s around $36 USD. Today is Christmas Eve which is the day before Christmas This evening we want to take the kids to see the neighborhood holiday lights. I also told Naly that she can open her gifts this evening. Her cousin gave her some gifts and she kept them under the Christmas tree. She said she will open them this evening. Mommy, Adrian gave both of them. This is Eli, this is yours and this is me. Eli, wait til tonight to open. Yeah, don’t open Sister’s gift. Mommy, what does this say? I don’t know. I will read it. Eli to play toys. This says, Naly Sister, Oun Naly. There’s Sister and Oun. Will let Naly and Eli open their gifts this evening. I think there’s hatchimal puzzle. Yeah because I go Adrian’s house. OK, let’s see if you guess it right. Put it back for now. Tomorrow we are gathering in Oakland at my sister’s in law house which is my husband’s older sister. She is also doing something over there. My tree this year looks very sad. We did not pay much attention. Next year Eli will be 2 years old in Christmas we can then fix it up some more. Naly is hooking up the disco lights again. Why did you turn them on Naly? Because I want to dance for you. OK, go ahead and dance. First we got to put the dancers on. It’s OK, you can sing and dance. What song are you going to sing? Mommy will count for you. 1, 2, 3. *** sings the Khmer song
about how cute a chubby person is *** OK It sounds good. Parents no longer need to work because the daughter is into becoming a celebrity. Look at Naly’s pictures when she was small. This was when she was around 5 months. This picture was when she’s 2 years old. This one was also 2 years old. Right in front of me I don’t know if it’s a pomelo or a giant citrus or a lime/lemon or what? My brother gave me this fruit and he said it was from a tree near his workplace. He brought it for me to try and I’ve never seen this before. I don’t know what kind of citrus so I’m going to cut and see. Let’s check it out together OK? It’s BIG! For me, this size looks like it’s a pomelo fruit. For comparison, here’s a pen. The fruit is bigger than the pen. Here’s a bowl. It’s humongous. Let’s cut and see the inside. Is it edible or what? The skin is thick. OK do it harder. I am Naly. Yeah, do it stronger, do you want me to help? It’s OK, I got it. The smell and the skin makes me thinks it’s a pomelo. It’s not a pomelo. It’s like a big orange lemon. What do you think it is? Big orange lemon. BIG. ORANGE. LEMON. Naly calls it a big lemon. That’s what the Dr. said? Look at the rind. The father of thickness. It smell very sour. Sour like a lemon. You always say that. What does Mommy say? You said it’s a pomelo. It’s because Mommy thinks it’s a pomelo. I got it. It smell very sour, I dare not to taste it. If I don’t taste then how would I find out? Wait Naly, let Mommy taste this. OMG! Come sit here Naly, Mommy let you taste this. Oh my, it’s super sour! Let’s have Naly taste this. How is it? Well? What do you think? Sweet, sour? salty, sweet, sour? Why aren’t you talking? No no, Mommy not going to eat it, it’s sour! Is it good? It’s probably sour, she dare not say. Don’t record me. OK. It’s sour. So it’s some sort of lemon, giant lemon or a cross. Oh my god, it’s big. Now after tasting that sour lemon Naly wants to eat durain. We bought it whole and peel them ourselves. The whole fruit was frozen it was not fresh. It was $3 USD per pound. American kid eating durain. You can survive in Cambodia. How is it? ???? Let all friends know what you think after eating it. It’s good. This one looks like a seed. The pulp stuck to the seed. It looks like slime. Those living outside of Cambodia who have kids, as kids in Cambodia probably knows how to eat durain but for kids outside of Cambodia,
I know most don’t like to eat it due to the smell. If the parent happens to not like it then the kid probably don’t too because they don’t get them for the kids to taste. Naly’s Dad likes to eat durain. For me, I don’t like and don’t hate it either. If there’s some I eat, if not then that’s OK too. I know how to eat it I can have Naly taste it. now she likes it. Eli taste it before, he can eat it too. When he grows older,
I don’t know if his taste bud will change. Make up? Yeah sure. It’s almost dinner time today I want to finish up
the striped bass that the husband caught. I’m thinking of turning them into 2 dishes. The end I want to try making larb.salad looks like there’s a lot of meat. As for the top head I want to make a soup so there’s something to sip. You have already seen how I make lime soup therefore I am not going to show that again. Instead I am going to share with you how I’m learning how to make fish larb. I’ve eaten them before. Start with boiling a pot of water
and adding kaffir leaves and salt. This helps remove the fishiness. Add the fish. I didn’t cut it smaller. The tail is up in the air. If my Mom sees this she will probably say “long eel, long pot”. It’s OK. I’ll adjust it. Once it’s hot it will shrink. I’m going to let the fish cook. Some people eat them raw like squeeze it with lime juice but I’m not used to that. I don’t think I ever will. I will cook it thoroughly then remove and allow it cool before picking the meat. Now let me show you the other ingredients. For the other ingredients, there’s galangal cut into small pieces. kaffir leaves chiffonade cut cilantro, green onion, mint, I also want to add some sawtooth herb. Wait til I get them from the store. Fresh chilies, limes, fish sauce, and this is freshly toasted rice mix with some kaffir leaves. I am going to pound it in a bit. Naly help toast these rice. Ground chilies, sugar and chicken powder. My boiled fish is now cooked. Turn off the heat and remove it. Looks like there’s a lot of meat. The skin peeled on it’s own when it was boiling. I’m going to wait until it cool before I pick the meat. I’m picking them in good size chunks using my fingers to touch to make sure that there’s no bones in those fish chunks. Now all done. That’s how much fish meat I was able to get. I still have to make the chunks smaller will do it when I mix them in. What are you doing Naly? Pounding.. What are you pounding? Pounding rice. That is called toasted rice. Yeah toasted rice. It still has some more, it’s going to change all around. So there’s going to be no more. Now I’m going to start making the fish larb. This is sugar, chicken powder, fish sauce, lime juice, galangal and kaffir leaves, ground chili add to your liking. fish meat. I don’t want the fish pieces too small or to big. I just use my hands to separate them and if I want them smaller I just use a spoon. I don’t want it too fine. Cilantro and green onions, sawtooth herb. Let me taste, I haven’t add toasted rice yet. I want the taste to be right first. WHAO! The bite from the galangal. I want more sour. I want it more spicy but the husband is eating too so I don’t want to add more ground chili just add the fresh chilies that way those who don’t like spicy can still eat it. If you like spicy, then take a bite of the fresh chili. Then add the toasted rice powder that Naly help pound earlier. Cannot be a larb dish if there’s no toasted rice powder. This is the special and important ingredient for larb. You have to eat it right after it’s added cannot allow it to sit as the rice powder will absorb all the larb juices. More or less depends on your liking. A bit more left, why keep it right? Now add the mint leaves. All done and ready to be plated. Here’s my plate which I’ve lay some cucumber slices help cool the heat from the chilies. Fresh chilies for those who wants more heat. Some lime slices for garnish. All done my striped bass fish larb. Our dinner is ready here’s our 2 dishes the lime soup with the fish head. This evening it’s all striped bass fish, 2 ways. We had it fried too often already. Next time I’m going to do a double fried dish I just thought of it. We are going to have our dinner so see you in a bit. We had our dinner and now brought the kids out to see the lights display. This is a church they display the lights for the neighborhood and the public to come see and enjoy. Some houses in the neighborhood also display lights. The lights are beating to the rhythm of the music. Each house has very pretty light display. Look at it, in full swing. People are out here with the kids checking them out just like during Halloween but no candies just look at the lights. I have a feeling that this is an Asian house. Perhaps Japanese? Because they have this entry way like the Japanese and the trees has these lanterns dangling. The green Christmas tree lights. Eli got excited. Look at Santa Clause. Look at the tree. The deer is moving. The deer is moving. Yeah right there, do you see? Here’s another house with pretty display. Oh this is pretty. Can we go inside? No it’s locked. You just look. All around. Look, the snowman is 49ers Naly. This is the San Francisco team. This is the joy that each homeowner has to display lights and decorate their house. Naly, you waiting for Mommy to take a picture? OK. I don’t see Naly, only that animal. NOEL We are back home and now having Naly open her gifts. I knew it was a puzzle, I knew it! Eli is not interested at the toy but more at the box. Mommy, look I have a puzzle. Naly guessed it right. She guess it was a hatchimal puzzle. House slippers. Wear at home so the feet aren’t cold. Maybe it’s too small. Naly has long feet. Size 10 is small. 11-12 fits. OK, Naly open Mommy’s gift. So it does not fit then. From Aunty Cait. Let’s see what Aunty Cait give to Mommy. Naly wears size 12 not 10. Another wrapper? What is it? Open it. What is it Naly? It’s not a toy so she’s not excited. It’s a calendar book to jot down medical appointment and activities. Eli is happy for his gift. Push it Eli. Merry Christmas all friends. Let me end my vlog here. Thank you so much for watching my vlogs. Wishing you all happiness during this Christmas holiday. See you in the next episode OK? Bye-bye.

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