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Cold Fish HD 2010 Sion Sono

Cold Fish HD 2010 Sion Sono

1-3-2, Saeki-cho, Fujimi City, Shizuoka, Japan Shamoto TTropical Fish Shop Hello. It’s me.
I’m in front ofthe shop. Really? You’re here? Did you wait long? Leave me alone! What do you mean? You think I’m stupid… Of course not. I don’t care. I love you anyway. You’re too good for me, babe. She could be back any minute. Hello, Shamoto Tropical Fish Shop. That’s me. Are you sure? Okay. l’ll be right there. Taeko. Mitsuko’s in trouble. We have to go. Taeko. Don’t blame yourself. Come on. 9: 1 1 pm, Monday, January 1 9, 2009 Welcome to A-Coop. You brat! Kids like you are a menace to society! You thief! You think we’re an easy mark! What’s that look mean? Excuse me. Mr. Shamoto? l’m sorry for any inconvenience
my daughter caused… lnconvenience! lt’s no small matter! l’d say this wasn’t her first time! Sit down. Sit here! Thank you. As her father, what do you plan to do? An offence like this must
be handled by the police. Not the police! Why not?
Do you have a better idea? Wait! A manager has to keep
calm at times 1ike this… But… Your girl here was acting suspiciously like she might take something. She sure acted fast! l couldn’t just ignore it. Mr. Murata here, caught her red-handed! You won’t do it again, right? By the way, Manager, you should see this pirarucu I got!
lt’s unbelievably huge. A pirarucu! ls it really that big? It’s 2 meters long now but
it’ll grow to be 3.5 meters. That’s incredib1e! lt sure is. The only other place you’d
see one is in an aquarium. Do you sell tropical fish, too? Yes. l know because Mitsuko told me. All of you should come
see my shop some time! Are you familiar with
pirarucu, Mrs. Shamoto? The biggest fresh water fish. Right… How about letting her off? lf you say so Mr. Murata… Okay then. Lucky for you, Mr. Murata’s
pirarucu made me feel forgiving. But if you… Thank you, sir. l appreciate this. You can thank Mr. Murata here. Thank you, sir. Thank you. l know you won’t do it again. Thank you so much. l’m terribly sorry. Oh, look at this rain! 1 0pm l don’t know how to thank you. How about dropping
by my shop now? lt’s not far, just a few minutes drive. Follow my car, okay? Come on, let’s go. Amazon Gold Tropical Fish Center We’re here. Follow me. Welcome! Welcome, everybody! l’m home, Coo! l 0:22pm My philosophy is
business is entertainment. That’s entertainment! Or maybe it’s just a ploy. This is something. Yeah, isn’t it! Allow me to introduce myself.
l’m Yukio Murata. l’m Nobuyuki Shamoto.
l don’t have a card… Fate brought us fish traders together! My shop is nothing compared to this… l know your shop. lt’s by the county highway. You know it. How embarrassing! All tropical fish shops are my rivals! Not us! – Nice to meet you, Mrs Shamoto.
– Likewise. One for you, Mitsuko.
From Uncle Yukio. Come this way. Take your time. Mind you, it will take time
to look at 1 0,000 species. Well it’s probably 3,000 not 1 0,000. How about the music, Mitsuko?
It’s Uncle Yukio’s idea. lt keeps the fish happy,
and doubles the sales! ldeas are everything! – How cute!
– Oh, you found him. Now that’s one hell of a silly fish. It’s a Red Tail Catfish. These fish will eat until their stomachs burst. Oh, my God! Silly, aren’t they! But ifyou don’t feed it,
it starts to look really sad. So I have to feed it. It devours food so happily. It’s so fun to watch, I feed it once every 3 days. Watch out. Their tail fins are venomous. This is Mr. Shamoto from
the fish shop by the highway. Oh, I know it! He owns that place. Mr. Shamoto. This is Aiko, my wife. l’m Aiko, nice to meet you. Pleased to meet you, I’m Shamoto. My wife, Taeko and my daughter, Mitsuko. A turn of events brought us
together and then we came here. l bet my husband insisted. No, he’s been very good to us. This is some shop you have here. Really? There’s nothing special about it. This is like a public aquarium. My wife isn’t into fish. My husband is the fish maniac, not me. You know what? l think we met for a reason.
We should keep in touch! That’s kind of you. Aiko, how about a nice cup of coffee? Right away. He’s a fun guy. l should have business cards… Ta-dah! Ladies and gentlemen,
please welcome the ball python! l called him Manta. Want to know how I met Manta?
I had business in Shinjuku when I got an urge to go to Africa. So I just flew to Tanzania. That’s where I met Manta. He was so adorable I couldn’t
resist buying it on the spot. Get out of my house! You thought you could be my mother? You cock-sucking cunt! Whore! You don’t belong here. Get out of here! Apologize to my dead mum. The house reeks of
cigarettes since you came here. Don’t smoke in my house! He could strangle a cow or a horse and eat it! He could eat you up too, Mitsuko! l have an idea! Mr. Shamoto, how about
if Mitsuko works here? What…? l have 6 young women
like her working for me. Then they can pay for
their living expenses. They all live in the dormitory. Girls her age shouldn’t
stay home with nothing to do. They end up in trouble. I was thinking about
getting Mitsuko to work here when I assured the shop
manager she’d stop stealing. Do you see my point? Your daughter will be my responsibility. This must be fate! ls he annoying you with more of his crazy ideas? He’s too much. Thank you. Mitsuko, it’s a lot of fun here! Do you like Ferraris?
l’ll take you for drives! I know! Why don’t we
all go and see your shop? Let’s go. You have to go back anyway. What do you say to that? My shop’s nothing to show off… l 0:55pm Please. Watch your step. Go ahead. Mitsuko! You want to ride in my Ferrari? Okay, I’ll go with you. Wow, l feel kind of nervous. Your Mum is so young, isn’t she? Her? She’s not my mother. My mother died 3 years ago. My asshole dad remarried right away! You’d better watch your mouth. Okay? l’m sorry my car’s so small… lt’s fine. I’m sick of that vulgar car. His taste is baffling. My husband is pushy and very aggressive… Doesn’t he annoy you? No! We are very
grateful for what he’s done. He’s a nice man. A nice man? l’ll open the door. l 1 :22pm Please come in. Follow me. Come inside. lt’s embarrassing… No, this is good! You have everything that’s important.
Impressive. Look at them, they look
much more lively than mine. He knows how to take
care of them, right, Aiko? My husband likes quantity but he
soon gets bored with everything. Do you do it all, Mr. Shamoto? No, Taeko is the one
who takes care of things. ls that right!
Aiko, take note of that! l’m impressed! Thank you. Good…I love it. Really? Are you into astronomy? Yes. lt’s my hobby. I used to
visit the planetarium often. The one in Fujino town? – Right.
– Did you go there with your wife? Yes, well… Wonderful hobby. Maybe I’ll take you to the planetarium, huh? Don’t make promises you won’t keep. l guess it’s not my thing. The rain has stopped. Thank you for everything. lt’s nothing. Mitsuko, we’ll be waiting! – See you all later.
– Thank you very much. Our blue planet, Earth was
born 4.6 billion years ago. And 4.6 billion years from now Earth will end its life. Mitsuko, isn’t it beautiful? Yes. Thank you for bringing me here. lt’s so beautiful and twinkly… Just like the fish in the shop. You’re right! I love your shop, Dad. l love you, Mum and Dad.
l love everybody. COLD FlSH 9:45am, Tuesday, January 20 lt’s another beautiful day to work. Keep your spirits high
and a sunny disposition! What can be done now, do now! Very good.
There’s a new girl starting today. Come over here. This is Mitsuko Shamoto.
Say hi, everyone. Nice to be here. Loud and clear, girls! Welcome aboard! l can feel your energy. Mitsuko will be fine with us. – Thank you.
– We’ll take good care of her. I’d like to discuss
Mitsuko’s future with Mrs. Shamoto. You can go now, Mr. Shamoto. Are you sure? Certainly, I’ll have my
husband drive your wife home. You’re so generous, ma’am. Allow me to introduce myself. I’m Yuko Sawada, I’ll take
care of your daughter, Mitsuko. She’ll do fine.
You have nothing to worry about. Thank you, I appreciate it. l’ll do my best. Fujino Town Planetarium Good morning, sir! This is your dorm where your new life begins. This is awesome! You look happy. l’m out of that shitty house! Don’t say that!
Your father worries about you. Don’t forget you’re at work. You have l 0 minutes.
Put on your uniform. OK. Mitsuko, you’re honest! I like that. l hated school and my parents too! l really hated studying but one thing I’ve always loved is fish! Do you love fish, Mitsuko? Not Dad’s fish, but I love your fish.
They’re cute. Good, you love fish. Then Uncle Yukio loves Mitsuko too! Mitsuko, this is your uniform. Thank you. Awesome! l don’t know how to thank
you for all you’ve done… No, don’t thank me. lt benefits us having Mitsuko work here. More importantly,
this will help her function in society. Yes. Mitsuko is a grown-up now.
I won’t go easy on her. l appreciate it. Pretty fish, isn’t it? ls this a male Ahli? They’re hard to tell apart
but this is a female Eros. ls it a female? Pretty, isn’t she? Come on, take a better look. She’s so beautiful. Do you know why she’s so beautiful? Because she knows that she’s attractive. She knows how to attract male fish. You could say it’s like a magnet
and black sand. You’re so young, Mrs. Shamoto. So Mitsuko is your stepdaughter? l know how hard it is. Mitsuko’s acting up because
you two don’t get along. l can see that you think
it’s your fault. You blame yourself for everything. You blame yourself for her
shoplifting, don’t you? Come now. Sit down. You can’t take it all on yourself. You smoke behind your
husband’s back, don’t you? Yes. Mitsuko told me. She’s quick to compare you
with her dead mother. lt’s quite natural. She’s young, you know… Her mother didn’t smoke, you see… Little things like that get to her. Go on. Take one. lt’s sanctioned here. You don’t have to worry. Smoke it. lnhale. Actually your husband is to blame, too. He won’t stand up to his own daughter. So he tells you to quit smoking instead. But what he has to do… is make a point to his daughter
by letting you smoke. He should say,
Taeko, you can smoke! Mitsuko will just have to put up with it! l think that he should discipline
her for your sake. l know you’re tired. Get undressed. Now. Take it off. Come on. Take it off. Hit me please. Please. Hit me more. More. Thank you so much. Thank you. Mr. Murata. lt’s awfully nice of you. Thank you, sir. Listen, Mr. Shamoto. Want to see a rare fish I’ve imported? You know the Ultra Scarlet? – Uh-huh…
– Go, honey. I’ll take care of the shop. Get in! Sorry, but I need to discuss
something with my wife. Too bad, what a shame! What a happy couple! l’ll see you soon. Thanks for driving her home! How can you turn him down? What do you mean? He’s imported some fish
from the Amazon. They’re very rare and precious
tropical fish. He’s planning to farm the fish. He wants you to be his
business partner. He told me it would be a
good enterprise. Really. You’re not interested in business. -Taeko.
– What? Do you remember the planetarium? What about it? l’ve been thinking about
how we went there… And…? l want to go there with you again. Don’t ignore Mr. Murata’s proposal!
He knows what he’s doing. We just met yesterday.
lt’s going too fast… He’s taking care of Mitsuko.
lt’s too good an offer to refuse. Talk to Mr. Murata just once, please! He said he could make
tens of millions! – Tens of millions! – Right. l think you should be friends with him. Mr. Murata is always thinking about
what he can do for us. l know but… And he understands you very well.
He’s incredible. If we are all to be happy,
we have to take this step. …right. 2:50pm, Wednesday, January 2 l Hello. – Hello.
– Hello. Hello. Mitsuko… lt looks like an alligator, Mr. Yoshida
but it’s a garpike. l ate one once for the hell of it. – Tasty?
– Shit, no! Hello. Mr. Shamoto, thanks for making
yourself available! Mr. Shamoto? This is Mr. Yoshida.
He’s my business partner. l’m Shamoto, nice to meet you. Hello, my name is Tsutsui.
l’m Mr. Murata’s legal consultant. l’ve already told them
about you, Mr. Shamoto. Don’t worry, I didn’t mention our secret! What’s that about? Come on, Mr. Murata! What are you ashamed of? We Japanese men do nothing
that makes us feel guilty. Yuko! ls Mitsuko’s working hard? Yes, she is. Right, Mitsuko? Mr. Shamoto, come over here. l have a male and a female arowana. They’re l 0 million yen each. l 0 million! We can make billions by breeding them. l had to pay a lot for them
in the Amazon. I fought for a discount but
they don’t come any cheaper! So gentlemen, you are here today
for a special occasion. l want you to meet our new
business partner. Mr. Shamoto is a very reliable man. l’m very happy to have him onboard. Mr. Yoshida, we have another
decent man joining us on our lucrative investment. Are you sure this fish is
worth so much, Skipper? Oh, not that again! As we’re the first,
it’s a once-in-a-lifetime opportunity. Only the first one wins. My company Amazon Gold
backs it I 00%. We can’t lose. What does Mr. Shamoto think? Any venture requires an initial investment. Amazon Gold has a page ad in
the monthly Friends ofFish. lt’ll yield profit in no time. Look at this, Mr. Yoshida. We have a full-page color ad
on the back of every issue. Only Amazon Gold runs such a campaign. But l’m concerned about the price, Skipper. l 0 million for a fish…I don’t know. You saw our Guo bei jin long,
didn’t you? l 0 million yen for one fish, l guarantee it. But l’ve heard that the most expensive fish are
about a million yen. Who told you that nonsense? A fish expert l know. Well, this is business after all… What’s so funny? What is it? See if your fish expert can get me
a top rate Guo beijin long! l’ll buy it! Forget it. You know where the door is. lf we keep talking we’d just
end up offending each other. Hey, hold on! lt’s all my fault.
l’m terribly sorry. From now on, it will just be me
and Mr. Shamoto, right? You know I didn’t mean
to offend you, Skipper! No offence. Mr. Murata, Mr. Yoshida
didn’t mean to upset you. You don’t have to sulk. Excuse me. Mr. Murata, can I speak with you? Okay. Excuse us. Sit down please. Go on… Mr. Murata, I only came here to talk.
I haven’t decided anything yet. l see. lt’s all too fast for me. Mr. Shamoto, I’m sure
this is all unexpected. Things are a bit complicated… l’ll explain it to you later. You don’t have to say anything at all. Mr. Yoshida has no idea about fish. lt’s natural that he feels nervous. Having an expert like
you involved reassures him. l know how he feels. l knew nothing
about a I 0-million investment. You won’t have to put in money. Mr. Yoshida and I will pay it. Mr. Yoshida came here with the cash. He needs to feel secure
before he hands over the cash. ls that why l’m here? No. I asked you to join us
so you can take care of the fish. I’ll explain later.
Just trust me on this. Let’s go in so Mr. Yoshida
doesn’t worry. Would the fish really sell for
l 0 million yen? l don’t know… Of course! You don’t know how superior this breed is. Shall we go back? Your seal of approval here. So you’ve made up your mind,
Mr. Yoshida! l’m sorry l upset you. Don’t mention it. Thank you, Mr. Shamoto.
Your presence relaxed me. Thank you so much. How are you all doing? Mr. Yoshida, let’s have a break
and drink this. OK, thank you. This is delicious! Darling, can I borrow Mr. Shamoto
so he can meet Mitsuko? Sorry! I forgot. Mr. Shamoto, go and see her.
l’ll call you when you’re needed. Okay. You won’t believe how different
she is already! Excuse me. He’s a very good man. He sure is! l see that you only hire girls… They all come from troubled
backgrounds. We hope to help them
readjust to society. Mitsuko. Your father’s here. Mitsuko, how are you? Mr. Shamoto, Mr. Murata wants you. How’s Mitsuko doing? This is really delicious. Please sit down. She looks good, thanks to you. Nothing substitutes for a parent’s love. – Right, Mr. Shamoto?
– Yes, sir. I have to avoid getting caught
until my girl marries a good man. What? Didn’t I tell you that l have a daughter? No, what’s that about getting caught? You did say that!
Are you up to something? Oh, did I say that? – You did.
– Maybe I did. What’s wrong? Can I have some water, Mr. Murata? Mr. Shamoto, can you get that water? Right away. Sorry, but I… – Are you alright?
– Yes… Leave him alone. Now listen to me carefully. Sit down. Yes, sir. Now listen good. We all die one day, right? We usually depart one day,
without warning. We all die, right? Nobody knows when the day will come. That’s what they say,
but some people do know! l’m one of them! l know how long a man lives
and when he dies. I also know where he dies
because l arrange that too! What are you talking about? – Mr. Yoshida…?
– Pay no attention. He’ll calm down soon.
No need to panic. We all die one day with no exception! He’ll die today, that’s all! lt’s no surprise. Mr. Yoshida! Mr Yoshida, are you okay? Mr. Yoshida, are you okay? Come on, are you okay? There’s nothing you can do. You love stars? And the planetarium?
You faggot! You think the Earth is a
smooth, blue sphere? My idea of it is that it’s
a chunk of rock. lt’s a rugged, ugly pile of rocks! No planet is smooth and nice. Look at him. Do you want to be like him? How was Mitsuko? l hope she’ll stay being OK. He took so long! He’s so superficial, l hate him!
Do you have substance? Look at him. lf you defy me, that’s what you get. lt makes you on edge at first. After the first few you start to feel numb. This is my…58th. l could get hanged for it. But l’m a perfectionist.
l’ll never be caught. l’m different to some
sensitive amateur… l’m seasoned and I am skilled. Stick with me and
nothing will go wrong. Don’t worry. You’ll make lots of money and
have a nice life with your wife. Get a grip! Put the gloves on. Wrap up the body. And shove it in the boot. lt’s best to go along with it. You have nothing to worry about. Pull yourself together. Get to work, damn it! Wrap it up! Catch the end! 4:22pm Over here. Drive. Keep your cool. Once we get to Mount Harakiri,
I’ll direct you. Drive carefully. – Are you listening to me?
– Yes. 8:00pm 9:00pm Fear and respect the Lord Ye shall be judged after death You’ve done well driving us here.
Help us with the body. Quick! Get out! Come here! Grab his legs! Pull him out! You’re so slow. Wait, lift him up first. Up we go! Got him? Ready? l , 2, 3! Aiko, open the door. lt’s open! Get the light! Get the legs around the corner. – Aiko light the candles.
– Alright. Shamoto, take off the blanket. They’re alight. Come in! You get out! – Let’s get to work.
– Alright! You stay outside until l call you. Hey! Don’t you dare run. Remember your wife and the brat. Aiko, Mr. Yoshida was a fine man. It’s a terrible loss. I remember he said he’d had a hernia
operation when he was a kid. Look, there it is! The old scar is still here. I’ll circumcise him, too! Might as well get it all done! Hey! Come back in! We’re done here. Eat some sushi! Does it stink?
You’ll soon get used to it. Do you know what this is? lt’s a liver! Human foie gras! Whatever. You can have this. This is a luxury watch! Step forward! Don’t be shy! Wear it after things settle down. Say, in a year or so. And, Shamoto… Brew us a nice cup of coffee.
2 please. Clean this up, too. You think this house is strange? My old man… My old man went crazy and… He locked himself in here. And me, too. When l was little… He locked me up in here and did horrible things to me. Let’s do some more work! We’ll burn the bones. Hold this soya sauce. Let’s roll. You’ve got a good fire going. Burn fire! lt’ll send your soul off! Pour some sauce on it. Mr. Yoshida, take care! Mr. Yoshida, we’ll meet again! l liked you! Until we meet again! 6:20am, Thursday, January 22 Stop here. We’re here. Make sure nobody’s watching. The fish will take care of it. Next, the bones. lt’s finished. The body’s invisible now.
Nobody will know now. l always win in the end, my only friend. Do you love Taeko? Yes. What the hell’s that!
Say you love her! l love her. What should you do then? Should you screw her life up? You love Mitsuko, too. Yes. What should you do,
give her a life of misery? l know you haven’t amounted to much. So let me ask you again. Do you love Taeko? – Yes.
– Do you love Mitsuko? Yes. There’s only one thing you can do then. You have to be happy. And make Taeko happy. And make Mitsuko happy. l want to be happy too. Aiko wants to be happy too. Why don’t you laugh? l’m trying to lighten up the mood! Do you get it? We all want to be happy, understand? Yes. Would you cry if Yoshida died in a car crash? No. That’s what this is about! Get that straight. Go home and don’t lose your cool. Tell people you were
drinking with me all night. Have a beer before you go home. You’re just like me when I was a kid. Nervous and jittery. Aren’t you going to stick up for yourself? No? Make sure you don’t lose
Yoshida’s watch. Yes… Crybaby! 7:53am, TThursday, January 22 Taeko calling. You surprised me! – When did you come home?
– Now. l waited up for you.
Is anything wrong? Nothing. I had too much to drink. Mr. Murata and l got carried away. Wait outside so you don’t get wet. Taeko. – Taeko.
– What’s wrong? Taeko. – What’s wrong?
– Taeko. l’m sorry…! l always make trouble for you. Things are not good for you
because of me… Forgive me. l’m so grateful, Taeko, thank you! l love you. l love you very much. l love you. 2: l 5 am, Thursday, January 29
Mitsuko, do you like alligators? They become wild when they eat
raw fish so we feed it frozen fish. Awesome! Watch me feed it. Mr. Shamoto,
my husband is waiting upstairs. Amazing! Remember Aiko? I got pissed with
the dumb old chicken so l kicked it! l kicked it right up its a-hole! It jumped around quacking!
Feathers were everywhere! Hey, you’re here! What’s up! – Yes, sir!
– Sit down! What’s wrong? Don’t be so formal. We’re not strangers now. Well, this is about Mitsuko. She’s doing well. She’s better off working here
than she was with you. Well, I’ve been giving some thought
about her future. And l think I’ll bring her home again. – Why?
– Mitsuko’s doing fine here. Don’t worry!
lt’s not like we’re strangers. Don’t worry. That’s right. But maybe she should be
with her family… – Hello.
– Where is my brother? Get me Murata now! Hold on please. l have no time to hold! He’s not in at the moment. We’ll be coming to see you tomorrow.
Don’t run away. Who was it? Mr. Yoshida’s brother.
He was such a rude man! Don’t worry, Yoshida is invisible now. Mr. Shamoto, follow me. Yes. ls he okay, General? Not to worry. lf this gets out, you’ll be hanged. Even if he snitches there’s no evidence. l’ll stop by his shop on my way home. Good idea.
lf you shake him up a little he might shape up a bit better. We’ve got to do something
about Yoshida’s family. l’m counting on you. Mitsuko! Can we have some privacy here? Go ahead. Mitsuko. l’m sorry to treat you like a yoyo but come home with me. What’s this about? Come home with me. What the hell? Are you insane? l don’t want to live with a whore! Dad, do you know the word whore? – Let me go!
– Come home Let go, asshole! Mr. Shamoto. You’d better not aggravate her.
Let her go. We have a bigger problem.
Yoshida’s family will come tomorrow. Go see my husband right now! You just say what I tell you.
Got it? You have to get our stories straight.
Especially the figures. OK, you gave Yoshida 4.5 million for cancelling the deal. lt was early last Thursday evening. Early last Thursday evening. Yoshida counted the bills,
one by one. OK? He unstrapped the bundles
to count them. Yes, I’ve got it. Then he took the money and
went out with some woman. That’s no good. Strapped bundles are associated
with banks. They’ll want to know the teller
and branch. You’re right. l took the cash from my safe and
put rubber bands on it. – That’s better.
– OK, then. OK, Mr. Shamoto? It was in this room.
You were here too. Okay. Now give it a try. When did you last see Mr. Yoshida? Early Thursday evening. You have to act calmer. And don’t be timid. How much did Murata give him? You’re so stiff.
Speak more naturally! 4.5 million. Yoshida’s invisible.
So don’t worry. He got his cancelation payout
minus expenses. No body, no charge, right? Right, it was early Thursday evening. Was it cash?
How was it presented? ln piles of a million yen,
bound with rubber bands. – Where was it?
– Right here. l gave Mr. Yoshida cash from the safe. He counted it
and that was the last l saw him. OK, from the top again. Early last Thursday evening l handed 4.5 million to Mr. Yoshida
when the deal was canceled. Speak with conviction! He counted the money note by note. l haven’t seen him since. You forgot the rubber band! lt was bound with rubber bands,
l haven’t seen him since. Again and don’t stutter! Last Thursday evening,
l gave Mr. Yoshida 4.5 million for cancelling the deal,
he counted it note by note, l haven’t seen him since… They had rubber bands! Good. Practice at home. Yes, sir. Mr. Shamoto! Where’s your car? My wife used it this morning. – Did you walk here?
– I took a bus. Good timing,
l’ll give you a lift home. l have something to tell you about Murata. Open the door. That’s Okubo. l’m Hiroshi Okubo. l’m Shamoto, pleased to meet you. To his shop by the highway.
What’s the street number? lt’s 3-2. l think I know it. Let me come too! What do you want? l have some sweets for your wife! She likes them very much. Let me talk frankly. What do you make of the bastard? Sorry…? l’m talking about Murata. Don’t you feel like making
him invisible? Do you think he’s a whole
lot of trouble? Be honest. It’s okay with me. What’s wrong? You figure this is some kind of trap? Don’t worry,
this is not Murata’s scheme. Sooner or later, the man’s history. You’d be wise to leave him
and tag along with me. His shop will soon be my shop. Her parents used to own the shop. Aiko is sick and tired of Murata.
You know what l mean? We’re in this together. We’ll get him when the time comes. l’m counting on your help! We’ll do him in together. You’ll feel so much
better when that happens. You son of a bitch! Weren’t you listening to me, Goddammit. Yes, sir. lf you were, why don’t you answer? Sorry! Pull yourself together. Or you’ll be the one who becomes invisible. Yes, sir. Yes! Yes! Cut it out please. I mean it. Taeko! Hi, Honey! Hi, Taeko. We have guests. This is my wife Taeko. Nice to meet you, I’m Tsutsui. l’m Murata’s legal counselor. Your husband sure makes a great
business partner for Murata. l’m Okubo. Mr. Tsutsui let me…to…
to drive, thank you. You can hardly speak, fool! l’m sorry. Hello. Oh, I didn’t know you were here! This is for you. You shouldn’t have! Thank you! Can I offer you something…? Don’t trouble yourself,
we’re going in a minute. These fish are cute! Aren’t they? And they’re livelier than ours. You have a pretty wife. l’m going to make them swim this way. Don’t give her any trouble. Shamoto, you hear me? Yes. Mrs. Shamoto, we’re off. Come on. But you’ve just arrived! – We’ll come again.
– l’ll see you soon. l had a good time. Visit us any time. They’re all such fun. Looks like things are going OK
with Mr. Murata. Taeko. – Let’s go to the planetarium.
– Now? – Is anything wrong?
– Come on. Wait a second. Come on, don’t worry. l have to lock up! – Never mind that.
– I’ll lock up the shop. Thank you for visiting
our planetarium. We hope you enjoy
the winter night sky. Our blue planet, Earth was born 4.6 billion years ago. And 4.6 billion years from now Earth will end its life. l remember… This is where we had our first date. l was kind of embarrassed
to come here. l’d never known anybody
who loved stars. l realised then that you were romantic… l’d never dated a man like that. l was kind of excited. And very happy. That’s what l remembered. l love you. 2:08pm, Friday, January 30 Are they here? Shamoto, don’t screw up! Will you be OK? l can’t hear you! Yes. This is Mr. Murata. Sit down. Please. Thank you all for coming to… Enough of that. Where’s my brother?
That’s all l want to hear. What do you mean by that? You heard him, asshole! Don’t play games with me. Mr. Amazon. He came to see you with a lot of money and now he’s disappeared.
Something’s not right. Well, yes, l met him. And…? Your asking me what happened? l fixed him up. – How?
– I treated him to Sushi-Katsu. I have the receipts. I know you’re lying. I’ll see the receipts later. And then what did you do? Ever since then I’ve been with Shamoto here,
my business partner. Isn’t that right, Mr. Shamoto? Yes. It was early last Thursday evening. l took the money out
from the safe for him. A cancelation fee of 4.5-million-yen
bound in rubber bands. He counted every note. l haven’t seen him since. What’s your full name? lt’s Nobuyuki Shamoto. Say that again! l’m Nobuyuki Shamoto. Shut up, idiot! l’m asking you where he’s gone! Early last Thursday evening, I took 4.5 million out ofthe safe for him… You’ve already told me that! You keep repeating it! l think you’re lying! Don’t bully him, please. Listen, Mr. Amazon. Do you know that my
brother didn’t really trust you? He didn’t?
That comes as a bit of a shock… I heard you tried to sell
a cheap fish for big money. That’s what everybody says. The truth is, Mr. Yoshida wasn’t prepared
to accept its value. lt’s the usual mix-up. – Where is the money?
– It’s just as Shamoto here explained. After expenses, 4.5 million
was returned to Mr. Yoshida. That I haven’t heard! You returned 4.5 million to him! You’re a crook, you bastard! 5 million! I 0 million for a fish! You must be out of your mind. Old man. You’re too old for make believe. Let’s drop this stupid fish bullshit It isn’t bullshit. Look at me! l’ve been trading fish for years,
I’m a pro! I know exactly how much value a fish has!
Right, Mr. Shamoto? Yes. Good ones are expensive. Just like the carp market. l’m an honest fish trader.
Right, Mr. Shamoto? Yes. Oh, Honey…! Don’t worry. Oh, how melodramatic. lt’s not about the money! Where has Yoshida gone? We don’t have the
answer to that question! We’re as puzzled as you are! Please listen to us. Why has my brother disappeared? He was last seen
coming here with money. You can’t deny that, can you? l certainly did take him to the
sushi bar but… How would l know where
he went after that? He’s a grown man. A grown man sometimes
takes off for a couple of days. And he might even have secrets
he doesn’t share with his family. What are you driving at? That’s going too far, Skipper. Yes, it’s very offensive. OK, I admit that it was unnecessary. l apologize for that but… Let me ask you a question, Skipper. ls that okay? Sir, I want you to look me in the eye
and answer me. ls it true that you know nothing? Absolutely. l see…you really don’t know anything. He says he doesn’t know.
Now what? We’re going to find him. Anyhow… it’s no use arguing whether
he knows something or not. Mr. Murata denies any knowledge
and that’s what we’ve got. l’m not condoning his careless
remark earlier but Mr. Yoshida might be off
having fun somewhere. We don’t know, do we? l say we should all combine our efforts and look in places he might be. He might just show up tonight! We’ll certainly do our utmost to help find him with the
means available to us. That said… With nothing left to discuss,
we should end this meeting… Right? l really don’t know anything.
lf I hear anything, I’ll call you. We’ll find him. Thank you for coming. Thank you. You scared the shit out of them!
It should be okay… If things go wrong,
we’ll just make them invisible. Good-bye, Skipper. Good-bye. You know, Mr. Shamoto… Shamoto.
You weren’t that bad today! l wouldn’t give you an A+,
but you deserve a B-. You can go home. Good work. Perk up, girls! Nothing to it! Smile! Keep it up! l’m coming too. Naughty! Don’t get caught. lt’s fine. Okubo, drive. Yes, sir. Mr. Shamoto. Nobuyuki Shamoto? Who are you? You know Mr. Yoshida, don’t you? Tell me what you know about him. Actually I hardly know him. Do you know what kind of man
Mr. Murata is? Are you working as his
right-hand man now? No. This man used to work for him, too.
He’s missing now. His wife and child are missing too. They’re supposed to have stolen
money from Murata and run off. There are over 30 missing people
around this man, Murata. Don’t tell him we approached you. That will be best all round. Yes. lf he found out that the police
had spoken to you you’d probably become another
missing person. Come to think of it has he already made you an accomplice? Watch out for yourself. Lieutenant Susumu Kawajiri Let’s go! Kiss, kiss! l’ll cum 3 times…4 and 5! Okubo. Get over here! She wants you to watch us. Just shut up and watch. “Our blue planet, Earth was born
4.6 billion years ago. And 4.6 billion years from now
Earth will end its life. Our blue planet, Earth…” Keep watching. Watch. Watch…watch us! Watch! It’s almost spring time. So you’re leaving. I wanted to see you off
on this bridge. Keep watching. Come on… – Hello.
– It’s me! Where are you! Come here right now! You may hang up after you’ve
recorded the message or… l think you’re hiding something! l’m not hiding… What happened? When…? Don’t play dumb! You’ll be sorry! About what? Shut up and
get your dumb ass right over here! Hello, Taeko. Are you OK? – Taeko, l love you.
– What’s going on? lf I don’t come home, call the number
on the card in the car. Darling…? l’m going to see Tsutsui. Drive! Get moving, you sloth! What are you hiding? l’m not hiding anything. Do you know what that car is behind us? No, l don’t. lt’s a local police car! Cops! Did you talk to them? No, l did not. l’ll find out the truth sooner or later. Tell the truth. There’s nothing to tell. Do you know about Aiko and Tsutsui? What? Oh, you’re thick… You’ve got to lose the cops. Just think about your wife
and your daughter! Lose the cops!
Do you understand? Yes. We fooled you! We’ve done it, bravo! Bravo, Shamoto! Now turn right into Tsutsui’s place!
Turn right! Turn right! You got it? Tsutsui 5:23pm What the hell happened? Darling! Call the ambulance! Don’t worry, Hiroshi.
The ambulance is coming! Thank you… Whatever happened isn’t important! Hiroshi, what we have to do
now is save Mr. Tsutsui! Tsutsui, hang in there! The paramedics are coming! Hang on! Mr. Tsutsui… He’s not breathing! Oh, my God! Drink this. Get a grip. No, don’t drink it! Shamoto, shut the hell up! Where’s the ambulance? lt’s so late, it’s strange! lt’ll be here any minute. l can’t even hear the siren. Did you really call?
lt’s taking too long! What have you done? You’ve done something! l’ll call them. lt’ll be here soon! What are you doing? – Give it back!
– Oh, my God! Hiroshi, calm down. …I can’t breathe. Sure you can’t! You punk! Let me go, asshole! You…! You idiot! Asshole! Aiko! Let go! Aiko, pull harder! Aiko, don’t let it go yet. Oh, boy. A wig! How self conscious! You good-for-nothing, fool! You want to drink this? Don’t be suspicious. lt has no poison in it. As long as you don’t screw up l’ll let you live. You can thank me. Help us get rid of them. lf you say no both Taeko and Mitsuko will have to die! Yes. Go and watch outside. Fold it this way. Good. All clear! This idiot is useless! What about the wig? l’ll put it back on. Aiko, grab him. Wait! Put him upright first. – Have you got him?
– Yes! Turn the head around.
Go over there! Shove it in! One more to go! Move! Aiko, we can handle it.
Go open the back seat door. Grab it! Upright! – Did you lock the door?
– Yes! Drive to the shack! Remember Taeko’s and Mitsuko’s faces! Don’t do anything stupid! – Aiko!
– The lighter one first. Shamoto, what are you waiting for?
Get out! Shamoto.
Keep going. Watch your step. Aiko, open the door. lt’s open! OK, one more to go. Take it easy!
He did a lot for us! You had the hots for him?
l’ll get rougher then! What are you looking at? – The candles!
– OK. Aiko, give me a meat cleaver. You can’t stand this, can you?
Aren’t you going to help? Okay, I won’t force you.
Go and rest. Aiko, let’s get it over and done with. Hey, make some coffee! l guess Tsutsui fucked you, Aiko. No, he didn’t, I fucked him! You fucked Tsutsui, oh, my God! lt was not so…bad. How big was his weenie? Just a wee bit bigger than yours. He told me that he had stamina. How many times could he do it? I think I’ll leave it to your imagination. Whenever he boasted about anything it was always about his weenie! Here is your coffee. Coffee! Thank you. Bring it over here. This one’s a whopper.
lt’ll take longer than usual. – You want to watch?
– No… You can learn a lot though. lf neither Aiko or I were available,
you’d have to do it alone. Alone… That’s right. l told you l was going to make
you my apprentice. You can learn how to make a
human invisible. Once you learn the art,
you’re invincible. Even you could be invincible. Hell, it’s not easy. But if you learn how to do it you’ll never have trouble. l’m not wrong, am l? No… First, you chop it in small pieces. As small as you can. Bite size.
No larger than chicken nuggets. Yes, sir. Next, separate bones from meat. This is important! Make sure they’re separate! Hey, look. lt’s a weenie. l’ll take care of his weenie. You fat fuck. He put a pearl on his dick. Shit eating show-off! Shamoto, you know why
I’m making him invisible? Not because of what I did! Money trouble. You’re right. l gave him enough pocket money
but he wanted more! He got greedy! He thought he could have more! lt’s bullshit! lt’s not that easy. He got greedy and touched Mr.
Murata’s money. He had it coming! You understand now, you fat fuck? ldiot. Shamoto! Just kidding! lt’s a joke. You can go rest some more. lt’ll take some time.
Lie down in the living room. You can get some sleep! I’ll call you later. We have another body to go. Did you pull yourself together? Yes… l told you, it just
needs getting used to! Don’t worry! You’ll be alright. 6:50am, Saturday, January 3 1 Nobody’s watching. Don’t just stand there!
Get the bags! What are you waiting for? Keep it up! Quickly, quickly! Move it! Come on! Can’t you move faster? Hey, you’re doing this. lt’s your turn today!
Got it? Go on. What’s with you…you don’t need gloves! Use your bare hands! Hard work brings rewards. So pretty. Like a blooming flower. Beautiful colour. You’re doing a good job! You’re making the fish happy! That’s fine. You’ve done a bang-up job! lt’s reward time. Screw Aiko. She sure has a great body! Are you joking…? lt’s time you accepted reality. l know you’re bad. l know you are. You pretend to be righteous.
I hate your kind the most. You know the reason why
you left Mitsuko with me? Simple! You wanted to screw
your pretty young wife. Am I right? But you couldn’t do that
with your daughter around. You’re so predictable. So you had to go to a motel
to screw your own wife, right? You were frustrated because
you could only do it in a motel. You thought your daughter didn’t know that? You’re an idiot! A moron! You horny bastard! Pussy-eating pervert! Men like you are the worst. You’re unable to go through with plans. You can’t! You can’t solve
any problems by yourself. No wonder the girl’s gone bad. Your daughter’s gone
wrong for one reason! lt’s because you left it all to her! Mitsuko made a decision. She left home so you
could have it your way. What a selfless angel she is! So that you can make out with your wife! Mitsuko left you for me so that you’d be happy. So that you can do what makes you happy! Good-bye! So you can fuck your wife. Your wife Taeko… She’s got some body too, eh? She is a screamer too. A cute mole on her back! lt’s about time you got mad.
Come on! lt’s the story of your sad life. You make your wife
cry behind your back. You made your daughter a criminal. But you’ve done nothing about it! Me, l’m different. Sure I murder people,
but l take care of myself. So both Aiko and I don’t
have to watch our backs. Look back at your sorry life
and tell me, have you ever dealt with a problem? Well, have you? You bastard! Come on, on your feet! Come on, kid! A man like you always ends up
hurting himself. You know why? Because you’ve never
stood on your own feet. Look at me! At the cost of having cops and
yakuza after me l’ve survived by doing things my way! You are hopeless. Get up! Go ahead, kill me! Or maybe you will snitch on me
to the cops! Shamoto. Go ahead, think of
me as your own father. Come to Daddy! Hit me! lt’s payback for your childhood. Hit me harder! Hold on. Put your hatred in your fist! Come on! Good, I can feel your punch now! Hit me more, come on! Shamoto, why in the
hell are you crying? You little prick. You’ve developed an annoying habit. Shamoto! Why are you crying? Now hit me! Hit me as hard as you can, come on! This is your punch, it’s like this! And this is a man’s punch! How’s that! lt hurts, doesn’t it? Shamoto. Are we in this together? Answer me! – Yes.
– Right? Speak up! – Yes.
– Good. Get up and screw Aiko now! Get your hands off! – I can’t.
– Why? – I can’t do this!
– Crap! l can’t! We’re in this together! So do it now! That’s good, Aiko! Please don’t… – He’s getting hard.
– Way to go! Aiko, guide him in. ls he in? How’s that, Shamoto? You’re doing fine, Shamoto! Doing good! That’s it! Aiko, how do you feel? Shamoto, hump her good! Harder and harder! That’s good! Atta boy! What’s wrong with you! Mr. Shamoto! lt kind of hurts…! Hey, it hurts! Stop it… Stop this, Mr. Shamoto! Mr. Shamoto… You bastard! l’m going to kill you! lt hurts! Shamoto, you bastard! You’re going to pay for this! Shamoto! Father, it really hurts. Mother, please stop him. Father, please… Please stop. Mother, please. Mother, help me. Help… Get him out. OK. lt hurts a little… My bottom hurts. It hurts…Father, I’m sorry. I won’t do bad things anymore. I won’t talk back to you ever. Finish him off. Good. Take his body to the bath. Make him invisible like the others. l’m the new Murata from today. And you’re my woman now. OK! Mitsuko. Mitsuko, we’re leaving. What? Let me go. l said Let me go! Do as I tell you! – Mitsuko…
– Shut up! Let go! Stop it! Let me go! I don’t want to go! Go inside. I’ll catch up with you. Get out! Prepare the meal. Prepare the fucking meal! Right this minute! You go and change! – Hello.
– Are you home? This is meal time. – Yes
– Let’s go somewhere. Cool, I’m coming. This is meal time. l’m coming right out,
see you in a sec. What’s that for? Stop it! Go away! Sorry to make you wait. – What took you?
– You know…Sorry. You asshole! What the fuck…? What’s wrong? Sit down. Sit down! By the way, Taeko l know you slept with him. You fucked Murata. You fucked him! You whore! Please don’t…! Stop! Please! l know what you really think. Go on, you can tell me! “Marrying you was a big mistake.” “A terrible mistake!” “I got sucked into your sorry life!
With that brat!” “I want my life back.” “Give my life back to me!” “I want another go! I want out!” “I want this to stop now!” “I can’t give up my life!
Do something!” That’s what you think. Shut up! Shut the hell up! Say what you really think! Our marriage is the pits!
A big mistake! l hate your daughter’s guts! l hate our sorry life! l want my life back! Give it back to me! l want to go back
and live it again! l want this to stop! l can’t give my life up. Don’t do this to me! Stop… l’m going to rape you. What the hell are you doing? Please, don’t… l 2:05pm, Saturday, January 3 l 2:32pm – Lieutenant?
– Mr. Shamoto. I’m driving up to the
shack on Mount Harakiri now. Murata’s wife is dismembering
his body right now. l’ve had enough!
l’m going to finish it once and for all! Wait… Move it! 3:34pm l’m half done. I’ve burned some too. You’re doing a great job. Can I lick you? Aiko. lt hurts… Did l surprise you? Stop it! He does naughty things that hurt! That hurt! Let’s make love now. We have to make love. Let go of me, you beast! But l love you so! But l love you so… Honey… Oh, Honey… Mr. Shamoto. Go inside. 4:24pm Mitsuko. You can take care of yourself, can’t you? You want to live on your own. Ouch! Does it hurt? You’re hurting me! lt hurts? Do you want to live? Yes, I want to live! OK, you want to live. – I don’t like pain…
– Mitsuko. Life is… Living your life… hurts. Now you’re dead, you stupid old man! Get up! Can’t you get up? Come on, get up, idiot! Get up! Stand up! On your feet! Get up! Stand up! Get up! Mitsuru Fukikoshi Denden Asuka Kurosawa Megumi Kagurazaka Hikari Kajiwara Tetsu Watanabe Written by Sion Sono
Yoshiki Takahashi Directed by Sion Sono

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