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Cooking Tips : How to Sear Tuna Steak

To sear your tuna steak, first start off with
a piece of steak. We’re going to first season it with a little bit of salt. Next, make sure
you have a pan that’s set to medium high heat with a little bit of oil on the bottom to
keep it from sticking. You also want to make sure that your tuna is set to room temperature.
That way it sears a little bit better. Place your tuna into the pan. Here you just want
to let the tuna cook. Do not move it. You can also watch and see how far up it’s been
cooked by just watching the side of the tuna here. Once you get a nice crust on one side
go ahead and flip it on over and you’ll get a nice crust on the other side. You can cook
tuna steaks for medium to medium rare, even to rare. And that is how you sear a tuna steak.

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