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Coated Hernia Mesh Comparison & Lawsuit Explanation | Hollis Law Firm

Coated Hernia Mesh Comparison & Lawsuit Explanation | Hollis Law Firm

Here we have three different hernia mesh patches. This is the Composix Kugel, made by Bard Davol. This is the Ventralex ST hernia patch, made by Bard Davol. And this is the C-Qur V-Patch, made by Atrium Medical Corporation. These three meshes have many similarities. Let’s start with the Composix Kugel. The base of the Composix Kugel is the Kugel hernia mesh, which is this polypropylene with a ring in the middle. The Composix portion of the mesh is made of PTFE, or Polytetrafluroethylene… it’s what’s used to make non-stick frying pans. The PTFE was added to the Kugel, because bare polypropylene will damage underlying tissue. However, the PTFE layer also incites an intense inflammatory response. Bard Davol then came out with the Ventralex ST hernia patch. The base of which is also polypropylene, with a ring in the middle. Now this ring is smaller than this ring, but Ventralexs can come in many different sizes, as can Kugels and C-Qur V-Patches. This time Bard decided to try and cover the Kugel with PGA, or Polyglycolic Acid, to cover up the polypropylene. However, by design, over time this PGA goes away and is absorbed into the patient’s body, which then exposes the bare polypropylene to the underlying organs. Finally we have Atrium’s attempt to make the Kugel safe, or Kugel type mesh safe, by trying to stick a fish oil coating on the polypropylene. Again you can see this mesh is very similar to the Kugel, you have a ringed product with polypropylene on the outside of it. And then just like the Ventralex ST, they’ve added a coating. Now is fish oil, or an Omega-3 Fatty Acid. It’s very, very thick. And it looks very similar to like agar, something that you would find in a petri dish. And it should come as no surprise that the C-Qur V-Patch causes the most severe infections. The C-Qur V-Patch, like the Ventralex ST, is designed to have the coating disappear over a period of time. Again, this exposes the bare polypropylene to the patients underlying organs, which causes severe injuries. Thank you and we’ll have more videos coming soon.

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  1. Why don't they Forget about those patches and just sew the whole up?
    I think ppl would trade a "Belly Buttonhole" and all its complications for a little scar and no problems.

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