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Citadel Nutrition Athlete Vitamin & Fish Oil Review

Citadel Nutrition Athlete Vitamin & Fish Oil Review

Hey what’s up guys, Sean Nalewanyj here,,
and in this video I just want to do a really quick review of Citadel Nutrition’s new
Athlete Vitamin Powder and their Fish Oil product. A high quality multivitamin and a
fish oil are two of the very few supplements out there that I do think are worthwhile so
I just wanted to give my thoughts on these products. Now keep in mind I have no affiliation
with Citadel Nutrition and I don’t get paid in any way for doing these reviews, but because
literally 95% of fitness supplement companies out there generally put out mostly pretty
crappy products, I am happy to highlight the few companies out there who do this stuff
in an honest way and who use real research when formulating their products, and Citadel
Nutrition is definitely one of them. So I’m just going to keep this video quick and to
the point. The first product is their Athlete’s Vitamin. If you’re eating a nutrient-dense
diet then yes you are already getting plenty of vitamins and minerals from your food, but
people who are training hard in the gym and who are sweating a lot, do tend to have lower
levels of certain micronutrients and so in order to fully maximize your health and your
recovery a high quality multivitamin is a good insurance policy to have in my opinion.
So this is an interesting product because instead of providing a lower dose of a large
number of vitamins and minerals like most other standard multivitamin products do, this
one focuses on giving you a higher and more beneficial dose of a fewer number and the
ones that are specifically useful for lifters and athletes and that people do tend to have
lower levels of, so vitamin D, vitamin K, calcium, magnesium and zinc, on top of that
they’re also delivered in the proper doses and in the high quality forms. Most people
completely over-look that when it comes to multivitamins, for example magnesium oxide
is not the same thing as magnesium citrate, vitamin B12 as cyanacobalamin is not the same
as methylcobalamin, most standard multis out there use the lower quality forms because
they’re cheaper and because they know that most people aren’t going to know the difference
anyway, but if you’re getting those low quality forms and you’re getting them in lower
doses, then they may be almost useless for you altogether. So again with this you’re
getting the proper forms, proper doses and the specific vitamins and minerals that are
going to be the most important for you. I won’t bother going into the benefits of
each individual one otherwise this video will drag on forever but Citadel does give more
details on that on their website. This product is in flavored powder form as well which a
lot of people are also going to prefer because that way you won’t have to swallow a bunch
of pills every day in order to get the proper dosage, and it does mix very easily and it
does taste pretty good as well. So that’s the Athlete Vitamin, and the second product
is their fish oil. Now I’ve talked about fish oil many times before, it has a very
long list of overall health benefits and it may even have some modest direct effects on
muscle growth and fat loss, so if you don’t eat fish on a regular basis then supplementing
with fish oil is something that I recommend. The main point to take it into account here
is that Citadel’s fish oil is in the natural triglyceride form rather than the ethyl ester
form. Most fish oil products out there are delivered in the ethyl ester form which is
actually about 70% less absorbable than the triglyceride form, again this is something
that most people are notaware of, and there is a ton of research out there comparing the
two forms and showing that the triglyceride form is significantly more effective. So if
you are going to supplement with fish oil, then I’d recommend going with a product
that delivers the oil in the triglyceride form, there are many options out there, but
this is definitely a good one to go with. So, again I just want to keep this simple
and to the point, credit to Citadel Nutrition for putting out honest, legit products in
an industry that is mostly the opposite of that, I’ll link their website below, you
don’t have to use a multivitamin or a fish oil in order to get great results but if you
have the money for it and you want to fully optimize your performance and your recovery
and just your overall health in general then I do think these are two worthwhile supplemnts.
Just one note though and that is that if you are outside of the US like I am, I’m actually
up in Canada, the shipping costs are pretty high so price wise it might not make sense
for you, but just check it out for yourself and see what you think, and if you are located
in the US then the shipping costs are pretty minimal. So thanks for watching this video
review, I hope you found the information useful here today. For more science based, no B.S
training, nutrition and supplementation advice to maximize your results along with simple,
step by step plans that you can follow, make sure to head over to
and grab my complete “Body Transformation Blueprint” System by clicking the icon at
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17 comments on “Citadel Nutrition Athlete Vitamin & Fish Oil Review

  1. Great video Sean! Can you make a video or just answer me here about "how to tell if you are in caloric surplus". I found this hard to track and I think a lot of people out there do the same. Thank you! 🙂

  2. sean,can u do a video on reverse dieting and whether is it necessary after a 2 or more month cut? And so, how to decrease cardio slowly at the same time to go back to a bulking phase. Thanks much appreciated!

  3. Hey Sean I'm currently trying to bulk up and to get my health fats in, like monounsaturated and polyunsaturated, do you think I could eat 2 tablespoons of Virgin olive oil per day to get my healthy fats up? It contains little saturated fat. Thanks!

  4. hello sean i have a quick question about squat form. i have recnetly started doing deep squat ( ass to grass ) however, when i go all the way down, i use slight bounce at bottom. it doesnt feel bad or hurt now. but is it gonna potentially lead to injury? or should i just completely pause at bottom? thanks sean ! have a wonderful day.

  5. Hi Sean. I didn't know where to ask you about my problem so i will here.. My left leg is a lot smaller then the right one. And that has been my whole life. It's only from the knee to the foot, so i tried doing some standing calf raises. I'm not sure if it works because i'm not that persistent.. Is it possible to make my legs the same size? Please answer, no one ever answers me…. Thanks 🙂

  6. Multi vitamins should not contain magnesium zinc or calcium for they can inhibit your ability to intake amino acids.

  7. I just recently discovered your channel and wanted to say thank you for your reviews and your honesty. From what little research I've done, it seems like Citadel has a pretty good reputation and their straight forwardness is something I can appreciate and respect.

  8. Sean,can you point us to a study or resources that demonstrate TG form of fish oil is up to 70% more absorbable than EE form?Can you also comment on 'styrophoam cup test '? overall great and inspirational channel! thanks

  9. so now im confused do you take these along with life source multiple source naturals? or have you switched over? or is this just an unbiased review and you arent taking it?

  10. Hi Sean, what is your opinion about:
    (NOW Men's Extreme Sports Multi)

    or (NOW ADAM Superior Men's Daily Multivitamin) softgel form but 3 per day not 2 as recommended, so 180 softgels will be enough for 2 months

    as Citadel is not easily available for me
    Thanks for your helpful channel

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