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A classic casserole. Coming right up on Weekend at the Cottage. If you’ve never made a casserole put your hand up. Well actually I get to put my hand down because I finally made a beautiful Tuna Casserole. I had a discussion with a lovely lady on a plane. I was returning home from a trip and she and I went through the whole concept of casseroles. I think the concept is quite interesting it evolved out of necessity. People who were busy, people needed a dinner that to come together real quick – This is it! The casserole recipe starts at stove top. First of all, we need to boil off some pasta. The lady suggested egg noodles. I love that idea. We’re using a flat egg noodle about half of a package and you’re going to think that doesn’t look
like a lot of pasta, but when you add the other ingredients in it’s just right. Another traditional ingredient in casseroles is cans of prepared mushroom or celery soup. Instead of doing that I thought we do our casserole from scratch. I’m over at stovetop medium saucepan medium heat and I’m adding 2 T of butter, I finely chopped 1 white onion. Cook the onion till it’s translucent , then we add a 1/4 C of flour. Stir so the flour cooks and covers all of the onions. Then 1 1/3 C of milk. We add the milk stir and your sauce will thicken. Right about now your pasta is done. Drain your pasta, take your sauce off the stove and then head to your work surface. Into a medium bowl we transfer our cooked pasta. 2 cans of tuna, drained. 2 C of frozen peas. We add our sauce and then we stir everything together. We transfer to an 8 by 11 glass casserole dish. Last 2 ingredients are genius! We have 1 C of grated Canadian cheddar and then finally you have an option here, you can do 1 C of crushed cornflakes or 1 C of buttered bread crumbs or how about potato chips? Open at the top take a rolling pin smash them around and then cover the top of your casserole with the crushed potato chips. Tuna casserole goes into a preheated 400 degree oven. We’re going bake it for 25 minutes. Take it out of the oven, give it about maybe 5 minutes just to calm downa little bit and then you’ll serve out a portion. I think this size, this 8 x 11, would probably serve a family of four, lke, generously. I think it would serve a
party of six, no problem and I think it’s a lovely idea for a meal if you’re
pressed for time. It looks as good as it tastes let me tell you. yummmm, chips are crunchy. mmm, I like the egg noodle, tuna, peas. YUM!! Tuna Casserole – a CLASSIC right here on this plate! Looking for other classic things? Drink recipes, food recipes, ideas about entertaining, gardening, tons more head to Please sign up for our newsletter. Don’t forget to look for us on our dedicated youtube channel. Subscribe there, click for notifications,
give us thumbs up! Please drop us comments and then finally find us on your favourite social media feeds Pinterest Instagram Facebook and Twitter The expression is “face and eyes” as in “face and eyes in this plate” which is
exactly what I’m going to do but not before thanking you for hanging out with me today. Please come back and visit again soon. ok – can I eat????

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