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Climate Action Challenge | Introducing the Data with Ken Fisher of Ars Technica

Climate Action Challenge | Introducing the Data with Ken Fisher of Ars Technica

Every day we see how severe weather and
rising sea levels are affecting people in developing and developed countries.
It’s time we have an honest conversation about our planet, and take action to
combat one of the world’s most pressing challenges: climate change. There are a
few ways that we can help connect with climate change, the most obvious is
trying to eliminate or greatly reduce burning of fossil fuels, but there’s so
many more problems than that. The only way we’re going to be able to find those
issues and solve them before they become crises, is through the analysis of data.
Mobile device data alone informs us about ourselves in entirely new ways. Think
migratory patterns based on GPS, call frequency in times of natural disaster.
UN Global Pulse and Western Digital are calling on all data scientists to join
the data revolution. Data for climate action is the place
where all of this comes together. Whether you’re a researcher, a concerned citizen,
a data scientist, or technologist, you can learn more about how this process works.
How you can contribute. If you’re selected you’ll get to dive into that
data to work on research and design solutions towards addressing our most
pressing challenges. In 2017 a mix panel of experts from the public private and
nonprofit sectors including myself and Ars Technica tech culture editor Annalee Newitz will review submissions and select winners. You are the key to a
better tomorrow together we can move the needle. The time is now.

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