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Climate Change Is Cooking Salmon in the Pacific Northwest

Climate Change Is Cooking Salmon in the Pacific Northwest

Salmon is the giver of life and what provides
our people to sustain life. And if it weren’t for the salmon then we wouldn’t be here. We are called the people of the salmon for a reason because that’s what we’re about. I tell my kids this is a dying industry. It’s not gonna be for them. When I was growing up It was abundant an abundance of salmon in my young ’un days. Now it’s a struggle. The biggest issue we’ve run into has been the warm summers and we’ve had issues with that especially at our facility. Salmon don’t like warm water they’re a cold water fish so once we start
getting up past sixty-five they’re still okay but we start running into disease issues going past sixty-five into the seventies the stress jumps, dissolved oxygen levels in the river and then our ponds will get low and we run into issues with that. It’s been so warm that water is not good for adult fish. And so what you saw was the adult mortality that we’re experiencing. But if you go to all the other hatcheries in the state they’re in the same boat as we are. Because it’s just warm. The water is warm. Everything works together in the big picture. you lose salmon you lose not just salmon but it’s all domino effect. But you’ve got to figure out where the start of that is. Why are we losing the salmon? And we’ve got to figure out and fix those issues and then in turn that will help everything else.

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  1. Primary cause: Fukushima Daiichi multiple atomic reactor meltdowns open to the biosphere.

    We need a very publicly displayed reverse-Manhattan Project focused on solutions, restoration of the Pacific and the ecology, and health.

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