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11 comments on “Clean Fish Tank without Removing Fish | Aquarium Care

  1. Lol,looks like the 1st grade class showed up before I did this time. Nice video,thanks for posting. What method would you recommend for cleaning solids from the bottom of the tank? I have a single cell aquaponic (1/3 IBC tote,a little over 60 gallons.) system in my greenhouse,that I kinda rushed because it was my 1st time. Some (unknown;maybe soil,or dense fish poop,not really sure.) debris has collected on the bottom of the tank,and I want to get rid of it before I add pea gravel to the bottom of the tank. :'( In my anxious rush to get my fish I neglected to add my bedding. I want to eliminate harming the fish (2 plecos,and hundredS of minnow),but I need to get the debris out.

  2. Quick question: after taking 20% water from tank and cleaning rocks with rock cleaner. I add more water back. Do I use the anti-chlorine additive with my fish in the tank????

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