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ciao a tutti, welcome back to Italian Food
Boss, today we are gonna make a simple dish but I can tell you it’s gonna be
very tasty and we’re gonna use tuna can for this. Can you believe it! you can
actually make something very tasty using tuna can. What else?
olives, capers, of course my tools of choice: garlic, fresh garlic, fresh parsley
and something that I normally don’t use: chili. Pasta pasta Divella, it comes from
Puglia which is my same region, the heel of the boot, the heel of the Italian boot.
Good pasta, quite cheap, I’m sure you can find it wherever you live. So we’re
gonna start. we’re gonna start with creating an infusion.
we start the with the parsley so you just have to chop it not finely, just
roughly like this, don’t waste your time you know what the big chefs do,
it’s fine something like this would work and then you put it in a bowl a cup for a few
minutes you leave it to infuse with a bit
of oil now when I say oil I always always
always mean extra virgin olive oil: the best you can find. always use the best and
always a lot… okay just put it here, then you take the chili… boom boom… my wife
doesn’t want a lot of chili but I don’t know if this is the best idea but you know yourself
you know your level how much how much chili you can bear so just put a lot in
my opinion… so you leave it there, you leave it there to create this nice
infusion and then we can continue with the making of the pasta
while this sits there. so now we prepare a bit of a bit of oil. always remember
the extra virgin olive oil, the best you can find and a lot then you put some garlic in here and
you’re ready to fry for a bit. you see guys this is now frying can you hear the
sound of music then you put capers. olives. It’s gonna fry even more, you want
to maybe reduce the heat now… you don’t put the oil, you don’t put the tuna now
because the tuna is the last thing you have to put otherwise the tuna will
become dry, a piece of brick and it’s not the way you wanna eat it. so, at the end!
In the meanwhile you can put the pasta as well in the boiling water that’s what
I’m gonna do now Pasta Divella, Pasta Divella, “Passione Mediterranea”, that’s the slogan used to be when I was in Italy ten minutes so as you should remember to
always cook it ‘al dente’ because he will have to cook in here a bit longer. Very important. Do you remember what we had in here now it’s time to use some of it
in here, not not everything because we will need a bit of that at the end on
top of the pasta but it’s time now look at it I’m gonna mix it a bit, this is gonna
give a bit of parsley and chilli mix it in the base of the oil, garlic, olives, capers can you believe this is gonna be epic –
epic – and then the tuna on top, the tuna I just want to make a point here: don’t
buy the one with the sunflower or whatever canola oil whatever just buy
tuna in brine, the easy one, the boring one because then we will add the good
oil… Think! Now we are about nine minutes into the cooking of the pasta, the pasta is
ready now we put it in here by using a bit of the cooking water as well this is very important we increase
a bit the heat and at this moment we also put a bit of the tuna that’s enough and then we start putting
a bit of this – look at that now you put it now now at the end Tuna is good that
now yes mmm the smell is perfect I can tell it right now now if you want you can add a
bit of them cooking water just to create a bit of
the cream so then we keep out in this don’t leave anything and this is the moment where we start
eating okay take a bit of everything and the smell is perfect.
I’m really sorry that you can’t smell it, but you can replicate it’s easy now and then this is a pasta That’s how it’s done in Italia, guys. Perfect! now please remember to subscribe to the
channel, follow on Instagram, Facebook and Twitter,
tik-tok… wherever you can… this is perfect enjoy your meal!

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