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Costco Mukbang – Chicken Street Tacos with lettuce, Lime, Cilantro sauce, Salsa, and Cheese

Costco Mukbang – Chicken Street Tacos with lettuce, Lime, Cilantro sauce, Salsa, and Cheese

yo yo yo see pain strengthened LBZ
back for another Mook bomb got her back guys thank goodness
welcome back to the channel exciting it’s exciting yeah it’s a Sunday night
like we didn’t want to cook so it’s Sunday night for us we did our Costco
action again what do we get some tacos stuff have you ever gotten this before
yeah I never have either I got I got tried this little fight here do you want
to show them mm-hmm all the condiment I’ll show them so of course price from
this is good oh is that what these Oh yeah I’m like and did not want to focus
did not want to focus what’s right we have something to talk about barbecue
chicken I think we got some chicken bunch of chicken all this for 20 20 buck
bunch of check in for these lines and then we got lettuce and cheese
you notice the cheese er oh no bun so cool bunch of cheese bunch of cheese we
got salsa I don’t know what they didn’t say if it was hot or mild or what
let’s see like a high like my women hot and spicy pretty good although your viewers seem
to think I’m an introvert which i think is pretty funny yeah cuz you were just
on one time yeah sure that was your first time when
well that was your second time on the internet and you didn’t have a very good
first experience experience yes I was on a reality show which shall not be named
okay and very briefly on it reality star
reality star Haley just reading the comments and look like our comments were
good we didn’t go karts almonds and some tortillas so good let’s dig in I’ll
bring you guys up for him oh that’s not gonna work okay let’s dig in and we can
just show them corn and these are corn tortillas no these are flour use your
nominee flour um because the flour ones look like this
you look toward ones have like a little brown she’s so smart y’all a little
brown stay okay okay tortilla I’m gonna do two at once
yeah oh my god that’s gene that’s genius I was like these these things are so
small oh that’s why there’s like 12 in here but you’re gonna do it we’re gonna
make like little you’re gonna make two separate ones or you’re gonna fold those
two in one you can fold them too and one but I’m just gonna make two separate
ones oh I’m gonna go big dog here let’s go get it
subtract even buy your own like question who is that little pompous get it did
you like that song – you did back in the days like tears ago let’s get it in the
day okay you know the scene changes back in the day when I was young I’m not
kidding anymore let’s surprise you the most about
getting older what surprise that’s a good question
now that I’m 42 and stuff what what surprised me I don’t know what I’m going
through now is I keep on getting especially because I do like act your
age like you’re not supposed to be doing that because you’re 40 now like you know
a cure age at your age so it’s like what am I allowed to do when I’m over 40 like
just go go to go to work and don’t say anything I guess or I don’t know like
what so that’s surprising me just like your doesn’t seem like you’re allowed to
do anything yeah oh my my to tacos is gonna work not
only that’s gonna work I’m just gonna do separate ones yeah I’m gonna do separate
ones y’all that one wasn’t gonna work I’m I have too much chicken out on my
own oh all right little lettuce your taco looks good of course mom’s make the
best sandwiches probably the best tacos just facts
hey hey double X facts yeah I guess now they know I’m the woman I think I will
loop yeah you probably gotta leave it in fact I have like all my live streams and
stuff between because because I might go it was I think when I did a live stream
down at the beach and so the viewers were like oh so I was like I’m going to
Lion Country Safari tomorrow and they’re like oh logged out or this now our live
stream that and I’m like well I’m like it’s gonna be hard because
lbz’s got her son and then you know I just want him to be able to decide like
what goes up about him because especially like in the new technology oh
yeah yeah oh no and then you know things are permanent you know his uh his dad is
you know not privy to it or he would have to say yes and then I just wouldn’t
be respectful of course of course and then I guess someone in my someone
in my chat room said I understand I wouldn’t want my Kevin huge it but I
don’t own them so anyways I guess the thing that what was your question what I was so
shocked about getting old about is just that Justin I can’t do anything
I don’t know ACMA exactly my age what does that mean you know it means don’t
be going in live live chat from live stream chat rooms I don’t know what that
means what is something else that surprised you about getting over well
I’ll think about that what about you now that now that you’re almost 32 nice part
about black not cracking yeah whatever I want to say how old how old miss LBZ is
it guess I don’t think I’ll tell them though you can just take guesses I won’t
tell the woman I won’t tell anybody what if someone get what someone guesses in
the comments we’ll never know Don’t Tell lady never tell her I know just poor
diet forever though besides it’s the Internet
I’m sorry sorry whatever you want me to be yeah I like that answer
I’m sorry to interrupt you sweetie what jell-o Pinos what what surprised
you about getting older here
I would say that mmm those look really good yeah buddy I
think what surprised me about getting older is it kind of similar to what you
said that somehow because you reach a certain magical age stuff that you like
and enjoy to do you’re suddenly not supposed to enjoy and like to do anymore
or clothes you want to wear you’re not supposed to wear you know anymore you’re
very articulate yeah articulate I just you know know
that’s what I was trying to say but I couldn’t say that’s good yeah like the
music the music I like know your stuff I like to watch on YouTube
I guess making stuff making videos on YouTube but I don’t know why that would
be act your age I’m Joe Rogan can we both love to listen to the luggage oh
yeah love you Joe yeah I mean how does he act like what is he supposed to do
just like he does YouTube right he has musicians on the interviews
people mm-hmm I guess it’s less like about the YouTube stuff but like more
like about like what you’re supposed to be into or like to do or you know like
go along that’s a kid state actor age yeah
like mono I started one of my favorite pastimes is going on live streams on
YouTube and when I can’t explain a while I love watching and stuff but them but I
like them I like to make try to be like or make trolli comments from there and
then I got just the other night like you’re a professional actor age or
something because you can because you can really see my name when I type my
name in a chat now on youtubes it has that verification so it really pops up
but right hundred can you liked Qatar Kate what got my plaque but trolling is kind of crazy thank you
12 people I love it like crazy like what I mean just I’ve taught my head of
course if there’s two if there’s to do if there’s like your guy if there’s two
guys and go oh cute couple well yeah just that just stops out my
head just like cute couple yeah because I think that’s a good point like what’s
funny is to you just may be funny to you like you or maybe like as you get older
you’re supposed to be able to control that more you know like your impulses or
what you say or what you do but yeah you don’t stop just being you just because
you get a little dirt you know I don’t think that’s the case and I think that’s
why this works cuz I just accept you for who you are where you’re at how you sure
what yeah thank you I have one side take a window I get it out yeah all right
I know mark if you’re watching this you’re like I’ll be ZZZ good for you
yeah she puts up with your shit I didn’t know he said that he yes said she puts
up with your shit so I’m white yes and I mean that’s very true
thank you Mark yeah oh and I didn’t um Angie and Laura Lauren are watching they
said they watched and and they they really like you they like the Hat and we
should hang out sometime so yeah we’ll hang out sometime thank
you guys let me go over hmm Oh lbs I did have I didn’t have a
little break down because you before the video this is putting up with your share
this is putting up with my shit no one ever really sees it but what’s before
every video I’m like oh I saw my videos suck with my channels tried pull the
ball thumb throw I’ll be easy made a nice uh make you a list and stuff they
gave you a pep talk for the ages she gave me a great pep talk laced with
profanity the way you like your pet shop oh yeah yeah suppose she puts up with my
shape and die it’s up it’s a struggle for me to get to get up to get up in
front of the internet and stuff but I don’t know I especially wanted to be
good with my boo thing so how’s your house your house your tacos favorite
delicious I think they’re really good too and they’re messy good question
question that’s also that’s okay 20 of us to eat at you’re supposed to
eat it you’ve never met a condiment you didn’t
know I never met a condiment I didn’t like come on focus it on there we go
oh-ho they are they all they get to seeing it yeah get that first bite yeah
Cointreau do you watch do you watch any MUFON MERS or any foodies on YouTube mmm one of my friends is really into the
mini food Michelle the mini food it’s like a little mini kitchen with many
pots and pans and people make miniature food really I’m the writer kitchen I’ve
never heard of that youtube if you’ve seen it before if you’re into a comment
but it’s one of my friend is really into it huh it’s like it’s great miniature
and everything works and I’m I watched one and they made a soup and it was
really kind of amazing like they had a little miniature carrots but they
weren’t like you know you see sometimes like a little carrot sliver and really
cool let’s pretend this was a miniature clear it looked like it was like fresh
out of the ground it had like grooves and a little bit of dirt and like the
little spring at the end of green stuff I was like new there’s like a whole
economy of miniature food little major potato
I wouldn’t know that either um that reminds me fertilizer my snails Joe Rosen to him
leathery they said there’s no such thing as baby pig or like a miniature Pig just
a pig that you didn’t feed that much how is that that’s what Joe Rogan was saying
so I’m verified by young Jaime I guess that guy’s the fastest Google or ever
young Jaime yeah boom boom that is funny you know because I wrote down questions
because I figured a lot of people you know maybe have questions or you know
you talked a lot about yourself and you get personal but this is really the
first time you know that you’ve you know brought the rest of your life
on to the audience so probably have questions and they want to you know get
all up in my stuff mm-hmm you know his Cory Booker said earlier
this week get to know the flavor the kool-aid Cory Booker during the
presidential debates but the Democratic presidential debates
oh yeah you want that I did no further comment no politics in fuck what that
all yeah we’d anyway so I thought like maybe you know they would have questions
or things that they you know maybe you want to know open up I want to share if
you have if you have questions for a BC Lieberman leave them in the comments of
this video the next time we do a MOOC ball will go we’ll go over the questions
or questions you want meeting you mr. CPA straight more questions then widest
ask that will you go through will go through the other comp comments from the
other video spaghetti so I’ll give myself I’ll get myself a view what’s the spaghetti spaghetti spaghetti
squash MOOC bang MOOC bomb I’ve never heard of it I know this is my phone but
look we’re second up there behind me love this camera shuts off at 15 minutes
trying to turn it back on did not go I had to erase I did my I think this is a
new camera and I think the memory part is not as big as maybe the one that I
had on my other camera anyways had to erase my 100k plaque but
we should be good for there 15 20 minutes for anyways let’s go let’s go
over some of the common oh you think there was any like question specifically
for marital propose that last time really but if you have any questions and
that’s for me or I’ll be easy that you want us to talk about on the next
Oh BOM leave in the comments down below after you like sure and subscribe the
video of course um I’m slacking all that but yeah I think we do not get someone
down below said you know something about a QA Bishop yeah I thought that look at
you right but I would have to like will do part of the Q&A in every video just
leave your leave your questions down below and then we’ll moco we’ll go back
to the old our most recent move bomb would you learn anyone and that’s how
I’ll do it for now we got a lot 86 comment well I always answer every back
so we’d have about 40 43 comments k2tog SL so I agree with LBC I’m gliding over
the vacuum that was pretty funny simply simply used so I’m very happy for you
simple he’s been a longtime viewer yeah she really is you really are simply I
love you we love you a beautiful couple lol bees he’s absolutely gorgeous great
video from Chanel okay Michelle Szabo she always watched my livestream
stuff should probably watch this what’s up Michelle she made up she made up
following days but ground beef Bonilla is unless no danger so the meatloaf
story was funny I think it’s interesting like a lot of
people talked about I guess in case you haven’t noticed viewers see pastries I
think your white trash you are not white trash I’m black black but yeah you’re a
debutante huh don’t be telling people that why that’s embarrassing why is it
embarrassing just sounds like three that’s like regale regal regale real
yeah but yeah just the comments about like you know the interracial couple
part it’s so good it’s very what so it said your wife was like oh boy
did you like those gorgeous that’s so funny it begins would we talk about like
you know talk about the future and what’s gonna happen and you know
Jonathan’s like so what do you think about can’t so I’m like yeah I know I
think I don’t want to have kids you know more kids someday and that can be great
for content like everything is about content yeah what I’m living when I’m
living right when I’m living right that’s all about content yeah but so
what do you think it’s a big deal that that we’re gonna leave I let the cat out
of the bag interracial couple I know it’s it’s not a bad or secret big secret I really don’t even think about it that
much at all I mean I really don’t I really don’t think about it
you don’t think about either I think about it only you you dated
I ain’t dating as a spectrum of people but you’d be another white beautiful for
yes LBZ first first first and last black girl not last like because I’m not
having any more cuz we’ll be together forever easy but not like I would like
once you go once you go black here and going back and going back I remember
after our first date all the proclamations he made at your office
that that work you said white well yeah I told him once you go black you never
go back and they just I was like you work there
like what like less than a month yeah yeah no that was funny yeah I said what
that was like rice rice cooker oh yeah like three that was like 2018 the things
of 2018 I couldn’t do without rice cooker black women I might have had
another one I can’t remember now but the rice cooker I still like the right
shooter although you don’t even really use the rice cooker these things are
good they are really delicious no but I don’t really notice the
difference I think more what I notice I think here in Boca is I think we notice
other people’s reactions more like that is I don’t I don’t know really just cuz
it’s like I don’t know I just don’t think you care
I just don’t think we’re even paying attention or do you really care both
both I did I don’t know if I told you I don’t
know if I told you this before but when I wasn’t when I was in Oregon Matt was
one of my best friends in Oregon this guy named Dale black tie deal and he
grew up in Arkansas and I grew up down here in Florida and then he thought he
said he said oh I never never thought I would have moved in Eugene Oregon and
meet somebody that’s just like me almost and stuff and I was like yeah me too I
never thought I’d meet go to Eugene Oregon and have a black best friend but
anyways I I went to a convenience store by myself and then the guy behind the
guy behind the counter was been you know like nice like joking with me blah blah
blah blah blah and then uh well then I went there with Dale like um you know a
week or two later and and and it was just like a weird vibe the guy didn’t
want to talk the guy was like just look looking at us and stuff it was just
really weird I was like oh this is kind of racist this is like rhesus over so I
was like this guy’s acting so different now yeah my that’s really like really
pretty cool that you were able to you know kind of put yourself like in Dale
shoes you know like that was you know his experience and yeah it’s pretty cool
yeah so I don’t care about the interracial couple
now it’s interesting though because like as we said last time in our last video
we met on a dating app so like I don’t know where you swipe being like all
types of women or were you looking for a specific type of person you know the
swipe right on mmm all kind but I was thinking because stay tall white girls and that’s what it
is and then I had a Brazilian girlfriend she was kind of cool learn some new
stuff and then I was like check out black girlfriend black girlfriend here
see what’s going on so I checked off the box for you that’s what ever was yeah it
stayed stayed check it off though huh a little experiment that went right yeah
okay oh well I appreciate your honesty Matt what I believe I was just swiping
right you know what although you just swipe right and
everything but no I did I did I did hear that that messes up the algorithms oh
and you only get the crazy girls who swipe right and everything too or so that’s interesting no I appreciate that
because I know I dated like some guys before like I even met a guy like on
that same app before I met you obviously and truth bombs coming out on the video
me good they weren’t our lives they win but I
he was just like very curious they thought I was very exotic and I was just
like oh the state’s gonna Admiral early like I gotta go home how’d you
under how did I end it joke’s on him call um no I said I got a
text from my babysitter that oh that’s a good one yeah yeah ray I forgot about
that because you know like the movies like oh I got a call like call me at a
certain time but it’s like no people have their phones on silent now you know
like the movies or whatever it’s like call me and call me it’s such-and-such
time so I can get out of there you know and I’ll tell you if it’s going good or
not but now you just be like oh I gotta go anyways we got I gots we got some
help easy did some questions and she’s right because I do want to interview
people great damn I got to practice my interviewing skills we got a couple
questions here we´d bed or dead oh you are going to use
that one okay yeah that’s like but it’s different than kill kill nary fuck this
is more PC here we’ll go with this I’ve never heard of this one before
well I have a kid so I try not to use the f-word too much I appreciate that I
tried not to do as well so wet bed or dead Superman Batman
spider-man oh yeah you already probably thought of
these cuz they honestly haven’t thought about the intro really that’s fine if
you thinking about them then it’s kind of canned that’s wrong
it’s like random stuff like Oh superheroes you know okay so you gonna
Wed I think I read when Spiderman cuz he seems like marriage material he actually
gets married in two movies okay and I think I thought that was kind of cool
because he’s actually he’s not afraid of commitment
yeah Batman however seems a little afraid of commitment I feel like yeah
you are not dark and brooding which is very attractive to me but oh so you want
to sit in a bed or dead him the damn do you know you’re gonna beg one poor super
poor super in how you gonna kill him though kryptonite Lex Luthor kryptonite
sorry Superman alright how are you liking the chicken babes installation
I’m loving it I like McDonald’s from here I’m loving
it alright Oh what what is your favorite food don’t ask me hahahaha you don’t have a
favorite food because you think you know I like it all but I don’t I don’t think
I know your favorite food I know your favorite hey you’re you do I bet you do
actually the whole cake thing before let me learn
yeah this isn’t about me this is about you what’s your favorite food sweetheart
my favorite would probably be something with the noodles in it so well you
always get like the the lo mein paradies oh yeah they don’t think that’s like my
favorite food noodles huh yeah noodles some Kraft Mac and Cheese some ramen
ramen noodles hi I’m a lover of all noodles this is delicious
descriptive cilantro yeah this monitoring creep hey what’s up sorry for
that abrupt abrupt cut off my memory card is not as big as my other one was
my old camera cuz I got a new camera and anyway sorry for the abrupt ending you
did want to get this out we have like it’s a lot to talk about what we talked
forever anyways I hope you enjoyed the move pawn sorry for the abrupt ending
and yeah we’ll be back with other ones if you have any questions that you want
us to answer leave them down in the comments like comment share subscribe
we’ll be back with more bangs better move bangs and anyways deuces

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