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Converting a Humminbird HELIX for Ice Fishing

Converting a Humminbird HELIX for Ice Fishing

Humminbird ice units combine
industry-leading CHIRP sonar, superior interference rejection, and hyper
accurate mapping and chart plotting into one must-have package for every ice
angler. The all-new ice portable conversion kit
makes it easier than ever to transform a HELIX unit from your boat
into a portable powerhouse so you can find and catch more fish all year long. The rugged shuttle and all of its
components are designed to accommodate a HELIX 5 or a HELIX 7 unit.
Two different sizes of slotted barrel shaped unions are provided. Use the longer barrels for
HELIX 5’s and the shorter ones for HELIX 7s. Slide the barrels onto the shuttle
arms then snap your HELIX control head into place. Two sizes of threaded knobs
are also provided to connect the control head to the shuttle. Use the knobs with
the long bolts for HELIX 5 and the ones with the short bolts for HELIX
7. Now, slide the handle into the shuttle base
and secure using the included screws. The ice portable conversion kit also includes the all-new
Dual Spectrum CHIRP ice transducer as well as a float and other parts to help
manage the transducer cable. Attach the transducer cable to the back of the
HELIX control head using the port on the far right. The kit also includes a ready
to use power cable which attaches to the back of the HELIX control head. Add your
own sealed 12-volt battery to power your HELIX while on the ice. A 9 or a 10 amp hour battery is a good choice for all day use The soft-sided bag holds and
protects the shuttle and all of its components making it easy to get on the
ice fast. The new ice portable conversion kit from
Humminbird makes it easy to use your HELIX on soft and hard water grab one
today as you gear up for another great season on the ice.

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