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Hey guys! And today’s recipe is a savory dish This dish a seared sesame-crusted tuna with some wild rice I simply love this recipe because it’s pretty simple pretty easy, great tasting and fancy as you can tell not only by the name but also by the recipe and the ingredients we’re gonna have today If you decide to make it for a small number of people It’s gonna be pretty affordable This tuna guys, is served rare ok? Like pink in the middle So be sure to use a good quality fresh tuna ok? I really hope you enjoy the recipe today Last time I cooked a very yummy dessert And you asked me to bring a savory dish And I decided to pick this one because I guess, it always impresses people And I want you to make it at home and impress your friends, family and everyone you like Well, this time there are 3 ingredients missing so I’d like to take you guys to the supermarket with me This supermarket is called Hy-Vee. Hy-Vee is a local supermarket here in Iowa. It’s kind of a place with some fancy products. Every time I need something different, I just go there. So, let’s go to the supermarket. Well there are 3 ingredients missing. We’re gonna buy a tuna steak a soy sauce and some parsley. So, let’s go get inside. I found our very first product which is the parsley. Here it is. And I’m gonna pay $0.99 There is a Hy-Vee brand but I usually get one especially with less sodium So that one is $2.78 the whole bottle. That’s the one I’m gonna grab. And the last one.. tuna! Let’s see it. And our tuna! It’s so beautiful. And I really like to buy it in here because it’s so fresh. Thank you so much. Have a great one. Bye bye. And we’re all set. It’s time to check out. Here you go! -Thank you so much, have a great one! Ok, so let’s check our recipe first: Here’s the star of our dish today. I bought 2 beautiful pieces of tuna steak. And you can see it’s pretty fresh. You can see some marbling right there. Then we have a cup of black sesame seed We’re also gonna need olive oil, salt and soy sauce. And also some tools to help us. I also love this cast iron. Every time I do something like a fish or a steak It’s always awesome! I love the result! Well, first of all I’m gonna tie my hair ’cause you knnow I don’t want any hair in my food. So first step is: we’re gonna marinate the tuna with the olive oil, salt and some soy sauce. This is going to help the seeds stick to the tuna. So as soon as we add the tuna in here, we’re gonna let it sit for about 3 minutes Well, for today’s recipe I’m just going to use black sesame seed I usually mix white and black but to be really honest I forgot to buy the white one So we’re gonna use the black one because I think it works the same way. So as you can see I added some sesame seed, some black sesame seed here in my plate So now we’re gonna cover the tuna on all four sides so gently we’re gonna move and we’re gonna try to coat all 4 sides. So we’re gonna heat some olive oil in our cast iron skillet over high heat. Now we’re gonna place the steak in the pan and sear for about 30s each side So now let’s transfer the tuna to the cutting board So that’s the rice I made previously, that’s a wild rice or a black rice, whatever you prefer to call it And I don’t know you guys but I love garlic but if you prefer you don’t have to used it. I simply love the taste of garlic so in here i’m going to mash it like that I want the rice to get in the right shape so that’s why I’m doing that Everything to me is about presentation So I’m going to add some teriyaki sauce And I put it in here just to make it simpler and easier And voilá. Here we are with a beautiful, sexy, easy and fancy seared sesame-crusted tuna steak. So that’s it guys. I really hope you have enjoyed this recipe. And if you have any comment, any suggestion just please let me know and write it down in the comments below I had a very crazy week so that’s why I couldn’t come up with some Engish tips here in the channel. Is there any other recipe you would like me to cook? Just let me know in the comments below. Ok? So that’s it guys. See you next video and I really really hope you have enjoyed that one! Bye

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  1. Hello teacher! Com todo o respeito seu esposo é um homem feliz, com você ao lado dele é claro, e com essas deliciosas receitas, meus parabéns!

  2. Eu tenho uma dúvida e gostaria de saber se você poderia me responder, quando você saiu do supermercado você disse "have a good one", por que exatamente?

  3. Não basta mandar super bem no inglês ainda sabe cozinhar bem..hum ficou uma cara boa…eu já falei que você é minha teacher! preferida seu inglês simplesmente impecável . Hj eu consegui entender boa parte do que você falou meu progresso está vindo graças a Deus. beijos

  4. Exuberantemente linda haha 😍 adorei a ideia de cozinhar, ao mesmo tempo que incentiva os br's a praticar o inglês da uma outra cara para o canal, ótima sacada querida 😙😙 (I Love the nude make-up 😂)

  5. Além do vídeo ser muito interessante e bem feito. (assisto todos) É ver os preços dos produtos (sempre faço a comparação de 1por1) Como pagamos caro por aqui. Abs

  6. 😋 I'll give it a try. You rock, sweetie. To precisando de uma amiga pra falar/praticar inglês. Topa? My English is sooo rusty 😞🙈😘

  7. Uau!!! Que garota prendada…aula de inglês, culinária gourmet que top =D
    Humm…deixe-me ver, merece 1000 LIKES e mais uma estrelinha
    dourada ✰.

  8. That one is not for me to cook, yet! Well, maybe in the future. Érica these videos are great! Keep going. See ya!

  9. Muito bom, Érika! Os seus vídeos são ótimos e seu sotaque é excelente: claro e bem expresso! Parabéns!!! 😃😘

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