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Fish Food, Fish Tanks, and More


Greetings survivors and friends, Shadowfrax
here once again with another CONCEPT LIMBO… episode 23 to be precise. As you might know, lately I’ve been turning
my attention to ideas from the wonderful Rust community, and in the previous episode I explored
such diverse concepts as Nuclear energy, Travelling merchants and code lock crackers… But in this one I’ve decided to focus on an
area of Rust that is still as yet relatively untouched. You see, once upon a time on a Legacy map
far far away, merely poking a toe in the ocean would land you on a one way cruise to respawn
city.. so we’ve come a long way, but even though we now have diving gear, underwater
plants and sunken wrecks, just like the actual oceans of our planet, about 80% of Rust’s
blue wobbly stuff remains unexplored by humans.. partly because the loot there isn’t exactly
enough to get Jacques Cousteau to crack out the snorkel.. Besides, he’s dead.. Anyway, Rust’s nautical environment still
needs something, or ‘some things’ more to make it a bit less of a dive, so in this episode
I’m going to investigate what the community thinks would make it better down where it’s
wetter.. So first of all, as the mainland becomes increasingly
crowded with remnants from the Rusty past, free real estate is getting more valuable
and in shorter supply.. Therefore logic dictates our next big radtown should be a wet one.. Now I have mentioned some official concepts
for more worthwhile underwater monuments in previous limbos.. And as well as various small
landmarks, such as pieces of ship and sunken swimming pools that look like a nightmare
to clean, the most notable was this artwork for a giant crashed submarine in January 2016.. Although sadly the hunt for Rust October is
still ongoing, this hasn’t dissuaded the community because as well as a ship ton of ideas for
underwater monuments on both Reddit and the suggestion box section of the Rust website,
the custom map community has been trying to create its own takes on what could be down
there. In October of last year, Map maker Meza started
work on a small sunken sub monument. And although it eventually ended up being used on land
instead, he says he might still make a proper underwater version someday.. I’m impressed
because despite reusing a variety of other prefabs to create it, I think he’s managed
to capture the claustrophobic feel of the real thing.. More recently, another map maker, TcTiltz
sent me some work in progress shots of a sunken cargoship that he’s building, made by basically
slamming two of the things together to create a snapped in half titanic style monument.. Whilst a sunken – maybe even nuclear – submarine
is by far the most popular suggestion, and a no brainer if you ask me, especially given
Rust’s back-story (watch my vids on this for more details) other ideas I’ve seen include
military grade shipwrecks, underwater tunnel systems, secret labs and caves.. There seems to be general agreement though
that whatever form it takes, it should be deep down, have some small amount of radiation,
and a breathable interior, maybe even puzzles, but the main thing that people agree on is
that the loot should be far juicier and thus worth the trip.. Perhaps such types of radtown wouldn’t even
be marked on the map, or have any indications on the surface about where they are, requiring
a proper search to find.. Although there are always meta ways of finding these things out.. But, you say, a source of high tier loot?
hidden in the depths away from the prying eyes of randomly roaming players? Such a thing
would be game-breaking if there wasn’t an appropriate level of risk involved.. In addition
to onboard scientists and radiation of course.. Which brings me to this young chap here..
illustrated by artist X-Seide-T, because let’s face it, the sea is completely devoid of life
right now, apart from the magic fish that appear in our traps, but as well as frenzies
of sharks being a potent threat in deeper waters where the best loot could be kept,
they’d also be the perfect excuse for us to finally get those harpoon guns.. which I have
of course discussed at length. Sharks have also been known to eat just about
anything, with some weird stuff having been found in them over the years such as license
plates, chicken coops, porcupines and even a suit of armour, so one idea would be for
them not only to eat unfortunate players but to gulp down their best loot as well, only
giving it back when killed and harvested.. Which could of course make them lucky dip
loot containers of the highest order.. Maybe Hammerheads could give you building
supplies? High risk, high reward, far out underwater
radtowns surrounded by sharks with freakin’ lasers maybe even, are all well and good but
if that’s where we’re going maybe we’re going to need more than fins? Well just like the various methods of surface
and air travel we already have, different tiers of transport could be made available
for us to use in the depths.. Here for instance is a concept sent to me
directly by one community member, Mr Groovy.. it’s a crafted sea scooter – basically a modified
chainsaw that swaps a propeller for the blade and cuts through water instead of wood. Possibly a bit slower than the rowboat, it
would run on good old low grade and be purchased from the outpost, but although it would be
fairly cheap to buy and run, requiring both hands to operate means you wouldn’t be able
to fight and.. flight. However, that could be solved with tier 2,
a two man sub masterfully sketched by friend not foe over on my Discord.. with barrels
for the body, a bucket at the nose and the rest made out of roadsigns, this was his take
on the chariot, a 2 man human torpedo made by the British during world war 2.. but despite
looking like a type of kamikaze device, that wasn’t the intended mode of attack.. although
this is Rust so.. Ok, so more underwater monuments, better loot,
sealife and modes of transport.. All of these would be a better use of Rust’s huge salty
space.. But this is CONCEPT LIMBO, and we’re not afraid to jump the shark here.. So let’s
address the humpback in the room and talk about underwater bases, which have been suggested
many times.. The ability to build a legitimate underwater
base would be both the most effective way of avoiding other people and make you feel
like an evil genius, but obviously it would have to be balanced and full of trade-offs.
Enormous underwater compounds allowing clans to camp the oil rigs would be fun for them
and very few others.. Looking through how others have approached
this issue, certain themes turn up again and again. Higher decay is one.. and as we’re
underwater, some kind of pump to get and keep the fluids out, plus an airlock, an ACTUAL
airlock, would be needed, perhaps with special doors.. Lose that and you’re in deep water.. Another solution possibly would be pre-existing
structures.. such as small wrecks we could build inside or caves with air pockets, limited
building space and only one way in and out.. Although these could still be abused and used
as places to stash ill gotten gains.. Door camping them might be tough as well.. I’d be interested to know though whether you
think this sort of thing could be balanced and if so how, so let me know in the comments
below.. But ok, let’s assume that rust subnautica..
‘rustnautica’ would be too much fun for too few people, there is a compromise… Floating
bases.. It took me literally minutes to put this together
in the map editor, just to show the sort of thing I mean.. because you’re worth it. The basic new building component needed would
be a floating foundation.. However it would stay in position wherever you placed it..
After that, bases could be built up as normal.. but perhaps due to buoyancy limitations, only
wood or sheet metal constructions would be allowed.. I’m not sure.. One useful feature could be for foundations
to act as floor frames and allow players to enter and exit underneath.. for this you could
either use a ladder hatch or perhaps finally give us that trapdoor we all crave.. as can
be seen in this model by Hawkeye on my Discord.. I think this is one trap I’d fall for again
and again though.. And don’t forget, this sort of thing could
give you the perfect safe space for fishing.. when that rod and bobber are finally implemented..
Because staying still for any length of time standing up in Rust is a sure way to end up
staying very still lying down.. Talking of which, brings me to my final concept
this time round, because the best way to protect your newly built floating base, would be with
some freshly crafted floating traps.. Originally drawn up by Giuseppe Gangi and
modelled by Hawkeye, both of whom worked on last episode’s nuclear generator.. These traps
would require a propane tank and a football to craft (and yes we totally need footballs
but that’s another story for another time) and would explode if run over by a boat..
or perhaps even just if swum into.. and although Giuseppe suggests being able to disarm them
by shooting the football, I feel like they should be a bit harder than that to get rid
of them.. But what do you think? And indeed which, if
any, of these community concepts do you feel would actually work in the game? Please go
crazy with your thoughts and suggestions in the comments and I’ll try to reply to as many
as I can until I run out of whiskey. Did you know I stream on Twitch 3 times a
week? If not, make sure to follow me there.. I’d like to thank everyone who contributed
artwork for this episode, and I’ll leave links where applicable to their personal Artstation/Deviant
art pages etc in the pinned comment.. You’ll also find links down there to my Twitter,
Facebook, Discord and Steeeeam group, plus my Patreon page where supporters can get access
to a special part of my Discord plus other perks such as early access to videos like
this one. I shall catch you all in the next, stream
or video but until then, keep calm and stay Rusty. Cheerio.

64 comments on “CONCEPT LIMBO – MINES, SHARKS and other UNDERWATER concepts for RUST

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  2. Lots of Clams that you could eat as food & rare clams that has pearls in it. You could sell pearls for getting scraps or other items.

  3. WarThunder is awesome. I played it last year summer and it was epic. Awesome music too! Imagine planes in Rust 😀

  4. Oh no we might have ARK building in underwater caves with turrets pointed at the entrance. To op. And now it looks like a raft from ark. They could use the arks ideas lol.

  5. underwater bases should have instead of stability a pressure meter which in turn means explosive damage is magnified the deeper the base is ……depth charges hehehe

  6. YES GIVE US ALL THIS MAKE ANOTHER BET WITH HELK, yes horse riding is awesome good job there but give us sharks/harpoons please Mr Frax and the trap door is awesome let's try get this in please then rods and other Role Player stuff!

  7. Underwater cave monument and loose fishing nets that you can get caught in and drown if you don’t have a combat knife on you to free yourself

  8. they need to focus on beach.. its place which lot of people see a lot you know what i mean 😀 but no plants no items at the beach.. wood is nice what about some kind of new animals and plants? lot of people like grow plants and kill animals where are fishes to hunt? coud be lot of fun see peple join server get spear and get some food hunting primitive..

  9. cave systems similar to the pc survival game subnautica. but have lke sharks down there or some kind of aggressive aquatic life forms maybe fish that have mutated and become aggresive through radiation poisoning possably

  10. Rustnautica love it. Just a random question is it you that is doing the voice over on the more recent money supermarket advert on the telly?

  11. That floating base would be good and make weight limit like it cant be more than 3 stories high and it could be upgraded only to sheet metal and faster decay. That is enough of trade offs I think?

  12. unlike above ground bases the huge salty clan won't defend there underwater base with ak's and lr300s or turrets. They would have to defend there bases with harpoon guns. Harpoon guns should be a tier one weapon. So a couple of nooblets with a tier one workbench could go underwater and stand a chance against the salty zerg.

  13. i mean, let's talk about larger boats, like multi-decked boats? Seems inevitable if there's plans to connect servers/islands via sea-traversing eyyyyyy innit

  14. Make a hatch like the ladder hatch but with 2 doors.

    Soo you can make trap bases, per example, where people when get on top of it and they fall.

    I must look like the floor but must have a simple crack soo you can see the difference but if get distracted you dont.

    Like the Mr burns in the simpsons
    when he doesnt like the employes

  15. I think the water mines would interlock great with sharks and marine life. If you could kill marine life by baiting them into mines. Also beached marine life is an idea.

  16. underwater bases would be balanced if you had a special type of raid equipment for example a torpedo launcher or a depth charge, these items also must have a low crafting cost and the same explosive damage as c4 and rockets

  17. There's oil drums all over, what about the ability to make oil slicks on the water that can a) Be lit on fire as a temporary defense to anyone surfacing in their area or boats and b) Darken the depths underneath (If it was day) so those mines you showed are harder to see and avoid.

  18. i'm no rad scientist… but i'm pretty sure compressed propane is less dense than water…. that concept should require a propane tank and a brick rather than a tank+soccer ball.

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