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Coulette Steak Tacos

Coulette Steak Tacos

(upbeat music) – We are huge taco fans in this family, and I’ve got an amazing steak taco recipe that’s loaded with some
delicious toppings. First, we’re gonna get
started on our steak. This is a culotte roast,
and it’s Heinen’s own beef. No added hormones and a minimal 300 days without antibiotics. It’s source verified and
raised to our standards for a consistent flavor. This cut from the calf of the top sirloin. It’s extremely tender, rich,
and loaded with flavor. So we want to rub it on all sides with a delicious spice blend. I promise I’ll give you the recipe. And then once this is finished, we’re actually gonna let
it sit in the refrigerator, kinda let those flavors
infuse into the steak. Now we’re gonna focus a
little bit on our toppings. What we need to do is
slice up some bell peppers, and onion, we’re gonna
slice up some cabbage. We’re gonna set those
vegetables to the side, and then we’re gonna make a
very simple avocado cream. Simply mash up an avocado in a bowl. We’re gonna fold in some sour cream. Little bit of lime juice. Salt and pepper, we’re gonna keep it cool. Most of the prep is done. Out steak is now done sort of marinating and getting all those flavors
infused from the spices. We want to get outside on the grill. So, in a very hot grill, in between 450 and 550 degrees, we’re gonna simply lay our steak down. We want to cook this to about medium rare, and this is a bigger cut of meat, so it’s gonna take maybe 20 to 25 minutes. While that’s cooking,
what we want to do is add the sliced onions and
peppers to the grill basket. This will help caramelize
all those vegetables without losing any
through the grill grates. After about 20 to 25 minutes, we’re gonna come back in, we’re gonna let our steak rest, and in that time, I’m gonna show you another great topping recipe. While the steak is resting and the peppers are
finishing up on the grill, what we’re gonna do is
make another great topping, a corn elote, but it’s
gonna be off the cob because simply, corn is
not fresh all season long. Heinen’s has a great selection
of frozen vegetables, so what we want to do is sear this corn in a little bit of olive oil. Once it’s brown, with finish it with a little bit of
mayonnaise or Mexican crema. Sprinkle on a little bit of
chili powder, Cotija cheese, salt and pepper, and it’s
time to put everything together, and try it out. The corn elote is done. What we want to do now is
slice that rested culotte steak against the grain nice and thin. And then we’re gonna serve
it up on a large sheet tray, so you can see all the great colors, all the great flavors
that people can sort of pick and choose whatever they want. We’ve got some hard shell corn tortillas, and we’ve got some soft
shell corn tortillas. Feel free to use either one, and lastly, Heinen’s makes
a tone of of their own salsas and they are absolutely
fantastic, a great selection and a wonderful complement to these tacos. Now this is a great spread. Perfect for those weeknight meals, or if you’re having a big party, what a great way to have everyone get whatever they want with a
ton of delicious topping, super easy to make, the culotte steak is amazingly
tender and full flavored. Get all these great ingredients and steak from your favorite Heinen’s grocery stores and visit to see all of our great recipe videos. I’ve got a ton of tacos to eat. We’ll catch up with you later. (festive Spanish guitar)

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