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Coconut Oil for Candida: Does Coconut Oil Kill Candida

Coconut Oil for Candida: Does Coconut Oil Kill Candida

Thank you for checking out my video. I’m going
to talk about coconut oil today. Coconut oil has become very popular, almost a trend like
Paleo diets and low carb diets. It was popular particularly because of a book written by
a guy called Dr. Bruce Fife from 2005. I think it was called “Coconut Cure: The Prevention
and Treatment of Common Ailments Using Coconut.” Dr. Fife did many people a huge favor by publishing
this book. When you think about 2005, well, it’s 2015, it’s only 10 years ago and coconut
has become really a household name with many, many people.
I can remember recommending coconut back in the �80s and �90s and people thought I
was nuts. Recommending coconut oil. It’s a saturated fat. It’s going to create heart
disease. How stupid recommending this for people. One doctor had a strong disagreement
with me saying, “You’re nuts giving people coconut oil. You’ll get heart disease, heart
attacks from it. It causes cancer and bowel problems.” And I’ve discovered this same doctor
now many years later is recommending coconut oil, funny how things turn right around. Finally,
coconut has been vindicated. Finally now we’re seeing it really now as a health food, where
it should be. Coconut oil really is a saturated fat, but
it’s not an animal, it’s a plant-based saturated fat. It’s medium chain triglycerides. It contains
large amounts of fatty acids like lauric acid and Caprylic acid, and these fatty acids have
very good antifungal properties. There’s lot of research from many different countries
around the world now, from England, from American, from Nigeria, from Singapore, all that validate
this as being a very good product to use for fungus, but it also has shown to have antibacterial
properties. Make sure, when you get coconut oil that you
don’t get one that’s been processed, particularly hydrogenated. A lot of cookies and cheap crappy
products you’ll buy in the supermarket will contain fractioned or very heated up coconut
oil, and that itself is very dangerous because you can get a lot of free radical damage.
The membranes of the cells are made up of fats, and when you consume too many of these
hydrogenated fats or fats that have been superheated, you can damage the cell membranes of your
cells. Having a virgin coconut oil, one that’s been minimally processed and minimally damaged,
you’re going to do your body a lot of good taking this product in. There are far too
many properties about coconut oil for me to talk about on this video, but all I can say
to you is make sure that you get a really good quality cold-pressed or virgin coconut
oil that’s minimally processed. Both Dr. Bruce Fife, as well as Dr. William
Crook, who wrote the “The Yeast Connection” in the 80s, both of these doctors recommended
you start with a small amount of coconut oil when you consume it. So start maybe with a
teaspoon per day and gradually build up until you can take up to three tablespoons per day
and you watch what happens. People with severe Candida may get quite ill if they increase
the dosage too soon. If you’ve got major jock itch or major vaginal thrush, major intestinal
bloating and gas, lots of skin problems, lots of brain fog, please start slowly on a teaspoon
per day for two to three weeks. Gradually build up in that two to three week period
until you can take a tablespoon per day. When you can hit a tablespoon per day in say two
or three weeks, then you can slowly increase until you can hit two tablespoons per day.
Don’t be in a hurry. That’s what I’m trying to say to you. Take your time.
Coconut oil is also wonderful to use around the private areas for a lubricant. I recommend
people massage it around their feet, even in their scalp, around their ears. It’s fantastic
for psoriasis. It’s great for eczema. It’s a great moisturizer for the skin in general.
It’s a supremely good oil to take for many different reasons and it smells divine. It’s
nice in smoothies, too. With some pure vanilla essence and some blueberries, you put a bit
of coconut oil in there. You can use it in coconut flour in cooking. There’s a 101 ways
you can use coconut oil. Just go to Google and check it out.
I hope that gives you a little bit of insight into coconut. The other thing I’d like to
add is I’ve made sure that I have put some of the particular fatty acids of coconut in
my antifungal product called Canxida. It’s actually in there. I made sure it was in there.
This medium chain triglyceride is very important. You should not, in my opinion, take an antifungal
that hasn’t got Caprylic acid in it if you’ve got Candida. Undecenoic acid from castor bean
and Caprylic acid from coconut are two exceptionally good fatty acids that need to be in your antifungal
product. If they’re not, get something else. Mine has it in there.
Thanks for tuning in.

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  1. what du u think about it ? Coconut oil and palm oil are best avoided because they are much more yin in Chinese terminology.  I know that some health authorities highly recommend coconut oil.  However, I find that it is far too yin and slightly toxic to the liver, as well.

  2. Hi doc, is there any difference with coconut oil and butter? I bought the latter without knowing it was different. Which is better in terms of fighting candida?

  3. Hello Eric, do you have any evidence on whether or not coconut oil kills probiotics? I've been searching the web but couldn't found any reliable source that says either way, thanks!

  4. Hi Eric, thank you for your informative videos, I have been doing some research for a chronic candida infection & I came across your website & subsequent YouTube videos 🙂 … My question is, now that I have commenced this journey & following your guide, am I able to continue to use Metamucil? I understand now why & how I started using it, & it has become a daily ritual, but is there anything that will stop the natural flora of the bowel producing if I continue to use it?

  5. hello candida crusher I took your quiz and got severe results I feel like I have an info over load on stuff to do should I start out with the mevy diet 3-4 weeks thank you so much for your help and videos

  6. if i experience the feeling of die off using coconut oil how can i flush the toxins out my body quicker to fight off the feelings. i have severe candida and need to cure myself

  7. Wow! Potent stuff! I took 1 tsp (after receiving a 94% on your quiz). I took a shower and rubbed it on my feet and fungal toe. The people at the health food store said try it on my hair. All good. BUT, I did had a huge amount of tinnitus for hours and had a dive into depression for about 1/2 hour. I have bern drinking loads of H2O and took some vit. C to help eliminate any toxins. That helped a lot. I will proceed a bit more slowly. My husband says I smell like an almond joy candy bar!

  8. Hello and thanks for the video doctor. How about olive oil? I grow my own. Does it do anything similar to coconut oil where candida is concerned?

  9. I am so happy I found your videos in YouTube. Listening how you explain things only makes me feel better and with less candida inside me. Thank you.

  10. Been using extra virgin oil for six months now, it as cured my thrush and I use it on my hair once a week to help my itchy scalp it really works, it's great on your skin too.

  11. Hello Doctor, love your videos! I have a question regarding coconut oil. Can someone, with mild pancreatitis, consume coconut oil without side effects or causing more damage to themselves? Thank you very much.

  12. hey Dr. Bakker, how do you feel about oil pulling? I heard you can use coconut oil with that as well. it seems to be a fad now and reading about it i'm getting all different information. some say it detoxes the body and other say only the mouth. it make sense i guess in killing bad bacteria in the mouth and reducing toxins from entering the body. not sure though. i'd like to hear your opinion on this.

  13. I am going to begin using this control candida and yeast in my body.. I just was not taking enough. I love coconut oil I have the good kind organic and unprocessed. I will begin as you shared till my body can take 4 tablespoons a day. Controlling yeast and candida is not a sprint but a marathon.. You have to maintain to keep the over growth from happening.. Thank you for your helpful videos.. : )

  14. u are right sir I took a a tablespoon and got sick as a dog made my stomach ache was sick for a week I definitely learn my lesson so I do 1 tsp of coconut oil because I have a sensitive stomach was diagnosed with ulcerative colitis in Dec 2012 so yeah I only do 1 tsp a day that works better for me

  15. When you say ditch the chocolate. Is it okay to use organic raw cacao? I mix it with coconut oil and set it up in the fridge, no sugar. Sometimes I will add nuts for variety.

  16. Help! My elderly mom has ALZ. & is only  getting worse; her apetite is also receding.  I've been giving her RAW EXTRA VERGIN COCONUT OIL in her coffee 4 the last 2 months; i recetly started to add TUMERIC capsules when she drinks her coffee; i still can't see any change.  She still likes to eat white processed bread.  Should i give her multi grain bread instead???  THANKS!

  17. I've been making my daughter drink 1 tablespoon of organic virgin coconut oil twice a day because she is taking antibiotics for a UTI- I am hoping that it keeps yeast from getting horrible.

  18. I have a bottle of certified organic extra virgin liquid coconut oil from Philippines. Can I drink this for my chronic vaginal yeast infections? Recently the fungal has moved to my lips making it peeling excessively. Getting very frustrated. Pls help.

  19. Of all the things I've researched online, coconut oil has got to be the most mixed opinions thing I've ever seen. People claiming it'll raise bad cholesterol and give you heart attacks but I've heard of people taking tablespoons of it for decades and are perfectly healthy. It's hard to find good information online especially from people who don't have the credibility or years of experience. I read your piece on coconut oil and found it enlightening. I worked my way up to 3 tablespoons a day and I feel great. I love adding it to my yogurts. Ps if people see this comment and want to try coconut oil then do go slowly. Especially if you suspect candida. I made the mistake of taking a lot at first and felt so sick and dizzy. That was not a fun die off experience lol.

  20. I would love to be able to take coconut oil but everytime I do I get as sick as a dog. Its the raw virgin organic I eat. I guess im just intolerant

  21. When I take coconut oil, I get very fatigued.??
    If I take it with food, or cook with it, I do not notice a problem. But if I take it by spoon, especially more than once a day, I get very tired and weak with slight nausea.
    Is this a reaction to the coconut oil itself?
    Thank you

  22. Hi!! I am from Poland, I suffer with asthma, sinusitis, rhinitis and hayfever for 3 years now. All I get from my gp is steroids and new antibiotics. I stopped taking nasal steroids, started acupuncture and it really helps, but after few weeks I have noticed I have nasal polyps, I was devastated, I've read about gluten free, no sugar diet and after few days my polyp almost gone. I need to add that my sense off smell gone about year ago, I am so depressed, no energy to live, I hava a kids, family I want to smell food for everything. I was thinking that I might have candida or yeast infection… I have bad anxiety!! I Carry on with the diet. Do you think it is all connected with a yeast??? I would like to live normal life! life with no smell is a empty life. Eric, please help me!

  23. Dr. Bakker, you are amazing, but I have a problem after listening to most of your video's. I am taking oregano oil, Pau D'Arco,  clove bud oil, your Canxida remove and separately Caprylic acid, make coconut oil, garlic and tea tree oil suppositories, freeze and use each night, use special probiotics each morning, eat 1/2 garlic clove after each meal, 90% of sugar is gone from my diet, do NOT drink nor have I ever.NO ANTIBIOTICS. TAKE BENTONITE BATHS.  I DO have a high stress life, and cannot eliminate the job due to financial needs. Can I ever get the film off my tongue? I am going crazy trying to live normally again. My sugar intake is maybe some ketchup on a burger? WHY DO SOME PEOPLE HAVE THIS ILLNESS, AND OTHERS STAND IN LINE AT A LOCAL STORE WEIGHING 300 LBS. AND DRINKING A FROZEN DRINK OF LIQUID SUGAR AND NEVER GET IT????

  24. Hey doc, love your book btw. when using coconut oil as a topical mixed with a drop of oregano oil, how long do you suggest we leave it on for? Thanks in advance, you are a godsend!

  25. I have been listening to your videos and I am not sure which video mentioned Boric Acid Powder and coconut oil for fungus on toenails.  I would like to know the radio of BAP and coconut oil.  Thank you.

  26. What about the grams of fats that you find in coconut oil, Candida Crusher? What it happens with your liver and other organs when you ingest such a huge (1,2,3 tablespoons per day) quantity of processed oil? Does it worth only because it contains caprylic acid?

  27. One thing i am confused with.. can we have fresh fruit in moderation ? i have heard saturated fats and processed foods high in sugar are the main things to stay away from.

  28. Good advice sorber and acturate. Cocconut oil (warm it up slightly) half tea spoon three drops teetree oil works good for jock itch

  29. Hoi, ik zag dat u Nederlands bent. Ik woon ook in Nederland. De pillen op candixda. Worden ze ook in Nederland geleverd? Want ik heb een extreme vorm van Candida. Ik ben begonnen met afvallen en gestopt met eten van zoetigheden. Groet

  30. I have seen a lot of your videos and everything you are saying guess what ??? IT'S TRUE AND IT'S WORKING … THANK YOU ..THE BEST OF THE BEST

  31. Hi Dr Bakker! I have a question. I had a food sensitivity panel done at my naturopaths office. The food that I am most sensitive to is garlic. However, because I was suffering from candida overgrowth, my naturopath put me on Canidastat…which contains garlic. Do the benefits of garlic, for candida overgrowth, outweigh the risk of me consuming something that I’m sensitive to? I’m worried the garlic could create more toxicity in my body, making the candida recovery more difficult. I would love to know your opinion. Thank you!

  32. Dr. Bakker, I just purchased coconut oil but it is neutral and refined (with no chemicals, according to the label). I know it's not as good as the extra virgin one but, can I still use it in salads and other foods? Does it have any benefit for candida? I will purchase the extra virgin one next week, but just I wanted to know if this one was useful at all. Thanks.

  33. Hello Eric it has been absolute pleasure to watch your education videos about Candida. You make things so clear and concise easy to understand and apply protocol. I am so greatful to have ran across your videos. Ive had candida for 3 yrs and its now a severe infection and my naturalpathic Dr is concerned. I took your quiz and im 355 score severe. I tried to load your complementary grocery book and it wont download. Please email me if you could @ [email protected]
    Thankyou for all your service work and helping people understand this silent disease.

  34. I took a small spoonfull of coconut oil and my body ejected a shocking amount of sweat from all pores all at once. I thought it was because i had an empty stomach..

    To me it could have been an alergic reaction or just a big die off all at once.

    Have you seen this before? It was = to about 20 mins in the sauna all at once.

  35. I have rheumatoid arthritis and my blood pressure is a bit on the high side.Can I have coconut oil?

  36. Doctor, the monolauric acid will peel the membrane right off most infectious fungus, including those that are that are opportunistic mycosis that are not generally human pathogens. If you wax the shower tile with the stuff, mold will not grow in the grout. Incidentally, I think you are a great man. Your natural methods are proactive against many worse diseases. They always seem to begin as a bacteria, virus or fungus then create an environment in the body where cells can mutate. Also, coconut oil is good for epstein barr or mono viruses.

  37. I have received greater relief with coconut oil, garlic and tumeric than I ever have with a prescription or otc topical. I have found that undecylenic acid coconut oil are way better with less side effects than Diflucan, which made me sick and dizzy for the week I took it…and it did nothing.

  38. Doc, coconut oil takes the burn out of athletes foot much sooner than any otc ointment. A friend of mine became very sick like three years ago. He was full of sepsis in and around his bowels. When they opened him up they drained a 5 gallon bucket of infection. He was diagnosed with cancer. My belief is that candida contributed to his illness. Getting rid of systemic candida will reduce one's cancer risk. Physicians won't tell people this and why?

  39. Doctor, one of your videos was the first I ever watched when I became very sick about three years ago. I am a US veteran and go to the VA. Physicians there make macroscopic observation and prescribe cream and prednisone and leave you sick. Coconut made me vomit the first time I took it, but now it beneficial to my healing…I have become more tolerant of it.

  40. Doc, I know that stevia is a sweetener with many residual healing properties. We have this hard to kill crap called Lyme Disease. The spirochete bacteria involved in this envelopes itself in a saccharide biofilm which makes it hard to eradicate. Stevia leaf extract is proven to strip that biofilm.

  41. I was tick bitten about 4 years ago and it made me ever so sick in so many ways. I have believed that it transferred an opportunistic mycotic infection in that bite, yet not candida. It is my belief that once one fungus or yeast becomes systemic that so many other become attracted to the body. Coconut oil is so vital in healing of so many fungal and yeast infections. One never sees mold growing on oils. You're the first man I ever watched on YouTube when the physicians left me sick. Your great advise has been very healing. Thank you.

  42. Doctor, I have to pass along tips. Mincing garlic and mixing it with a small amount of 100% peanut butter makes it so palatable. I can eat an entire cluster a day like that.

  43. Oil pulling with cold pressed virgin coconut oil worked wonders for my oral thrush that i caught from a steroid asthma inhaler.

  44. my body on the exterior reacts very bad to coconut oil. It doesn't take the itch away, if I out it on my face it will break out, if I put it on my hair it will dry it out. I hope it does good inside my body because so far it hasn't been good outside my body. Is it good to cook with coconut oil?

  45. Hello , dear sir' im supring frm thyriod coz of my yeast infction please tell me can use cucunet oil and is it usefull for me. Please help me🤲

  46. I drank 2 teaspoons of coconut oil with my coffee one morning because I did not have milk. I did not want to drink coffee without milk because in my experience doing this would give me bad digestion with my existing digestive issues. To my amazement my digestion and stomach issues seemed to be better after drinking coconut oil with my coffee. I kept on doing this and I am baffled because it gives me complete relief from my digestive issues. It's now been 2 months and I take coconut oil with my coffee every day. Constipation gone, pain in the intestines gone… I can eat many things again that I could not in the past… IBS gone. I'm completely baffled that this is such a simple solution to years of digestive issues…

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