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Corpus Christi, TX Kayak Fishing: Day 2- “The Comeback”

Corpus Christi, TX Kayak Fishing: Day 2- “The Comeback”

[Quick intro music snip] Chief Fisha’>>We’re late this morning, as you can tell the sun’s already pretty high
but… see if we still can’t pull in a big drum or something>>Safety first, even though it’s calm as crap out here [Music starts back up]>>A snapper yes, thank you Lord.>>Whoo, I just got here. I lost one earlier and I pulled in, I guess this is a nice snapper.
I thought he was a red the way he took off.>>Nah on, um, piggy. My last two, I’m about
to be out too.>>Try to sabiki somethin’.
>>Bait? Like finger size? Mayne. [Music playing]>>Let’s see if we can’t get some live footage.>>My last live piggy.>>Yeah, nice trout baby. Thank you Lord, way to end it.>>Are they good eating? How big do they have to be? Is this a good size? They gotta be fifteen. Oh yeah he’s seventeen. [Outro music]

15 comments on “Corpus Christi, TX Kayak Fishing: Day 2- “The Comeback”

  1. @Quantum Aquatic, It be like that sometimes. But the more you go, the more you catch, and the more you learn. Thanks for watching!!

  2. Hey Fisha,
    I want to give you one tip about how to fish "easier" …. not better. You fish just fine, so you don't need my help. But, when fishing "top water" from a kayak it's different than from a boat. From a boat your rod tip is always "dependant", meaning below your reel. From a yak it is the opposite and always upward. Thus it can be tedious and tiresome, unlike from a boat when it is very relaxed. So (drum roll please), what I found to be equally effective but much more conducive from a yak is a prop-bait. Mirro-Lure makes a good one. But, it allows you to "straight retrieve" with your rod tip dependant, horizontal or upward. You can pop it, slow retrieve, fast retrieve, etc.
    If you do get a Mirro-Lure (called a Mirro-Prop) it will come with two props…. one on the front and back. I recommend taking the front prop off. It works just as well but better for two reasons. …. 1) sometimes your line can get caught in the front prop. 2) when you stop it, the lure is more "tail heavy" leaving the lure easier for the fish to bite….. especially red fish who's mouths are more anatomically located on the bottom. They really have to lift their head to hit top water baits if it is shallow (< 2 feet deep).
    You can also take that front prop off and put it on the back end of some of your other top water lures in you box.

    I know that unsolicited advice can be perceived as "criticism" ….. I am only trying to share some of my experiences and trying to do so in the least "critical" way I can.
    Good luck with your continued "catching".

  3. Great video.  When you heading to FL?  I'm heading over to Destin to bay fish and hopefully to go BTB… Early in May.  Will be posting videos if everything goes according to plan.  Check out my vids if you get a chance.

  4. nice catch, I've been living/working here in corpus for about 2 yrs and I have yet to catch something good.

    one day I'll get a nice nice red here

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