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CR: The inside track with Jake Fisher | Consumer Reports

CR: The inside track with Jake Fisher | Consumer Reports

I have been a car nut
as long as I could walk. Cars make you a superhero. What other products can you get
into and just accelerate to 60 in eight seconds? Every single day,
I’m driving home with something different, which
makes it difficult for when I’m picking up my kids,
because they’re not sure which car I’m in. [LAUGHS] I have, through the years,
been involved in every aspect of vehicle testing. The cars are becoming
more of these computers with wheels on them. They’re thinking
for the first time. We’re evaluating these
cars for people who are going to live with them. They’re going to put their
family in these vehicles. They’re going to take
them out shopping. We’re looking at safety. We’re looking at reliability. When you come to Consumer
Reports for car reviews, you really get
something very unique. You’re not getting necessarily
a car enthusiast favorite to drive. You’re getting information
about what car is really going to be best to live with. I don’t think there’s
any source out there that you really get the
whole picture like that. The backyard of my office is
a closed track with no police. To be able to go there and put
these cars through their paces is just a rare opportunity. My name is Jake Fisher, and I’m
the director of auto testing here at Consumer Reports.

7 comments on “CR: The inside track with Jake Fisher | Consumer Reports

  1. Great video. Really nails it on CR being one of the only independent non profits that gives honest comments on cars for people's lifestyle

  2. Thanks for what you do! Just became a subscriber of CR because of Talking Cars. Great content. Keep up the awesome work.

  3. I am looking for a comprehensive list of moose test results. I feel it is the only thing that matters when something sudden happens on the road: the evasive maneuver. Talk all day about driving or steering "feel" etc. but that will avoid you crashes. So please ConsumerReports do it and make the list of results public, because it will be a pressure to the automakers to say the least.

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