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Clear Lake ice fishing fail

You just have to keep moving around to find them. They don’t sit in one spot for very long. I’m not talking about where we’re at until we actually catch something. Well, what if YOU catch something? Well, then I’ll talk all about it…. Oh …. Okay. For right now it’s a secret. I already mentioned Iowa, so it’s not a big secret. *I’ll give you a hint* The water is “Clear” That’s all I’m gonna say. The water is clear….. The “Lake” is “Clear”…… …and we’re in Iowa….. ……and they’re not biting…. See what’s happening on the “graph” (Should have said flasher….I know) There’s a fish right above me. So I’m gonna try to go just above him …and see if he’ll commit. There’s a hit….come on… Got ’em! Got ’em! It’s my first perch of the year. I’ll take that! There’s two of them. There he is! It’s a nicer one… Give it back, give it back…. There we go Let’s get him back in there. So, tell us a story about having trouble Why? …while we wait. What trouble? …. /sarcasm Like that guy that had to help you out. That’s no fun to tell, that’s embarrassing.’s a little story. “I don’t want to talk about those kinds of questions”….. (quoting my niece) can always credit… *GASP* WHAT WAS THAT!? What was that? My PHONE! Dude! That was my phone!! Dude! That was my phone!! That was my Frackin’ cell phone! Straight into the hole! I’ll never find it…. Magnet…… How was your fishing day? We had a great day of fishing today We caught a lota……. Laughs Not a lot of fish 2 Perch Lost my cell phone That took a drink…. That was my epic fail of the day Tried….fishing a different lake in Minnesota today ..and that was…….. a bust. Ice fishing is Iowa… Day One complete. You watching a fat man do all this? Yes! Thanks for helping… nah……you’re always good help 🙂

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