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CORS Strike vs. Fisher F22 Standard Coil Air Test

what’s up to you guys today we are going to compare the course strike versus the f-22 standard of coil this is just an air test so the results are gonna different then if you use it on the actual ground but an air test does give you a good idea of the difference in detecting depth we have some of the more common coins that you’ll find here in Korea we have the 500 100 two types of ten ones the 51 coins and a two moon and for fun we’re also gonna test in Eisenhower dollar just because that’s fun let’s start with the most common item you’ll find in Korea here we go okay so we get lose this signal at about about 13 1/2 inches about ten and a half five hundo one quarter we lose it right at eleven and a half about eleven inches eleven and a half 501 pin a half 11 101 Wow this seem 11 11 and a half inches 101 about nine nine and a half 51 but ten and a half 11 inches 51 about nine nine and a half same 10-watt ten about ten and a half for the tin 110 one back top and b-baby 10 watt [Music] nine nine and a half babies in one eight and a half some come from Bo eleven and a half some come tumble ten and a half eleven and for fun the Eisenhower dollar [Music] Wow it’s about a foot 12 inches for the Eisenhower Eisenhower it’s gone at 11 inches all right last but not least wouldn’t do a gold ring because that’s what we like finding at the beach gold ring I’m gonna do this flat and sideways cuz you know stuff doesn’t sit exactly the way you want it so flat and sideways so first test gold ring flat about 11 12 12 inches is really wherever you lose it the gold ring which everyone loves gone at 10 and a half inches flats sideways [Music] sideways we lose it at about ten and eight inches sideways

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