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Cody Fisher Comedy Book Test // The After Hours Show

Cody Fisher Comedy Book Test // The After Hours Show

All right, awesome. I’m going to do some get over hope to relate this and whenever you want you just call the word stop Look at the first word on the top of the page you got it, okay perfect think of this word I’m Gonna Ask a few questions and Let’s say stand right here. Okay, and hopefully one of the cameras can see what I’m Gonna write I’m gonna try and ask you a few questions to try and get this word out of you all right? And you could just answer honestly Is this an activity like is this something you do? Yes, okay? Think the length of the word that’s a short word yes, okay cool, so this is something that you do Let’s say seeing a few of a few of a few lines at the top here this is something that you uh Did you do this today? Yes, okay? Good? Let’s see Do you do this? Did you? Did you do this before you came here? Yes, okay? Cool? Do you do this like in front of your family and stuff? Oh you do with your family? To give me siblings yes, you do do you do with them like okay? Have you done this in Public wow I know this Alright, this is interesting this is interesting uh you know your stand right here for me. I Actually don’t want I don’t want you to see it just yet. This is sort of my my prediction, but I Think I kind of know what word you’re thinking, so For the first time what what word are you thinking of say no eat? Yeah That’s exactly what I have

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